The Essentials You Need in Your Moving Day Survival Kit

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basket with essentials for the first day in the new house

The Essentials You Need in Your Moving Day Survival Kit

Mar 05, 2019

Preparation is a must before engaging in a relocation process. If you have moved before, then you must know the fact that first night in a new place is always chaotic. Nobody wants to get involved in the process of opening moving boxes in a hurry to find stuff.

The moving experience gets worst when you are moving with your small kids and pets, and you don’t have essentials for their survival. That’s where an essential box or a survival kit comes in.

Once after hiring the best removalists in Canberra, make sure you prepare a survival kit, a box full of essential items you will need for your moving day or the first few nights in your new house.

The survival kit should be the last thing you pack before your final move out. You either can keep the kit along with you or carry along with your moving boxes – but try to keep it handy, especially if you are moving during peak hours in Canberra. So, make sure you include all the items that will allow you to provide small meals, deal with small emergencies and fulfill basic sanitary needs.

Comfort, hygiene and security are the three major things to keep in mind while preparing your survival kit. If you are moving for the first time and not sure what to include as essentials in a survival kit, then have a look at this blog post.

Here is the list of essentials that everyone should include while packing their moving day survival kit.

1. A First Aid Box

If you are moving from Canberra to another state or a new city, make sure you include a handy first aid box in your survival kit. It is good to keep all the basic health products including the aspirin and other medicines before moving out of your house.

If you are moving from Canberra to another state or a new city, make sure you include a handy first aid box in your survival kit. It is good to keep all the basic health products including the aspirin and other medicines before moving out of your house. A first- aid kit allows you to handle the medical emergency when you are in the middle of your relocation journey. In an emergency, a delay of just a minute can cause a serious damage. So, make sure you keep a first-aid box before moving out of your house.

2. Toiletries

Never overlook toiletries while packing your moving day survival kit. Basic toiletries such as hand washing soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, face wash and shampoo should be included in an essential box. You can also pack extra products if you use in your morning or nighttime routine. Keep all the following items always with you, especially if you’ve small toddlers and pets:

Disinfecting wipes

Toilet paper

Liquid Foaming hand soap

Hand Towels

Other sanitary products

Keep the towels in a suitcase labelled box so that you can have them without any mess when you reach to the new house.

3. Food for Survival

Nobody can deny the fact that moving is a stressful task and during the relocation day, you are going to be super busy. You might not have time to prepare food but everyone has to eat, and that’s why it is important to keep some eating essentials along with you.

Have a look at the following items that should be included in your moving day survival kit:

Bottled Water– Carrying some bottled water along with you is good. Keep them in your car.

Snacks – Pre-pack light snacks for your kids to chow down on. Try to carry healthy snacks such as dry fruits, apple and chocolates.

To be realistic, it becomes quite difficult to take some time out for healthy eating. So, try to focus on having small meals such as sandwiches, fruit and fresh vegetables. Don’t forget to prepare meals for your kids to keep them full throughout the moving process.

Coffee and tea bags – Since moving requires a lot of effort, it is good to keep yourself energetic and high. So, keep coffee and tea bags handy. This will refresh your mood and give you the energy.

Breakfast Basics – Pack bread, milk and cereals in your survival kit because you will be required to have a homemade breakfast on your first day in your new house.

Plastic plates, glasses and important cooking utensils– While most of the dishes and cookware will be packed in moving boxes, you will want a few ones that you can easily on your moving day. This includes some spoons, forks, cups and a couple of plates.

Tip: Relocating from Canberra to another city or state is a time-taking process and keeping basic food essentials are extremely imperative. So, make sure you prepare your meal the night before your moving day. Also, make it a point to check the traffic conditions for active commuting in Canberra.

4. Chargers of your electronics

When you reach your new house, one of the first things you will want to do is to charge your phone and other necessary electronics. So, don’t forget to put a charger as well as a power bank to your list of essentials.

5. Cleaning Supplies

It is a good idea to include some cleaning supplies in your moving day survival kit. This will keep your new house clean and germ-free, at least for the first few days. Make sure you including the following tools:

Dusting cloth


Rubber gloves


Cleaning solution



6. Bed Linens

These are one of the most neglected items while preparing a moving day survival kit. While moving heavy furniture, bed and mattress is an important task; don’t forget to keep the following things in your survival kit:


Bed linen


Change of clothes and pyjamas

7. Toolkit

Keep some tools handy with you, including:



Measuring tape


Moving is something which requires both mental and physical strength. Instead of losing the patience on your moving day, keep yourself calm and composed and prepare a list of essentials that you need in your survival kit. This will make your moving journey a bit easier. For stress-free experience, hire professional and trained removalists in Canberra.