How To Move Large Items With Ease

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How To Move Large Items With Ease

May 11, 2022

Planning home relocation is one of the most challenging processes due to the involvement of large items and heavy furniture. People often make silly mistakes or injuries because they have no prior packing and moving experience.

Whether you have a pool table or a master bed, it is vital to prepare everything for a damage-free move. Hiring good Canberra removalists can make a huge difference as you don’t need to worry about your expensive and large items. They bring all the necessary tools and moving equipment to relocate precious possessions without causing any damage safely or back injury. However, if you are running low on budget, consider these simple yet effective DIY tips to move large items:

1. Prepare Everything in Advance

Instead of jumping into the process, consider the removal strategy for large items and appliances.

Preparing and planning everything can help you stay organised throughout the process. It is good to create a proper moving checklist and measure your large furniture and appliances, entrance doors and hallways.

This will make it easy to get through your items without scratches and injuries.

If you are not hiring professional movers, ask friends to assist you in lifting and loading heavy belongings.

2. Dismantle Your Large Items

Do not pack or move your large furniture in a single piece. This can lead to personal injuries, such as back strain or knee pain.

You can dismantle or remove all attached parts of your bulky items for safe and easy relocation. It is good to remove all contents from your dressing table and drawers before packing them. Dismantling drawers and other removable parts make it easy for you to pack heavy and large household items.

If you can’t dismantle items, tape all parts before loading them onto the truck. Also, remove furniture legs, knobs, handles and pulls and pack them safely.

Make sure you label everything to reassemble your large furniture and appliances without any hassle easily.

You can also prepare household belongings for long term storage if moving into a new home with little space. Sofas, drawers and dressing tables can easily be stored until to make more space in your new home.

3. Use Necessary Packing Supplies

The safety of your expensive couch or pool table should be your topmost priority. That’s the main reason why people hire professional removalists in Canberra while packing their delicate and bulky items.

Use protection pads, furniture blankets, and bubble wrap if doing it yourself. You can also use towels, blankets or bed sheets etc to give an extra layer of protection to your items.

Secure the packing or moving blankets using tape. This will save you from injuries or property damage.

4. Look for Rental Moving Equipment

Physical injuries happen if you lift and move large household items without proper tools. Make sure you look for a furniture dolly, lifting straps, Glides and Stair Rollers for quick results. You can easily move or slide your large and heavy items with the help of these tools.

You can easily move a dishwasher, master bed, refrigerator, pool table, dining table, etc, when you have all the necessary moving equipment.

5. Push Items using the Right Way

It is difficult to pull large appliances and bulky items even if your friend accompanies you. Instead of pulling, push your body and move your furniture and other items out of your home or lift. Pulling extra large furniture can put a lot of strain on your back compared to pushing.

Make sure you secure cardboard or a sheet under the item so that you can pull them across the floor without leaving scratches behind.

Don’t rush as it will leave you in a chaotic situation. Be patient and follow the moving checklist to achieve a stress-free home relocation experience.

6. Use the Right Moving Techniques

Shelving units, a refrigerator, and a tall dresser need special attention when lifting and moving. You need at least one more person to lift the item and load it into the truck.

However, most people pull the item using the wrong techniques and hurt themselves.

It is good to hold the large items from the top and allow the other person to carry them from the bottom. This alleviates the weight and prevents swinging or injury. This will make it easy to move your items through stairs and narrow areas.

7. Prepare a Layout Plan

If you are moving to a new abode in Canberra, decide which furniture or large item will go where. Creating a floor plan with proper measurements of each item and room will make things easy for you.

To simplify the process, attach a copy of the layout plan on the walls of your new home. A good moving company in Canberra can assist you in unpacking and settling in your house.


These tricks will help you move large furniture pieces and appliances with ease. If everything fails, you can contact the most reliable removalists Canberra and relocate safely at the most reasonable price. They will take care of your precious possessions throughout the process.