Tips To Prepare Household Belongings For Long-term Storage

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Tips To Prepare Household Belongings For Long-term Storage

May 06, 2022

Are you planning to move and need a place to store some of your household belongings? You can always do this by renting out a storage unit to keep your belongings safe while relocating homes.

This is especially true if you are moving to another city or another country and need to keep your belongings safe until you can get them transported or moved.

In this kind of situation, it is essential to know how to store your belongings properly so that they are always safe and in a good condition. Here are some storage tips from experts hired for removals in Canberra:

1. Do Proper Research

The first thing you need to do before storing your items is to study all the facilities of different storage units because:

• You will need to see what items are allowed in the unit and what you can store there.
• For instance, perishable items like medicines and food and hazardous goods like fireworks, gasoline, and explosives will most likely not be allowed in most storage units.
• You must also check how secure these storage units are. For instance, you need to see if they have security cameras and automatic locks on the units.
• Professional removalists in Canberra also suggest looking at the humidity levels and climate controls in the storage units so that your items don’t get damaged over time.

2. Create A Plan

The next step is to see what belongings you want to put in a storage unit and what you can take with you or sell and donate. It would be best if you planned this out because:

• If you put more items in storage units, you will need more space, and thus you will have to get a larger storage unit and pay more.
• You should analyse every item to see if you need to put it in storage or is it okay to sell or donate it instead.
• Try to only store the things you need for the long term.

3. List Out Items

After you have decided what items, you will be putting in storage, you should create an inventory of all the items. This will help you remember all the items you put in the storage unit so that you can keep a check on them.

You should list out all your items correctly and keep a copy in the storage unit so that you know what to look for when you come to retrieve them.

4. Keep All Your Items Clean

Since all your items are going to be in storage for a long time, you should make sure that you clean and disinfect them beforehand because:

• Cleaning all your items will help prevent your belongings from rotting over time and not attract any mould or pests.
• Ensure you wash and dry out any clothes you are taking and clean all your large appliances and furniture with disinfecting wipes.

5. Store Everything In Boxes

After making sure all your items are clean, you need to pack them properly in moving boxes. Professional removalists in Canberra suggest that you can do this in the following ways:

• Place all heavier items on the bottom to create a sturdy base for your boxes.
• Use smaller boxes for heavy, fragile items, and make sure you wrap all your fragile items before you place them in the boxes.
• Fill any empty spaces in the boxes with bubble wrap or paper so that the items don’t clash.
• Next, label all your boxes by the items so that you can find things more easily.

6. Protect Your Belongings

Besides keeping your items clean, a major part of any moving house etiquette is to also protect your belongings in the storage unit by:

• Keep belongings like clothes and electronic items in vacuum-sealed bags to prevent mould growth.
• Make sure all your boxes are sealed tightly to prevent any damage.
• Use protective coverings for furniture to protect them from humidity and climate change.

7. Disassemble Large Items

When it comes to the more oversized items like beds and tables, you should try and disassemble them if possible. This will help create more space and keep the items more secure and prevent them from any damage.

8. Place Them Strategically

Experts at removalist Canberra also suggest that you must put all your belongings inside the storage units strategically. You can do this in the following ways:

• Place heavier items on the bottom so that they don’t damage the items below them.
• You should put mattresses and bedcovers on top as the heavier items can damage the springs inside them.
• You should place the items vertically, if possible, to have more space.
• Lastly, you should store the items you will need more often last so that you can take them out more easily.


Now that you have stored all your items correctly in the unit, you can relax and start your relocation.