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Safe, Secure and Reliable Local Removals within Canberra

Are you relocating your house or office to another Canberra suburb? Do you need professional assistance for packing and moving needs? Are you looking for an experienced removalists company in Canberra? At Better Removalists Canberra, we offer a top-class local removal service within Canberra to make your move as smooth as possible. We care for your valuable treasures as if they were our own during the entire packing, loading, unloading and unpacking processes. Our furniture removalists in Canberra have years of experience in their specific field and ensure to provide you smooth, efficient and time-saving moving experience without any chaos. Whether you want to relocate your house, apartment or an office, we are always here to help you out. We make sure all your belongings arrive safely at the new address without any damage.

Let our packing experts wrap all your belongings for a safe move. We also provide unpacking solutions to save your precious time.
All your valuable items will be packed, loaded and unloaded with a zero damage guarantee. Safety of your belongings is our top-most priority.
We make sure all your belongings reach the final destination on time. Quick delivery is what that makes us one of the best removalists companies in Canberra.
How do we move?

Our bespoke local removalists service

Book us
To book our local removalist service in Canberra, call us now or fill in the details in a contact us form. We are just a call away.
Examine all your belongings
Our representative will visit your place to examine all the goods you are taking along with you to your new house or office.
Pack and lift
Pack all your valuable treasures using best packing materials and load them onto the moving truck with a great responsibility.
Unload and Unpack
We can unload and unpack your belongings once they reach the final destination. Our motive is to save your precious time and make things more organised for you.

Why Choose Better Removalists Canberra?

Our service quality and exemplary customer relationship management have made us second to none. Here is what makes us stand out:

  • Efficient and Productive -

    Our team of removalists in Canberra follows all the industry standards and has vast experience in the field, which makes them deliver the best results within the desired timeframe.
  • Easy On The Pocket -

    We do not have any fixed prices for removals and storage. You can contact us to get an upfront and obligation-free quote for our tailored services as per your needs.
  • Accommodating Schedules -

    We do not offer slots according to our roster. Instead, we give preference to your convenience and allot jobs according to the date and time chosen by you.
  • Cautious Removals -

    We are a trusted removals company in Canberra which takes care of your stuff during the move. Our careful approach ensures that we manage everything with precision.
  • Challenging Items -

    With our experts by your side, you don’t have to worry about the removal of precious valuables and items that need extra care, such as a piano or heavy wooden cupboards and other furniture. We pack them appropriately and load and unload them using all the safety measures.
  • Timely Delivery -

    We are renowned in the city of Canberra for arriving at your doorstep at the exact time you had specified, and complete the job within the stipulated period. We do not waste time in taking long breaks and stopping midway during the transit.
  • Friendly Service -

    Our removalists are trained to handle each job with as much love and care as they show to their loved ones. They maintain a friendly approach and always have a smile on their face to ensure that you do not feel any anxiety during the process.
  • Expert Support -

    Our customer care executives are equally warm and amicable. You can call them up to resolve any query or make confirmations without having to hold the line for long.
  • Outstanding Packing -

    Packing is of utmost importance during removals and storage. Thus we make sure that we do not leave out any gaps in our strict packing procedures.
  • Eco-Friendly -

    We are concerned about the effects of climate change on our environment, and thus, ensure that we do not create any pollution. All our packing material is biodegradable, and we recycle all our boxes.
Get Quality Moving Services All Year Round!
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Hire Better Removalists Canberra

Being the leading Furniture Removalists in Canberra, we pride ourselves in moving hundreds and thousands of individuals and families across Canberra with a 100% service guarantee. With our dedicated and experienced staff, you will be able to experience safe, smooth and hassle-free moves. Whether you are relocating to Manuka, Woden or Phillip, we make sure all your belongings will be delivered safely to the location. Our tried and tested moving techniques and highly skilled employees make everything possible when it comes to stress-free removals. Our team works around your schedule, listens to your ideas, creates a custom moving checklist and packs your items with care just to bring a smile on your face. If you are concerned about your next local move, hire Better Removalists Canberra.

Benefits of choosing our Canberra Removalists

Nothing can be better than hiring professional local removalists in Canberra for a safe move. We, at Better Removalists Canberra, aim to provide high-quality local removals with responsibility and care. Our local removals are quick, cost-efficient and reliable. With the traits of excellence, perfection and transparency, we make sure all our customers get a top-class service at the most reasonable price. We have been serving a diverse customer base in Canberra and its suburbs, and have earned their trust through impactful services. There are many other benefits of choosing us, such as flexible scheduling, insured removalists, easy booking and an upfront moving estimate.

Excellent Removals In Canberra

Moving locally may seem like a small chore, but it is a huge task which cannot be taken for granted. From packing and loading to unloading and unpacking, it can take a toll on the family. The emotional response of the kids and pets in the family can add to the stress and workload and leave you anxious and exhausted. Thus you should hire a professional removal company in Canberra which has expertise in local removals. Whether you were living in a bachelor pad with minimal stuff or are moving out of a mansion with a long list of belongings, we can handle the job with ease. Our removalists are dedicated to making the move a super convenient relocation for you and your loved ones. We take up all the responsibilities related to the move and allow you to relax and concentrate on the settlement of your family in the new house.

Book Your Canberra Removals Today and Get 10% Off

  • Home Removals Canberra

    Moving precious belongings with care.

  • Office Removals

    Enjoy a stress-free relocation process with us.

  • Interstate

    Relocate to the new state without any hassle.

  • Piano Movers

    Let our professionals move piano with extreme care.

Move Your Office With Our Experts

Businesses are negatively impacted when they have to relocate because of the disruption of the office and the downtime. Delayed deliveries can cost them their precious customers and malign their image in the industry. This is the reason why most of them trust Better Removalists Canberra for a quick and seamless move. Our office removals are tailored to cater to the needs of businesses and follow every industry benchmark to maintain safety and security of the office equipment and tools. We are adept at packing computers, laptops, tablets, and other fragile items that hold supreme importance in a workspace. We carry all the furniture and appliances with caution so that they reach you in perfect condition. Our ancillary services help in getting everything organised so that you can reduce the downtime and start functioning smoothly. Our quick removals allow the employees to get back to work as swiftly as possible.

Our Highly-Skilled Furniture Removalists Canberra

Our fully trained furniture removals team at Better Removalists Canberra holds expertise in offering house and commercial moves within Canberra and its suburbs at the best price. With prompt and specialised furniture relocation solutions, we have been delivering quality results within your estimated budget. Whether you want to move a couch or a dining table, we can do it with care, responsibility and strategic planning. We have years of experience in transporting heavy furniture without any damage or mess. We will make sure all your furniture reaches its destination safely. Our professional furniture removalists in Canberra carry the most advanced moving equipment, such as a shoulder dolly, heavy duty adjustable appliances and a moving dolly to ensure a safe and secure removal process.

Our Packing Solution

Have you ever packed your moving boxes alone? Do you have the right set of materials for safe and secure local removal? Contact Better Removalists Canberra for top-class packing solution. Being one of the fastest growing local removalists companies in Canberra, we offer a whole spectrum of packing solutions, ranging from packing specialists to packing materials at the best possible price. Our experts take care of all your household and commercial items during the packing stage to ensure they are transported safely to the final destination. Our experienced packers in Canberra will wrap your heavy and fragile items in protective wrapping just to give you a sense of relief throughout your moving journey.

We Move Your Possessions With Care

Our removalists take all the required safety measures and have the gear and supplies to make sure that your stuff remains damage-free.

We know the anxious feeling of watching your stuff being handled by strangers. However, our removalists in Canberra do not allow you to feel any anxiety or nervousness as we are skilled in packing and transportation of every piece of furniture in your home.
  • You can take a back seat and relax while we cover each room of the house and pack every single item with absolute attention and concentration.
  • We are skilled in dismantling large items like the dining table and beds. We remove the legs of the furniture so that it can be easily moved out of the doors and packed. The dismantling and assembly are done as per the owner’s manual.
  • All the screws and small parts of the furniture are securely packed with labelling in zip-lock bags so that nothing is lost in the transition which can create problems later.
  • We have specially designed biodegradable plastic covers and packing blankets which help in saving the upholstery on your furniture from dust, rips, stains and spots.
  • The glass doors and mirrors are packed efficiently in packing paper. We also bring along shrink wraps to keep everything protected from damage.
  • We use gliders, forklift and dolly, which help in loading bulky furniture like beds, dressers, pool tables, etc. The gliders ensure that the floors are not damaged during the movement of the furniture.
  • We also make sure that all the boxes are tightly sealed, and the furniture is adequately packed with their room labels so that we don’t waste time at the destination.
Whether it is packing boxes, wrapping paper, or sealing tape, we use high-quality supplies to ensure security and protection of your belongings all the time. Our trained and skilled removalists in Canberra offer unparalleled support to make the relocation a cakewalk for your family or business.
  • Your household appliances are expensive and useful items which make your work easier and keep you entertained. Thus you cannot afford their damage. Our removalists are trained in packing and loading these items.
  • From your LCD TV and desktops to music systems and DVD players, we get appropriate corrugated boxes for each electronic and pack them with cushioning made from blankets.
  • Besides the gadgets, we take care of your exercise equipment and bicycles and get them ready for loading. We ensure that the heavy items are placed at the bottom and secured with other big boxes so that they do not move around during the transit.
  • The kitchen appliances, such as blenders and coffee machines, are packed only after ensuring that they are clean and dry so that they do not ruin other things with liquid and food residue.
  • These appliances are placed in the truck in a protected corner so that they don’t get damaged in case any of the boxes fall over them during the turns and jerks.
The refrigerator is another item that needs some extra effort. We disconnect and defrost the fridge, remove all the glass trays and pack them separately. We put the heavy machine on the glider and use the dolly to place it in the moving truck. If we need to take it down the stairs, then we tilt it only to 45 degrees with the help of a dolly.
We are not one of those removal companies in Canberra that just walk in through the door, throw everything into the boxes, push them in the truck, and reach your new home with broken stuff. Our attention to detail and patience makes us a class apart.
  • Our tailored service includes following your orders from the start until the end. We schedule the job on your preferred date and time so that you don’t have to take additional leaves for the removal.
  • We provide an upfront quote after understanding the extent of work and do not add any extra charges later. Our cost-effective service is yet another reason for our popularity.
  • We carry boxes of all sizes to pack your things in an organised manner. We create a list of the items that go into each box and label them with colour coded stickers to avoid confusion.
  • We put the boxes that go in one room at one place in the truck so that we do not waste time in finding the boxes when we reach the destination.
  • Our work doesn’t end with unpacking. We remove all the boxes and packing material from the property so that you can have a neat and clean place to relax.
  • You can opt for our valet services where our specialised teams take over the task of arranging your belongings in the new house as per your choice and needs.
  • You can also call our cleaning team to get the new property cleaned before we arrive with the household stuff so that you don’t end up unpacking in a messy home.
To make certain that your possessions do not get dented or broken during the journey, we have acquired strong and durable moving trucks which are fuel-efficient and do not cause any pollution.
  • Our fleet consists of mean machines which can carry heavy loads and are covered to protect your stuff from the external elements like dust and rain.
  • The robust vehicles are ideal for household items as well as office equipment and furniture and have enough space to accommodate all the things easily.
  • We also provide moving trucks for privately owned vehicles like cars and boats that need to be transported to the new address along with the belongings.
  • We have them in different sizes so we bring the one which will suit your needs and also bring the loading tools which will be required.
  • We ask for the directions beforehand and follow the shortest route while keeping you informed. You can choose to follow us in your car or leave before us.
  • We do not stop during the transit to take a break. If we get stuck in the traffic, then we inform you about our location, and the time it will take us to reach your new place.
  • The insulated trucks shield your belongings from the heat of the sun, moisture and dust. The temperature inside the vehicle is optimum for the transportation of all the appliances and items.
  • We also provide transit insurance so that you can stop worrying about the loss of property in case of an unforeseen event.

Our Expertise Makes Us The Best

Better Removalists Canberra has been successfully working in the industry for several years and has gained praises from all corners. Here is what makes our service unique.

The capital city is home to a sizable population of skilled workers who keep migrating within the city for better jobs or finding better neighbourhoods. Most of them rely on our removal service for a hassle-free experience.
  • Our removalists in Canberra are locally recruited professionals who have been working in the region for a long time and are well-versed with the geographical area.
  • The teams are trained in packing all the materials, equipment, crockery, loading, unloading, assembling and dismantling of furniture and everything related to relocations.
  • They bring along the supplies as per the list of inventory supplied by the client and wrap all the items in an organised manner with a new list of contents for each packed box.
  • They are adept at storage and seal the packages robustly before putting them into steel containers which are placed in the warehouses.
  • They are adequately dressed and equipped to move your belongings in any weather or season and do not hesitate to perform any task.
  • Whether your home has stairs or elevators, they are trained to move out the furniture without any damages and know the art of handling fragile items.
  • Our storage facility in Canberra has several levels of security checks that cannot be breached or hacked easily and protects your stuff from all kinds of dust and termites.
  • We cover all the suburbs of the city, including Barton, Yarralumla, Deakin, Forrest, Hughes, Red Hill, Lyons, Curtin, and others. You can contact us from any of the surrounding regions for local removals.
We understand the sentiments attached to prized and loved possessions that have been acquired after a lot of hard work. These can include a variety of things, such as an antique heirloom or an expensive china set or a Victorian artefact.
  • You can rest assured about the safe delivery of your valuables and costly items with our expert removalists in Canberra working on their secure packing and transit.
  • These delicate and breakable items are competently handled and wrapped by our attentive and well-trained professional team, which is dedicated to keeping your goods safe.
  • We bring our specialised packing paper and packing blankets to wrap up your paintings, ceramic vases, wall clocks, antique showpieces, crockery, glassware and other dainty items.
  • Our removalists wear non-slippery gloves and always pick up the fragile items from their base to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the art pieces.
  • They are then placed into insulated boxes and put in climate-controlled moving trucks so that they are not damaged due to excessive heat or moisture.
  • We also have provisions to store your artistic possessions in our warehouse if you wish to keep them safe for some time. The humidity levels in our storage area are kept under control, and it has all the safety measures in place.
Packing is the backbone of the removal process. If it is lacking, then it is challenging to keep the luggage protected. This is the reason why our removals company in Canberra emphasises on robust packing which does not allow any room for damage.
  • Our removalists get a checklist of the inventory from the consumers and bring appropriately sized boxes for all the items. We also ask for old clothes and blankets that can be used as a cushion in the boxes for the fragile items.
  • We bring sectioned boxes for glasses and flat and long boxes for LCDs and desktop monitors. We neatly wind up the cords and pack them with the electronics so that they do not get mixed up.
  • We roll up the carpets and rugs and then wrap them in biodegradable plastic sheets. All the china and crockery is covered in wrapping paper and then placed in secure boxes.
  • The heavy furniture is dismantled and packed with blankets and plastic covers to save them from external elements.
  • All the bedding and pillows are placed in plastic bags which are labelled and packed in boxes. The mattresses are packed in big bags which keep them protected.
  • We carefully pack all the toiletries so that the bottles do not leak or break in the transit. We also have wardrobe boxes for clothes so that they do not get crumpled.
A new house is not ready for living until all the appliances are connected, electronics are working, and utilities are functional. All of these chores need our professional assistance so that you can get comfortable.
  • Our ancillary services in Canberra make sure that you do not have to toil to get things working on the day of the move. Our professionals take charge of keeping you stress-free.
  • These services include cleaning of the house before you start unpacking and after everything is arranged to remove the dust.
  • We make sure that your utilities are connected in the new house and disconnected at the old place.
  • We get the computer up and working, and the internet connected so that you can start your work from home for a few days until you settle into the new environment.
  • We also provide handyman services so that you can fix things that are broken in the house.
Besides all the benefits and services, we work with extreme alertness and prudence to make sure that your things reach you safely without any damage and within the time specified to you.
  • We make sure that we meet all the industry standards and hire only capable removalists in Canberra who are trained for months to accomplish the tasks easily.
  • Our support team works promptly and proactively whenever you need our assistance and help you with all the queries without making you wait.
  • We have tailored services which do not make you break the bank and are cost-effective in every way.
  • Better Removalists Canberra is a one-stop solution for removals in the city which provides all services that make your relocation extremely comfortable.
Call us today to move locally or interstate without any hassles.
A Few Facts About Canberra

Moving to Canberra is a dream for many Australian businesses and families. Let us know what makes it special.

  1. The capital of Australia is the largest inland city in the country with a population of 453,558 people (2021).
  2. It is dotted with attractions and institutions ranging from the Parliament House, National Gallery, and High Court to the War Memorial, National Museum and Lake Burley Griffin.
  3. The planned city was designed by Walter Burley Griffin, who aligned it along the landmarks of Mount Ainslie, City Hill, Black Mountain, etc.
  4. Listed among the best cities to live and explore in the world, Canberra enjoys low unemployment and a high average income.
  5. It has a vibrant art and culture scene that includes a year-long line-up of events, such as Skyfire, Summernats, Enlighten Festival and the National Multicultural Festival.
  6. The region surrounding Canberra has several wineries because of the appropriate climate that has become a centre of attraction.
  7. The median house price in the highly sought-after city was $745,000 in February 2020, which is the second highest after Sydney among the capital cities.
Have any Question?

Do you want to ask anything related to our local removalists Canberra services? Below are some common FAQs that will help our customers in making the right decision:

Booking our removal service is effortless and hassle-free. You need to call us on 1300 766 422 from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm to get your free quote. You can also fill out the contact us form and fill in the details if you want to book our service. Our friendly and warm support team is proactive and prompt in answering queries and assisting with the booking service. They inquire about your removal needs and provide you with an instant quote obligation-free. They will also provide you with details like the duration of the removal and the preparations required on your end to get started for the move.

No, we do not need to personally visit the property to assess the belongings. We ask about the property size, the number of rooms, furniture pieces in each room, appliances and equipment, etc. The information provided by you helps to get an approximate estimate of the volume and weight of the inventories. Since planning is one of the key aspects of a successful relocation, we need you to be honest about the information provided to us. The entire packing and moving process is dependent on the size, weight and type of your belongings because we assign the packing supplies, moving truck and crew members accordingly.

Packing is our specialisation, and we take extra care of your prized possessions by following these steps:

  • The fragile items like ornaments, crockery, mirrors and other breakable items are packed cautiously into wrapping paper and stacked in sturdy insulated boxes.
  • We use world-class packing and lifting techniques to avoid damage to the contents of the box and injury to the removalists in Canberra.
  • For heavy furniture, we use moving dolly and shoulder dolly to ensure the safe relocation of these objects.
  • We use high-quality moving blankets, packing paper, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, shredded paper, packing peanuts, tapes, labels, etc.
  • We follow your instructions about high-priority packing needs and carefully place everything in boxes with colour-coded labels for quick recognition.

Yes, we provide storage service in addition to removals in Canberra. Our storage facility is secure and reliable. It is equipped with surveillance cameras and door alarms that restrict theft and vandalism. We store all types of goods except perishable items, flammable products and hazardous substances. You need to provide us with the list of inventories for storage. Our staff members will come for the pickup with all the packing supplies and wrap everything up. They will transport the stuff to the safe facility and bring it back whenever you need it. Your belongings can be stored for a long or short term, depending on your need.

The cost of the removal varies for every customer because it is calculated based on their individual needs. The components of the final price include the list of inventories, the size of the property, the distance to the new house, the size of the truck and the number of removalists assigned for the task. To get your customised quote, contact us now and get a free estimate for your move. We assure you that our prices are the lowest in the industry because we do not add any extra costs to the final bill. Thus, if you need an affordable move, you need to book our service.

Although we move all the items present in a home or a commercial building, there are certain products that cannot be moved by us. These include petrol, kerosene, weed killers, pesticides, firelighters, cooking oils, matches, etc. The reason behind this is that these items are dangerous and flammable and can lead to explosions, fires and other catastrophes. To protect your precious belongings and our removalists in Canberra from such harmful accidents, we do not move these items. If you wish to move them, you need to hire specialised services for the same or you must get rid of them before the moving date.

Our support team notes down the list of inventories, their size and volume while boking the removal. It allows us to assign an appropriate moving truck that can fit all the belongings comfortably. If such a situation arises where the stuff cannot fit into the truck, we can offer a second trip to complete the removal. We do not leave our customers stranded with heavy luggage and complete what is promised. Thus, you need to honestly inform us about your requirements so that we can plan accordingly. Our fleet of moving trucks includes various vehicles of different sizes that have been used for both residential and commercial moves.

Making appropriate arrangements for the removalists is an ideal way of completing the move. Here is how you can help:

  • Declutter the house before the move to get rid of all the items that you no longer use.
  • Empty the drawers and the wardrobes and stack all the clothes, books, utensils, shoes and other stuff separately for packing.
  • Disassemble the bulky furniture if you can do it to reduce the time spent on the chore by the Canberra removalists.
  • Unplug all the electronics and appliances and remove all the ice, liquids and water from the fridge, oven and washing machine.
  • Reserve a parking spot for the moving truck at your current property and the destination that is quickly accessible.

The number of boxes is dependent on the volume and number of items present in the house. On average, approximately ten boxes are utilised in packing the contents of one room. However, the kitchen needs more boxes because of the appliances, cutlery, dinner sets, glasses, pantry bottles, spice bottles, jars, etc. Besides these, you need special boxes for shoes, paintings, mirrors, glass tops, etc. The upholstered furniture is not packed into boxes but wrapped in moving blankets or plastic sheets to avoid damage while moving and transporting them. If you are planning to get packing supplies from us, you must assess the inventories and then give us a call.

Our trained staff members are adept at packing all types of materials carefully to provide you with zero-damage removal. We use premium quality packing supplies and boxes to wrap up your stuff and seal them appropriately to avoid breaking open and falling over. Our removalists are fully insured, and police verified that extends complete peace of mind to the customers. Also, they have the latest equipment and gear to handle and manoeuvre the boxes with care. They are dedicated to their job and complete it sincerely without creating any hassles, disruptions or disputes. You can trust them without having any doubts in your mind.

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