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We are the most recommended local and interstate removalists in Canberra, ACT. Our effective and credible moving services cover the city, its suburbs and even interstate removals. Our customisable moving packages can be booked without hassles and come with a free estimate of the total cost.

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Reliable, Confident and Cost-effective Removalists Canberra

Better Removalists Canberra knows that the only thing exciting or fun about moving is when the items are delivered to the new home safely. We help you accomplish this goal without getting into the hassle of packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. Our vision is to provide an exceptional removal service and is evident through our satisfied and loyal database of clients. Our high-quality and timely service remains unmatched in the local industry.

We understand that moving can become stressful. This is why our qualified team takes the stress away from your removal by ensuring that your family possessions are delivered safely at their destination. Hiring our services is not limited to hiring a truck and a removalist. We also provide skilled customer service and support that helps resolve queries during the booking and removal process.

Our friendly and polite support team helps to determine the final cost of the removal and book the job for your preferred date. They also identify the right truck size and allocate an appropriate removalist team for the job. We provide a complete packing and moving support to our clients because we have the resources for a quality removal. Our removalists in Canberra handle all personal belongings with care and provide you with zero-damage house and business relocations. Whether you decide to move across the street, to another suburb or state you can be sure Better Removalists Canberra will offer a well-organised service.

At, Better Removalists Canberra, we strive to offer high-quality removal services across Canberra and its surrounding suburbs at the most competitive prices.
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Local Moves Canberra

Better Removalists Canberra delivers your belongings on time, every time! It is our commitment to keep everything coordinated and streamlined during the move. We believe in delivering with no damage and stress. Our successful track record has helped us to gain the trust of customers. Our highly skilled removalist team provides a cost-effective, stress-free, and efficient packing and moving experience. All our employees are trained in every aspect of providing safe and secure removals that do not make you break the bank. The best part about our service is that we provide the final quote upfront and do not add any extra costs for climbing the stairs or using tools like sliders and dollies. Thus, you can enjoy a worry-free move that fits into your budget and makes your relocation uncomplicated.

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Interstate Removals Canberra

When you move interstate, it becomes a stressful removal, and the problematic part is hoping you arrive at the same time as your belongings. The Better Removalists team is an expert in interstate removals because we utilise the services of our professionally trained, police-vetted, and fully insured workers. We have maintained first-class service with competitive prices over the years and have satisfied both residential and commercial customers. We can easily move your belongings across the country because we have the knowledge of logistics, packing expertise, licenced driver, high-quality moving trucks, and awareness about the required paperwork. The long-distance movement of your belongings becomes a breeze with us because we provide end-to-end service that covers every aspect of the process. With our 100% service guarantee, you can rest assured about a damage-free, quick, peaceful and customised removal within your budget.

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Delivering Your Belongings With Care

Better Removalists Canberra has been helping families, individuals and businesses to move with complete peace of mind. We provide safe and secure transit for your precious household items and business equipment. Our removalists in Canberra are trained to perform local and interstate removals that include world-class packing, exceptional inventory management and industry-standard delivery. If you opt for an all-inclusive service, we assure you to take the whole responsibility for the task. Our work will start with wrapping everything carefully into boxes that are custom-made to accommodate different household items like TVs, books, clothes, utensils, etc. The next step is to use high-end moving tools like sliders and dollies to avoid lifting and pushing heavy items that can lead to damage. These tools help to load the stuff into the trucks, which is then transported to the designated address without any delay. The removalists unload and unpack the belongings as specified by the customer. The last part is to arrange everything in the new house as instructed and then removing the boxes and clutter. Thus, you can enjoy a full-service removal.
Move Your Home Or Your Office Without Any Damage Of Your Belongings. Book Our Dedicated Removalists In Canberra For The Best Service In The City.
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Better Removalists Canberra – Your Trusted Removal Partners

Our removalists are superior to other service providers because they have been in the removals business for years. They have been extensively trained by experts in the industry to leverage state-of-the-art tools and modern moving techniques. Our team is equipped with all the packing materials and moving boxes in varying shapes and sizes. They follow a customised checklist while packing and unpacking your stuff to ensure you get everything placed at the right spot in the new house or office. In addition, our Canberra removalists are fully insured and verified by the police, which makes trusting them easier. They have a proven record of offering reliable removals to a wide range of customers residing in different types of properties.

Budget-Friendly Removals in Canberra

The reasonable pricing of our removal services is one of the significant aspects of our popularity. We have maintained a stable costing strategy because we do not follow market trends. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best value for money and thus we calculate the cost of the removal after determining the unique needs of the clients. The factors that are considered to come up with the final estimate are genuine and are shared with the customers to provide them with a breakup if they wish to know the details. These include the number of rooms in the current house, the approximate volume and weight of inventories, the distance between the two houses and the size of the moving truck. We do not charge extra for stairs, but we need to know about them to bring the right equipment.

Established Removals Company

Better Removalists Canberra has become the go-to removals company for households and businesses planning to relocate. The movement of families and commercial entities has increased in the last few years as many of them are moving to the regional areas because of affordability. We have helped several such customers to move in a cost-effective manner. Our safety procedures are unmatched in the industry, and we go above and beyond to keep your objects out of harm’s way. Our exemplary packing and moving techniques maintain the highest standards of safety to complete damage-free removals. Besides putting your requirements at the forefront and tailoring the whole process for convenience, we provide 100% service guarantee for our work. Our aim is to make the move tension-free and comfortable for your family or business. To know more about our outstanding service, call us at 1300 766 422!

Our fully protected and covered moving trucks ensure the safe transit of your belongings. Contact our removalists in Canberra today for a calm and tranquil moving experience!
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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most general questions asked by our existing customers that will give you better clarity about our services.

Yes, we provide office removals in Canberra. Our skilled removalists have catered to the needs of all small and big businesses by offering customised and fast removals. We intend to reduce the downtime and the disruption caused due to the move. Thus, we provide the option of flexible scheduling on public holidays and weekends. We use superior tools like sliders and dollies, which make it easy to move the heavy office equipment and machines. Our trained team is skilled in packing and organising the IT equipment without causing any damage or loss of accessories.
Yes, Better Removalist Canberra can easily move bulky items. You need to inform our customer service representatives about these belongings so that they come prepared. Our staff members will pack and wrap the outer surface of the pool table and the piano to reduce the risk of dents, scratches, and damage. Four of the crew members will hold the table or the instrument and manoeuvre it carefully through the doors. They will be wearing anti-slip gloves to have a firm grip over the heavy object. They also have sliders, forklifts, and dollies to load and unload these items without damage and in less time.
Yes, we offer packing and unpacking services. Our skilled team will assist you in getting all the things in your house or office wrapped and packed to endure the bumps and pulls during the transportation. You can opt for the packing service if you have booked a moving truck and wish to unpack yourself. Otherwise, you can book our comprehensive removal in Canberra that includes everything. Professional packing means that you can have complete peace of mind about the safety and security of your possessions while they are getting transported. We do not leave any room for damage.
Yes, our Canberra removalists are fully insured so if they get injured on the property, you do not have to worry about paying for their treatment. In addition, we also provide the standard transit insurance which is included in your quote. The transit insurance provides coverage for the contents of the truck in case of collision, fire, flood and overturning of the vehicle. If you want full cover for the entire removal, you will have to contact your insurance company.
You can contact our customer support team on 1300 766 422 from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm. They will assist you with any queries regarding the move, booking a local/interstate removal, customising a package, getting the final quote and everything else. Once you have chosen us as your removal company, we will keep you posted about your move. Thus, you will not have to worry about chasing the service provider or following up for confirmations. We do everything on the call and do not make you wait for the estimate. Our team offers the quote upfront without any obligations.
We can move all items, including fragile antiques, artwork, chinaware, wine bottles, vases, ceramic plates, mirrors, paintings, pianos, pool tables, etc. We provide the highest standard of quality packing services to ensure zero breakage of your belongings. Our removalists in Canberra are extra cautious while holding, packing, loading and unpacking the fragile items and wear gloves to maintain a firm grip on these items. They are trained by experts in the field to accurately hold, wrap and place them in corrugated boxes with extra cushioning. They make sure that there are no gaps inside the boxes and that the corners are secured to lessen the risk of breakage.
Most customers are worried about the price they will have to pay for a full-service removal. However, we wish to inform you that our removals do not cost a fortune because they are calculated ethically putting together the cost of all services. We provide you with the exact price after you inform us about the size of your current home, the list of the items that need to be packed and moved, and the location of the new house. We assure you that Better Removalists Canberra has a transparent pricing model and does not include any extra charges. You can get the final quote for free by giving us a call today.
We can provide same-day removals for local relocations within Canberra that are not too far from the current address. However, interstate removals take more time because of the long distance between the two properties. Whether you are looking for a local or an interstate removal, we are the fastest in the industry because of our expertise and access to avant-garde equipment. Our skilled staff members can quickly pack up all the items in the house and get them loaded with the help of sliders and dollies in no time. Also, the well-maintained trucks ensure zero delay and swift transportation of the belongings.
Although we do not expect our customers to carry out any work on the day of the move, there are certain preparations that they need to handle before the arrival of the removalists. These include:
  • Unplugging all the white goods and electronics in the house. Get their original packing ready if you have it stored in the house.
  • Remove all the food from the fridge and defrost it. You can also take out the trays and boxes for packing separately.
  • Drain out all the water from the washing machine and remove clothes from the dryer.
  • Provide a detailed tour of the house to the removalists and inform them about the items that need to be packed and loaded in the end to get them unpacked first at the destination.
  • Create a bag of essentials that you will carry with you and should have all the items you need immediately, such as house keys, car keys, mobile chargers, laptop, mobile phone, snacks, toiletries, etc.

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