Moving On A Tight Budget: 10 Ways To Save Money

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Moving On A Tight Budget: 10 Ways To Save Money

Jul 14, 2021

Home relocation seems to be one of the most expensive processes in everyone’s life. Whether you are moving to an affluent city or a laid-back suburb within Canberra, you have to create an estimated moving budget to track your expenses throughout the process.

The worst thing about moving expenses is that it adds up quickly, which can lead to stress and anxiety when you are on a tight budget. Hiring fully-trained Canberra removalits for the safe transition of household belongings can also become tough for many people. In such a situation, you can do thorough research and find the company that can help you relocate on a budget without causing any damage to precious possessions.

Here some great ways to save money while moving to the new house in Canberra. Keep these tips in mind and ensure the utmost safety of your belongings without spending extra bucks during the relocation process.

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Whether you are on a financial crunch or not, make sure you de-clutter your house and get rid of unwanted items. The less you take, the more you save!

This means you inspect all your rooms, cupboards, wardrobe and cabinets to make a list of items you don’t want to take along with you. According to experts, you can make three piles for:

• Items that you want to keep
• Items that are good in condition but you no longer need.
• Broken, torn or expired items.

This way, you can minimise the moving load as well as overall expenses.

2. Organise a Garage Sale

Believe it or not! But, you can make money when relocating a home. Instead of tossing unwanted household items, you can organise a garage sale and sell stuff that are good in condition at best prices.

You can sell old electronic appliances, furniture, books, gym equipment etc and earn extra dollars. You can also sell these items online if you don’t have time to organise a garage sale.

4. Use Free Packing Materials

Buying packing materials can be costly, especially if you are low on budget. You can save money by using socks, kitchen towels, blankets, bedsheets, egg crates, old boxes, etc instead of buying packing paper or bubble wraps.

You can ask for used corrugated boxes from grocery stores and liquor shops in Canberra. You can get them at free of cost or half a cost- which is a great way to save a few dollars.

5. Move on a Weekday

Do not plan your final moving day on weekends or at the end of the month because those tend to be the busiest times for removals companies.

You may end up paying extra if you hire professionals on peak days or hours. So, choose the date wisely and compare the quotes before making the final decision.

Planning ahead of time can help you know the moving cost without a hint of stress.

Tip: The demand for moving companies in Canberra is higher during the summer season.

6. Buy Only What You Need

Moving on a budget is a tough task. You may need to control your spending and avoid buying unnecessary items for your new house. Of course, the excitement of a new house is beyond imagination, but you can’t spend money on additional items.

It is good to buy only what you require at your new house. Resist your decorating expenses until you are actually in your new place. You can use creative ideas to enhance the look and feel of your house.

Always remember that the less you buy today, the more money you will save.

7. Ask for Reimbursement

If you are moving after getting a new job in another city or state, then ask your company to pay you for moving expenses or provide compensation for relocation. Many companies offer reimbursement- which can help you save money.

If you are moving to boost your standard of living, then you need to prepare a moving budget in advance and try to track your expenses closely to freeze unnecessary spending during the relocation process.

8. Ask your Friends For Packing Belongings

You can skip hiring professionals to pack your household items as it can cost you a bit higher. Instead, you can ask your family or friends to assist you in wrapping all types of belongings.

• Make sure you properly pack fragile items, kitchen crockery, artwork and other breakable stuff using towels and blankets.
• Do not overstuff your boxes as it can break the items or cause a serious personal injury if you lift them.
• Use crumbled newspapers to fill empty spaces in the boxes while packing delicate items to prevent damages.
• Label each box with the relevant name to organise your post-packing process.

Tip: Discuss the moving date with them so that they can join you without any prior commitment.

9. Move Expensive Fixtures

If you are tight on a budget, then bringing expensive fixtures from an old house to the new place can be an ideal way to save money. If you have installed expensive chandeliers or faucets, then taking them with you is a good decision.

Tip: Make sure you do this before listing photos of your old house so that potential buyers know exactly what they are buying and getting.

10. Prep the Meal

It can be tempting to have burgers and pizzas from your favourite restaurants while you are busy in the packing and transition process. Since you are packing up your kitchen items, it becomes quite tough to prepare meals and you end up spending money on food.

The best thing you can do is to prepare your meals before you move. You can put them in your freezer and eat whenever you feel like. It is good to incorporate all perishables in your fridge and also consume pantry items.


Saving money is a crucial when you are low on budget, especially when you are moving out of a home. The tips mentioned above in the article will help you move within your estimated budget. You can also search the most reliable Removalists in Canberra which can offer you quality service at the most reasonable price.