10 Expert Organising Tips To Make Moving Easier

10 Expert Organising Tips To Make Moving Easier

Nov 28, 2022

According to a study, around 57% of people found moving to be the most stressful event in their life. Relocating can cause great stress due to the various tasks involved, including decluttering, packing, changing utility services, getting packing supplies and more.

Continuous mental stress during the moving process is not good for your body as it can cause headaches, chest pain, increased blood pressure and insomnia.

You can ease some of this stress of moving by hiring removalist in Canberra to help you complete your list of moving tasks. Besides this, you should also use the expert organising tips below to help make this moving process go smoothly and thus lower your stress levels.

Ten Expert Moving Tips 

 1. Create A Plan

The first and most important thing you must do when moving homes in Canberra is to create a plan to prepare in advance. You should create a timeline for decluttering your home at least 2-3 weeks in advance and then concentrate on packing at least a week before moving.

If you are using a removalist in Canberra to help you move, you must get their quotes and book them in advance to get the necessary date and time.

2. Set A Moving Budget

You must set a moving budget for all your house moving costs, including your packing and moving supplies. To do this, you can calculate your total income, monthly rent, and payments. The amount you have left can give you an idea of how much you can save and use towards your moving costs.

Thus, you will know how many moving supplies you can get and stick within a limit when hiring a professional removalist service in Canberra.

3. Make A Checklist

Now that your timeline and budget are ready, you must create a compiled checklist of all the moving tasks you need to perform. This will help you stay focused and move in an orderly manner.

You should start by listing the decluttering and packing process and mention other moving tasks like changing your postal address and setting up utility services. You should also write an end date against each task so that you can complete all your moving tasks in time.

4. Start Organising Your Spaces

Did you know that around 80% of house clutter is caused by disorganisation? This clutter can make it hard to pack all your items as you might find items that belong to other rooms or some loose items.

To make packing easier, you can start organising these items in advance by placing them all in cabinets and drawers. For instance, you can put all the items below your kitchen sink into bins, making them easier to pack. You can also put all your bathroom items into drawer inserts that fit right into your new home’s cabinets and shelves.

5. Declutter Your Home

Now that you have organised your free-flowing items, you can start decluttering. It is important to declutter your home so that you only take the things you need and will use in your new home.

  • Therefore start in one room and go through each item to see if that item has any use, is of any sentimental value and is still working.
  • You can put it in the keep pile if it meets any of these criteria.
  • The items that do not meet these criteria can be donated, sold, or recycled.
  • This decluttering process will reduce the number of things you have to pack and thus save you time and money.

6. Arrange Your Packing Supplies

Once you know how many items you will be taking from each room, you can start arranging for your packing and moving supplies accordingly. You should get packing tape, labels, cardboard boxes of various sizes, bubble warp, packing paper, and moving supplies like dollies, rolling racks and furniture wraps.

If you are hiring expert removalists in Canberra to help you move, you will not have to worry about this step as they will arrange their own quality, green packing, and moving supplies.

7. Pack Roomwise

Now you should start packing all your belongings and go room by room to stay organised. Create an inventory of all your items in each room and start by packing all the non-essential and seasonal items. It is best to keep the room items separate even if you have extra space so that it is easier to unpack.

You must also pack the essentials just before you move so that you are not living out of boxes. Make sure you pack heavy items in small boxes, lighter items in large boxes and fragile items separately with lots of packing paper and bubble wrap.

8.  Label All Your Boxes

One of the most important expert tips to stay organised is to label all your moving boxes. This will help you determine which box belongs to which room and all the items in each box. Thus, your removalist in Canberra can unload it in the correct room, and you won’t have to spend hours looking for any particular item.

  • You should write the room on each box with a list of all the items inside it so you know what you have packed.
  • You can also colour-code each box with packing tape to help you stay organised.
  • For instance, you can use green packing tape for kitchen items, pink packing tape for bathroom items, etc.

9. Pack A Moving Day Essentials Bag

You should pack a separate bag of items with all the essentials you will need in your moving day survival kit, like important documents, identification cards, wallet, toiletries, change of clothing, packaged snacks, chargers and a few cooking utensils and cutlery. This will help you survive in your new home for a few days so that you do not have to unpack everything as you go.

10. Create An Unpacking Timeline

The last step in this process is to set an unpacking deadline so you know how much to unpack daily. You can try unpacking two rooms daily or set a week to finish all your unpacking. This timeline will help you stay more organised and focused on completing this task.


Once you follow the above ten tips, you can move homes in Canberra stress-free and relaxedly. You will be able to stay on top of all your tasks and ensure you finish them within the deadline so that you can sit and enjoy your new home.