What Are Common House Moving Costs?

What Are Common House Moving Costs?

Dec 04, 2020

Relocation process is not only time-consuming and hectic but also a costly project. Thus, it is essential to estimate the overall cost of relocation before you start your preparations. If you are not aware of all the expenses, then you can get a little confused while preparing the budget.

Whether you are relocating to the next suburb or a different city, there are certain costs that everyone needs to take care of. However, the payable amount depends on the factors like whether you hire the best removalists in Canberra, or opt for the storage facility. So, if you want to prepare detail and useful budget, you must know about the common house moving costs.

Here are some expenses that you should consider when relocating to a new place.

Moving Supplies

When you are planning to move, one of the first things that come to your mind is the moving supplies. You need good quality cardboard boxes, and packing materials like plastic wraps, bubble wraps, blankets, packing papers, box cutters, labels, and so on. You can rent the boxes and even arrange some for free, but you have to purchase the packing supplies.

If you are relocating without professional Canberra removalists, then you will also need loading equipment such has utility dolly, furniture dolly and sliders, forearm forklift, elastic straps and so on. You can rent all these tools. So, make sure you consider the expense of all of your supplies.

Deposit of your New Place

If you are relocating to a rental property, then you need to deposit security money, and that can be up to an amount equivalent to your four-week rent. For tenants, it is one of the most common house relocation costs so it should be your topmost priority when you are preparing your budget.

However, the good thing is, you don’t have to pay the money from your savings. Make sure that you get back the bond money when you are moving out so you can deposit the same money at your new place.

Cleaning Cost and Supplies

When you are moving out of a rental property, your biggest concern is the refund of security deposit. For that, you need to ensure that the rental property is perfectly clean. If you decide to clean the property on your own, then you need to purchase cleaning products and supplies like a sponge, scrubber, brush, etc. You may also need to rent equipment like a vacuum cleaner and steam carpet cleaner.

However, you don’t have enough time to clean the property on your own, or you need high-quality cleaning, then you can hire experienced professionals for the cleaning. It is a common house relocation cost so you should include it in your budget.

Repair and Renovation Work

There is another house moving cost that almost everyone needs to take care, and that is repair and renovation expense. When you handover the keys of the rental property, you need to take care of damages like broken window glass, holes in the wall, pipe leakage, etc. For that, you may need to hire professionals.

And if you are moving to your new own house, then you might need to make some changes in the house before relocation. So you cannot rule out the renovation cost from your house moving cost.

Hiring Professionals

The expense of hiring professionals is one of the most common moving costs because the majority of people need their service at the time of relocation. Whether you are relocating to another city or across the road, you always need reliable removalists in Canberra.

From packing of delicate items to loading of bulky and costly furniture, they can carry out all the tasks perfectly and make your move a lot easier. So, always consider the cost of the professional removalists. Get quotes of at least three to four different companies and compare their cost before finalising the most suitable one.

New Furniture and Other Essential Things

When you move to a new house, particularly your first house, you want to make it look very elegant. For that, you need some new furniture, rugs, wall decorations and other essential things. You should consider this cost while estimating the overall cost.

Different people have different priorities, so first understand your requirements and then make adjustments in your budget accordingly. If you are moving on a tight budget, then you can move with your old furniture and later purchase what you want.

Storage Cost

Sometimes, you have to relocate to your new house even when the renovation work hasn’t finished. In this situation, you cannot move all your items to the new place and require a place where you can store your belongings. You can get the storage service from a reputed removals company in Canberra or any third party.

The service is also essential when you are relocating to a smaller house, and you don’t have enough time to sell your excess items. So, you should keep the cost in your mind.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Apart from the common house moving costs that are mentioned above, there are also some miscellaneous expenses. People often overlook these expenses while estimating the cost of the relocation, but these are also very important.

The miscellaneous expenses include the parking fee, toll taxes, food and drinks that you purchase during the move, night stay in a hotel and other similar costs. Make sure that you don’t forget these costs.

The Bottom Line

Relocating to a new place without preparing a budget can be a huge mistake. Without a budget, you won’t be able to keep track of all your expenses. As a result, you will end up paying way more extra money than what you should. So if you are planning to move, prepare a budget and do not forget to include the common house moving costs mentioned above.