How to Ensure a Hassle-Free House Move?
young woman packing her belongings in cardboard box

How to Ensure a Hassle-Free House Move?

Oct 12, 2017 Moving a house is considered as one of the life’s biggest events. No matter how well you prepared your moving day, you will surely encounter some issues while packing and relocating your delicate household goods. You may face difficulties in carrying your sofa or other heavy furniture, or you may forget about arranging essential packing supplies. Though these are common blunders, it could bring your entire moving process to a halt. You can also take help from reputed removalists in Canberra and have a smooth ride, throughout the process. If you really want to ensure a stress-free house move, you will need to re-plan your packing and moving strategy and include the following points into your moving checklist. First of all, start the packing process at least 8 weeks before the final moving day. Begin with packing less important items that you don’t use on a daily basis. Also, declutter your home before the final move to reduce the load of your household belongings. Let’s get started with hassle-free moving tricks:

Start with planning and preparations

You could fall short if you don’t have a sturdy moving plan. Planning ahead of a moving day not only reduces the stress but also help you concentrate on other managerial things. You can analyse the following things to sort out the challenging aspects:
  • Create a rough moving plan
  • Evaluate your expected moving cost
  • Make a list of necessary packing supplies that will be required for wrapping the items
  • Take measurements of your larger household items and furniture
  • These small things hold a great possibility of reducing the stress out of your move.
Tip: Keeping a close track on the moving expenses is one of the important things that can help you when you want to relocate under your estimated budget. This will help you find the best removalists in Canberra at the most reasonable price.

Cleaning the entire property is essential

Though cleaning is not a part of house removal, it plays a vital role in simplifying your moving process. When you de-clutter your entire house, you will automatically sort out the things that you will be taken along with you to your new house. It somehow reduces the stress level and lets you focus on the packing of your goods. If you are moving out from a lease property, then you must have a professional bond cleaning for ensuring your bond amount. A professional lease cleaning team leaves no stone unturned until they get your lease property cleaned deeply. They will clean the entire property from top to bottom using green-cleaning products and the best cleaning supplies to give you sparkling results in a short time span. So, don’t forget to give your current/old house a deep and professional clean.

Opt for a reliable removal company

Nobody wants to ruin their moving day. Since it is one of the crucial days in your life, make sure you hire the professional moving company that can give you satisfactory results in terms of safe and damage-free removal services. Choose a moving company with a good reputation in pivotal. You can ask your colleagues, friends or research online to find the best company for you. If you are looking for a local or interstate move in Canberra, you can hire the services of Better Removalists Canberra.

Packing your items

Packing is one of the essential steps that can determine whether your household items reach the new property safely or not. If you pack them correctly, the chances are that you will see them in a good condition. So, make sure you have all the necessary packing tools, like packing boxes, tape, packing paper, trash bags, bubble wraps, and permanent marker before beginning your packing process. Start with packing heavy furniture. And, then put them in a packing box. Similarly, double pack your antique items using bubble wrap and put them in a separate corrugated box with a lot of crumbled newspapers – this will prevent them from any damage during the loading and transportation process. Make sure you correctly wrap delicate items using necessary packing supplies. Don’t forget to label all your packed boxes using a permanent marker. This will save a lot of time during the unpacking process.

Manage your closets and wardrobe

Clean and organise your closets and wardrobe to make things more convenient for you. Pack all your designer clothes using wardrobe boxes suitcases or designer drawers. Other cost-effective options for packing wardrobe are trash bags and vacuum bags.

Keep a survival kit handy

The survival kit includes all the things that will help you and your kids to survive on a moving day. You can add a small first aid box, moving checklist, snacks, cleaning supplies (paper soap and tissues), toiletries, water bottles and other essential things in a backpack. This is one of the easiest ways to reduce the stress-level during the house removal process.
The tips mentioned above in the blog post will help you experience a stress-free and smooth move. Make sure you choose a reliable and experienced removalist in Canberra for your upcoming house move. You can search for the company who can help you in packing and moving fragile to heavy household items using the best tools and techniques.