How To Pack Dishes For Moving

How To Pack Dishes For Moving

Jun 07, 2023 Relocating home is a time-taking process where your fragile household items are moved from one place to another. One of the challenging parts is packing breakable dishes or dinnerware. These are one of the most delicate pieces and are prone to damage during the loading, transportation and unloading process. Thus, it is imperative to use tried and tested packing hacks for your dishes and delicate kitchenware so that they arrive safely at your new house. You can also hire professional removalists Canberra for quality packing of your fragile stuff, or follow this DIY guide and pack your dishes like a pro:

Arrange Necessary Packing Supplies

You need quality supplies to keep your breakable dishes intact throughout the moving process. So, make sure you have:
  • Sturdy medium-sized boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Marker pen
  • Newspaper
You can also use towels and blankets for extra cushioning of your fragile household belongings.

Sort and De-clutter Your Dishes

This is a crucial step to help you eliminate broken/damaged or unwanted kitchenware items. Toss broken items before packing, and donate the pre-loved ones if the dishes are in good condition. Reducing the number of items can save you packing time, money, and of course, energy. This will lighten your moving load, and help you pack only the necessary dishes. Tip: You can also recycle household waste including broken dishes and other kitchenware. to protect the environment.

Prep Your Boxes

Since dishes are heavy and delicate, make sure you reinforce the bottom of your cardboard boxes using packing tape. It is good to apply at least 2-3 layers and test it by pushing the box with your hand. This hack will add sturdiness and keep your dishes intact during loading and transportation.

Pack Each Dish and Box it Up

Start packing and put all your packing supplies, especially paper and newspaper, on the front desk. Place the packing paper over the table and wrap each dish individually. Make sure you put it in the centre and fold the corners of the paper until it is fully covered. You can layer it using bubble wrap and packing paper to add more protection. Do not forget to secure the paper or sheet with packing tape. You can also hire professional removals in your city to keep the process safe and sound. Here are the tips to help you get an accurate moving estimate. It will help you move within your estimated budget.

Pack Dishes Vertically

Make sure to stack your wrapped dishes or plates vertically on their sides when putting them inside the box. Dishes should never be placed flat, as this can cause damage or breakage. Placing dishes vertically distributes weight evenly and minimises the chances of damage. Tip: Add a thick layer of crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts between each place to add extra cushioning and prevention.

Protect Cups and Bowls

Most people hire trained removalists Canberra when it comes to relocating delicate household items, like glassware, or bowls and cups. If you follow these hacks, you can also pack your fragile kitchen items like a pro:
  • Pack them the same way you wrapped each plate.
  • Use quality packing paper and bubble wrap
  • Fill the empty space inside the cup or bowl with packing paper.
This will protect delicate dishes if they rattle against each other during transportation.

Put them in Layers

When packing dishes, make sure you keep things organised by creating layers inside the box. Place one layer of packed plates at the bottom and make sure they fit properly. After that, place another layer of packing paper or bubble wrap before placing the next set of bowls or cups. It is important to fill the gaps with packing peanuts to prevent damage during the process and help you experience a stress-free home relocation.

Secure the Box

Do not forget this step when packing your household stuff on your own. Secure the box with packing tape to keep your items intact. You can also add towels or linens on the top of dishes if there is extra space. This will add cushioning and protect your dishes from getting damaged. Tip: Make sure you keep stair protection tips in mind when carrying heavy boxes.

Label Boxes

Labelling boxes manages your post-packing process and protects your fragile items. So, it is good to label your box and write “fragile dishes” outside the box using a permanent marker.

Transport & Unpack safely

When relocating, keep these boxes separate from heavier household items to avoid crushing. After reaching your new abode, unpack your dishes and other fragile items first. Carefully unpack each stuff and inspect them. If you want to keep your precious possessions intact throughout the journey, book the best removalists Canberra and enjoy the relocation process. Tip: You can also consider contents insurance for the safety of your expensive and delicate household items when relocating from one place to another.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to relocating home, the most challenging part is to packing fragile items, like dishes. Whether you have plates, bowls or cups, follow these simple yet effective hacks and pack your dishes to prevent breakage or damage during the transition process.