How To Get An Accurate Moving Estimate

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How To Get An Accurate Moving Estimate

Jun 06, 2022

The relocation process is not only physically tiring and highly stressful but also quite expensive. That is why it is always beneficial to prepare and follow a budget. To be able to prepare a detailed budget, you need to know about the different types of costs involved in your moving process. Now the question is – how to estimate the cost of the relocation?

If you opt for a DIY move, you need to calculate the final cost yourself. However, if you decide to hire professional removalists Canberra, which people usually prefer when moving house, the company will provide with estimation. In many cases, the final cost of moving differs a lot from the estimation your get. It happens when you overall some important factors that influence the cost and do not discuss important things with the professionals.

So if you want to get the estimation correctly, you need to spend some time and put in some effort. Here is how to get an accurate and realistic estimation of the moving costs.

Make Sure You Are Dealing with a Genuine Removals Company

It is no secret that some dishonest service providers offer unrealistically low quotes in order to attract more customers. However, once they secure the job, the company continue to add extra charges and fees for alleged additional services or unforeseen circumstances. As a result, the final cost increase a lot and clients are forced to pay far more than they expected.

To avoid such scams, do your homework on the companies you are thinking about hiring and make sure you find a company you can trust. It means they must be properly licenced, trained and police verified. The company should also have a history of outstanding customer service and a proven track record of efficiency and safety. Also, check if they are affiliated with the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). You can be confident that such reputable removalists will provide you with an accurate moving estimate.

Give the Professionals all the Essential information

To obtain an accurate estimate, you must inform the moving company in Canberra of all the items to be moved, any special handling requirements you may have, and any obstacles you are aware of.

Time of Relocation

The timing of your relocation has a significant impact on your costs. Moving during peak season, the end of the month, or on the weekend will cost you more. Because many people prefer to relocate during this time, the demand for professionals and supplies rises. Therefore, you should relocate during the offseason, the middle of the month, and on weekdays.

Distance of the Relocation

One of the most important factors to consider when estimating moving cost is the distance of your relocation. Longer travel times require more fuel, and professionals will need more time to move your valuables. As a result, relocating to a nearby suburb will be much less expensive than relocating across the city or state.

Quantity of Your Belongings

If you want to relocate all of your belongings, be prepared to pay more! A large number of boxes mean the process will take longer to complete, and the shipment will be heavier. This allows the moving company to charge you more. As a result, it is always a good idea to declutter your home before packing your household. It will help you to save time, energy, or money.

Service You Want

If you have hired an efficient removals company in Canberra for the relocation, be careful when selecting the services. Always keep in mind that the more you rely on professionals, the more money you will have to pay. So, try to pack your belongings yourself and hire removalists to load and transport them safely. However, if you do not have enough time or moving with a toddler, it is advisable to opt for a packaging service. Discuss your requirements with professionals.

Discuss Complication of the Job

The complications involved in the process also have an impact on the cost of relocation. So, do not forget to discuss them with the professionals. Regardless of the distance or weight of the shipment, any task that requires additional service or extra time to complete will slow down the process. You will have to pay a higher price for the task because it will take more time and effort to complete. Such tasks include packing and transporting large antique furniture, transporting a costly paintings, etc.

Keep in Mind the Miscellaneous Expenses

When people move and prepare a budget, they often overlook miscellaneous expenses. However, these small costs can add up to make a big difference. As a result, when calculating your moving expense, you must always consider these costs. It includes the food and drinks while travelling, parking fees, toll taxes, hotel night stay, etc.

The Bottom Line

Getting an accurate moving estimate can be stressful and confusing, particularly if you are moving for the first time. To minimise your stress level and get more clarity, start early and focus on the factors mentioned above. If you have a precise estimate, then you will be able to hire experienced removalists in Canberra within your budget.