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14 Jun, 2021

Stair Protection Tips And Tricks During A Move

Proper planning is needed when moving your household belongings to the new place. You could end up losing your much-loved possessions if you carry them without taking extra precautions.

People usually hire certified Canberra removalists to protect their valuable belongings throughout the process. They take extra care while moving heavy furniture and boxes through stains.

However, if you are moving on your own due to financial reasons, you may face obstacles. A wrong decision can lead to serious personal injuries, broken valuable items or damaged stairs and floors. It is important to take care of every single aspect, especially stairs. It is because they are vulnerable and can cause serious damage when you move bulky belongings.

Below are some great stair protection tips and tricks that will save you from accidents and injuries during a move.

Why You Should Protect Stairs While Moving?

Whether you are leaving the house or moving into a new place, you need to take extra protection for both carpeted and wooden stairs. The chances are high that you could leave permanent scratches and dents on the surface while dragging or lifting heavy furniture and boxes.

Damage to stains can cause due to the heavy traffic on the moving day as well. The excessive number of boxes, shoes and other stuff can lead to accidents. So, here are simple prevent tips that will make things easy for you.

Tips to Protect Carpeted Stairs When Relocating

Moving heavy furniture and boxes via carpeted stairs need extra care and attention. It is important to consider the following tips for safe and sound results:

1. Use Carpet Masks

Don’t hesitate from using a carpet mask to protect your carpeted stairs from wear and tear while moving. It is a plastic film sheet that protects the carpet whenever required. It is good to buy a self-adhesive plastic mask that can give an extra layer of protection and cover against damage.

A painters tape is also a good alternative to carpet masks and protectors when it comes to securing carpeted stairs.

2. Floor Runners

Install floor runners before moving your household belongings to protect your carpeted stairs. They can be an expensive option but not more than replacing the entire damaged carpet. So, think wisely and install it to protect your staircase.

Tips to Protect Hardwood Staircase When Moving

Nothing can be more depressing than seeing scratches on your wood stairs when dragging or shifting household belongings. Below are some great tricks to protect your hardwood staircase:

1. Use Blankets and Rugs

Hardwood stairs are prone to scratches and dents, so keep them protected while moving bulky belongings for the home relocation. It is good to place old blankets and rugs over them to protect your delicate staircase. You can search for the soft and padded covers that are old, and you won’t mind if they get dirty.

Put those rugs and blankets over each step and use painters tape to secure the covers on the surface. This will also prevent the blankest from getting bunched up.

2. Plastic Film

If you want to protect your wood stairs from mud, water and dirty shoes, then only blankets would not be an ideal option. You can add an extra layer of protection by covering a self-adhesive plastic film over the blankets and rugs. This will prevent the padded covers from water, wet shoes and dirt. Make sure you invest in a non-slip plastic film to avoid accidents.

Tip: You can hire removalists in Canberra for the extra protection of your belongings, especially heavy belongings like pool tables, dining tables and dressers.

3. Floor Runners

Whether you have carpeted stairs or hardwood staircase, you can install floor runners if you want to protect them while moving household belongings. They will give secure them from unnecessary scratches, dents and other marks. The best part is that they are super easy to install and can be used directly onto the surface.

4. Protect Staircase Rails

Apart from securing steps, make sure you create a safety plan for your staircase rails. You can either use furniture blankets or pieces of old cloth to protect them from damage. Do not forget to secure them with the painters tape.

Other Simple Ways to Extra Precaution While Using Stairs on the Moving Day

It is good to provide adequate protection to stairs when moving house. However, you should also focus on other preventive measures that can reduce the stress and keep your stairs as well as belongings safe throughout the process. These measures are:

1. Use Rubber-wheel dolly

You can use this tool if you are moving some heavy or bulky up or down the stairs. It will prevent personal injuries and property damage. Use the best quality of moving dolly with rubber wheels and ask your friend or spouse to assist you in the process.

2. Use Protective Furniture Pads

Do not forget to cover your heavy furniture pieces with thick protective pads and blankets while carrying up or down the stairs.

3. Sturdy and Strong Boxes

Use strong cardboard boxes to pack up your household or delicate items. This will give you a sense of satisfaction that your belongings are safe during the moving process.  Secure the box with packing tape to avoid damage.


Moving household belongings down or up the stairs need extra attention and the right techniques. You can use the protective shields mentioned above in the article depending on the type of stairs you have and avoid injury or accidents. You can also hire trusted removalists in Canberra for the safety of your much-loved possessions. They will bring all the necessary moving supplies and move your belongings safely without giving you a hint of stress.