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A family is packing household for a house move
29 Nov, 2019

Weekday Vs. Weekend Moves: Pros and Cons

House Relocations can be arduous and stressful for those who don’t have prior experience as well as knowledge. One of the complicated decisions you may encounter is trying to determine which day of the week is ideal for moving. No matter how far or near you are relocating, it is one of the important decisions you need to make on your own.

From deciding a moving day to hiring the best Canberra Removalists, you have to manage everything without losing patience. The success of safe and stress-free house relocation depends on how well you plan things ahead of time. The entire process needs the superlative level of planning and management skills. It is not just about wrapping household items or lifting heavy furniture from one place to another.

You need to make other arrangements as well such as collecting high-quality packing supplies, transferring utility bills, collecting moving quotes and a lot more. Well, this can be achieved with the help of a custom-made moving checklist. But what choosing the right day for moving is something that varies on the situations and persons.

Some people plan to move on the weekends as they have hectic professional life while some find it better to take a day off and plan a move on a weekday. If you are planning your relocation, then make the right decision and choose the most suitable moving day so that you can experience a tension-free move.

To help you make a well-researched decision, we bring you the comparison between weekday and weekend moves along with their respective pros and cons.

The Pros of Weekday Relocation

Those having busy-schedules due to their professional life don’t get time for weekday move. But, if you prefer moving on a weekday, then Friday is one of the best days for you. The reason is obvious- you will have two extra days (Saturday and Sunday). But you can also move between Mondays to Thursdays. Here is the list of key benefits of moving on a weekday.

1. Relocation will Be Affordable

Moving is comparatively cheaper when you decide to shift your household belongings on a weekday. There is no denying the fact that house relocation is life’s most expensive event, so make sure you find a reliable removals company in Canberra who can offer you affordable packing and moving services with precision.

Most often, professional companies charge higher rates during peak days such as weekends, national holidays and summer months. This happens because they are jam-packed with reservations and may charge higher prices to provide their quality relocating solutions.

Apart from these days (or peak days), companies will be less busy, and you can hire them at cheaper rates. They will offer you affordable rates, so don’t forget to compare the quotes of at least five companies and make the right decision.

2. Help you Save Extra Money

It is quite easy to save a substantial amount of money if you are planning your move on a weekday. Since moving companies provide cheaper rates for weekday relocation, you will get an opportunity to save extra dollars that can be used for other expenses related to moving. It can be anything- purchasing quality packing supplies to availing experienced packing service.

3. Simplify the Loading and Unloading Process

Usually on weekends, residential complexes, streets and localities are empty because most of the people will be at their offices. Plus, there will be fewer personal vehicles like bikes and cars so that you can park your truck easily.

This will reduce the obstacles in loading and unloading household items from a moving truck. You will have minimum interference so that you can easily get into the loading process without any headache.

4. Less Traffic on the Road

Moving on weekdays is preferable because there will be less traffic on the roads of Canberra as most people are working at their offices. This will transport your belongings faster – no matter how far you are relocating.

Tip: Make you plan your relocation for late morning to prevent rush hours. This will help you reach the new house before 5 PM. After 5 P, you could be stuck in the traffic and delay your entire transportation.

The Cons of Weekday Relocation

Every move has its own pros and cons. If you are planning to move your house on a weekday, then consider the following cons:

1. You need to Take a Leave

Applying for leave can be challenging for a working professional. One of the biggest disadvantages of a weekday moving is that you need to take a day off from the work to process your relocation. For a day-off, the office will cut your salary, or you may also find difficulties in getting leave from your employer due to prior work commitments.

2. You won’t Get Assistance from Friends & Relatives

It is quite difficult to get assistance from friends, relatives and neighbours when you are moving on a weekday. They won’t come to help you because they will be at their workplace. This can be a serious problem if you have heavy household belongings.

The Pros of Moving On a Weekend

Majority of people prefer to move their homes on weekends. The reason is obvious. It is easy to organise a complete process than a weekday moving without even taking a leave. Here are some key advantages of relocating during weekends such as Saturday and Sunday

1. You Don’t Have to Take a Leave

You don’t have to ask your company to grant you leave for house relocation because you have scheduled this task for the weekend.  If you are planning to move on Friday, then you will have to take only a day off. This will give you more time to plan your entire relocation process without any work disturbance.

2. Get Voluntarily Assistance from Friends

One of the major benefits of weekend moving is that you will get assistance from friends, family and neighbours because they will be at home. You can ask them to provide you assistance in packing and lifting process so that you can increase the speed of your relocation.

3. You will Get More Time to Unpack

If you are relocating locally on Friday, then you will get more time to unpack your belongings and you can move without any stress. You can unpack your moving boxes and accustom your home because you have two extra days. You can even relax on Sunday.

The Cons of Weekend Moving

There are some downturns related to the weekend move. Here is the list of cons that can help you prepare from potential challenges.

1. It can be an Expensive Deal

Moving during weekends can cost you a lot more compared to moving on weekdays. Usually, moving companies tend to get busy during weekends, and that’s why they charge higher rates. When the demand increases for professional removalists, the prices will automatically increase. So, this is one of the biggest disadvantages of moving on weekends.

2. Difficulty in Finding the Best Removals Service

If you don’t have reserved any moving company in advance for your weekend move, then you may find it difficult in finding the best option. The people have already hired all good and credible moving companies, so you will need to do thorough research to find the right one.


Believe it or not, every day of a week has its own advantages. Whether you are moving on a weekday or choosing a weekend, make sure you plan things ahead and take assistance from credible removalists in Canberra who can protect your belongings from the start to the end of your journey.