10 Items That Are Lifesavers When Packing Up Your Home

10 Items That Are Lifesavers When Packing Up Your Home

Nov 09, 2020 Packing property contents is a routine activity that everyone moving out of a house is required to perform. Many people start planning for the process months before moving and arrange supplies accordingly. Getting the right packing materials is crucial to make sure your belongings are securely wrapped and stacked to prevent loss of items or irreversible damage. People who hire removalists in Canberra have one less thing to worry about while moving, which is getting the packing supplies. However, if you plan to pack yourself, knowing about the must-haves is necessary. Outlined below are ten items according to professional removalists in Canberra that are lifesavers when packing up your home. Have a look!

1. Square Cardboard Boxes

Also known as moving boxes, these are durable containers used for storing a variety of household items. Make sure to get such boxes in different sizes as you will need to pack things of different measurements. Professional removalists in Canberra use corrugated cardboard boxes which are readily available online or offline.

2. Wardrobe Boxes

The best way to pack your clothes, footwear, accessories and other things in your closet is by putting them in wardrobe boxes. These packing boxes are portable wardrobes with metal bars which are used to safely and securely transport your belongings.

3. Flat Boxes

Moving big screen televisions, mirrors, glass panes, keywords, and paintings is a lot easier with flat boxes. Makes sure you measure items and devices you want to pack in such boxes to get the right-sized ones. These are usually three-ply boxes that are economical, recyclable and reusable.

4. Cell Dividers

Besides getting the right boxes, other must-have items for keeping household items segregated and safe are cell dividers. Starting from two sections, these dividers can have over a hundred cells. Professional removalists in Canberra offering packing services use these items to store and pack bottles, cutlery, books, home décor items, and much more.

5. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a popular packing material used extensively as it provides good protection. This packing supply is manufactured to have tiny air pockets in a layer of sturdy plastic sheet. Household items are wrapped in the bubble wrap, and it protects them from damage that can happen during handling or transportation.

6. Foam Wrap

Foam wraps, also known as foam padding, is used when better protection than bubble wrap for household items is required. Professional removalists in Canberra use foam wraps to pack cutlery, mirrors, and delicate items as they are non-abrasive, puncture-resistant, and durable. Having these wraps is essential for DIY packing of light-weight and breakable things.

7. Stick-on Labels

Labelling is imperative while packing for easy identification of box contents and reassembly of parts. Additionally, labelling correctly is essential for avoiding loss of items. Stick-on labels of different sizes will help you write what is in boxes of different measurements.

8. Packing Tape

During handling and transit, boxes have a higher chance of opening, which can lead to falling of contents. It is crucial to use packing tape to seal all flaps of the containers to prevent things from getting damaged due to boxes malfunctioning.

9. Blankets, Towels & Sheets

Not many people know that blankets, towels and bedsheets can be used for packing a host of household items. These items are soft, flexible, and offer great coverage protecting from dust, dust-mites, scratches, and jostling. Using these fabric items is an economical option many people packing without the assistance of professionals opt for.

10. Newspaper

Don’t want to invest in packing peanuts? Then use a newspaper to provide cushioning for items while packing them in boxes. It is common practice to bunch newspapers or use shredded strands to pack delicate things such as crockery, glassware, fixtures, home décor, etc.

Should You Hire Professionals for Packing?

Often, people moving to a new home hire professional removalists in Canberra to handle and transport their property contents. Hiring removalists is a practical solution as it frees you of the responsibility to move your belongings, and you have the bandwidth to complete other moving-related tasks. If you lack the time, energy, or motivation to pack your things, then get professionals to do it. They have high-quality packing materials and years of experience, making it easier for them to create an inventory of your belongings. Additionally, the removalists label everything correctly and pack things using suitable supplies. Most reputed removals companies in Canberra offer packing solutions with their moving services.

Wrapping Up

While moving, it is common to feel stressed about packing as it is a time-consuming and challenging process. You can get it done by professional removalists who will pack your belongings and move them securely as well. However, if you want to pack yourself, then having the ten items mentioned above will make the process easier and less stressful.