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22 Apr, 2021

How Much Does It Cost To Move?

When you decide to relocate, your primary and biggest concern is how much will it cost. The moving process is not only challenging and stressful but also expensive. You need packing materials, boxes, loading equipment, moving truck, etc., to safely move your valuables, and you need to pay for all these things.

That is why you need to focus on every minute detail and prepare a moving budget. One of the most annoying things about the relocation process is that it always costs more than what you estimate. It is because you do not focus on all the important factors properly.

You might have considered the cost of professional removalists in Canberra, but that is not the only thing you need to prepare the budget. There are some crucial factors that make an impact on the final cost of your relocation, and you should know about them. Then only you will be able to relocate in a cost-effective manner.

Read on to know more about how much it costs to move.

DIY Move or Removals Company

One of the most important factors that decide the overall cost of your move is whether you will choose DIY move or decide to hire professionals. If you decide to move on your own rather than hiring professionals, you might have to pay a lesser amount.

However, you should not overlook the stress and hassle that a person faces during a DIY relocation. Hiring experienced professionals could be a little expensive, but in return, you get high-quality service, the safety of your belongings and a stress-free relocation.

Moving Supplies

If you have decided to move on your own, you need to purchase all the boxes and packing supplies like bubble wrap, packing papers, tapes, packing peanuts, etc. So make sure that you include the cost of all these things in your budget. Moreover, if you want to load your bulky furniture and appliances without causing any damage to them, you would need loading equipment like furniture dolly, sliders, shoulder dolly etc. It might increase your overall cost a little bit.

Time of your Relocation

The cost of your relocation also depends on the time of your move. If you have decided to relocate during the peak season, then it is most likely to cost you more. During this time, the demand for a reputed removals company in Canberra increase a lot, so the price also goes up. That is why you should choose to relocate during the offseason. Also, people prefer to move during the start or end of a month and select weekends. So, try to relocate on weekdays and during the middle of the month.

Total Distance to Move

The cost of your relocation is directly linked with the distance of your move. So, the interstate moving will cost you more than the intrastate relocation. When you are moving a long distance, the fuel consumption, the time of the relocation, the labour cost, the packaging charges, etc., also increased. Therefore, discuss the charges with your removals company before finalising it. Relocating to a new city without any professional help can be very difficult and risky for your belongings.

Type of Belongings You Have

Another factor that makes an impact on your final cost is the type of belongings you have. If you have a lot of large furniture like a bed, wardrobe, pool table, etc., then the removalists will disassemble them to pack properly. After reaching the new place, they will again assemble them. For making this extra effort, they might charge you some extra money.

Moreover, if they need to bring your items down the stair, it would require more manpower. So, it will also cost you more money. Talk to the company about your furniture before making your budget.

What Services Your Choose

The total cost to move also depends on the services you choose while hiring reliable removalists in Canberra. The more services you will select the bigger amount you will have to pay. You can opt for a packaging service to save your time or a storage facility to keep your excess items. However, you should not forget that you will have to pay extra to get these services. If you want to save money, then pack your belongings on your own and only hire professionals for loading and unloading task.

Miscellaneous Expenses

There are also some charges that people often neglect while preparing the moving budget. These small but essential expenses can increase the overall cost to move. Such cost includes the accommodation cost for the night, take away food for the last few days, parking charges, toll taxes, and other similar expenses. You might also need to hire cleaners to clean the property thoroughly. Note down all these expenses so that you can estimate the overall cost more accurately.


As so many variables are involved in the relocation process, it is difficult to estimate the exact cost to move. However, you can prepare a cost-effective budget for your relocation process if you pay attention to the factors that are mentioned above. It will help you to avoid any unpleasant financial surprises after the completion of your move.