Useful Tips For Moving Bulky Items

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Useful Tips For Moving Bulky Items

Jun 29, 2022

Do you plan on moving house in Canberra and have a lot of bulky items to move? You could always opt to hire a furniture removalist in Canberra to help you move all your heavy and bulky items.

These experts are well-trained in handling any item and will pack and safely move your furniture. However, if you are planning to prepare your furniture for moving, you could follow the below tips to help you do so:

1. Be Well-Prepared

If you are moving to Canberra and need to shift your bulky items, you must have a plan. First, you should create an inventory of all your bulky items and make copies of these. You should then list the items into categories like fragile, very fragile, heavy-duty, etc. Now that you have a list of all your bulky items, you can prepare how to pack and move them into your new home.

2. Pack Your Items Properly

Now you can move on to the packaging of the bulky items, and it is essential to do this properly. If you don’t pack your bulky items properly, they could get damaged or break when you move them out of your house. You should buy some furniture wrap for your sofas and mattresses to keep these items safe even when it rains.

You should also get some plastic tarps and strong cardboard boxes to keep any small, fragile items. If you have the original boxes of the appliances, you should use those to put your items in as these will be easier to carry.

You can always hire removalist in Canberra to help pack all your bulky items as they have their high-quality packing material and know-how to pack your items properly.

3. Disassemble Your Furniture

It is always easy to carry bulky furniture if you disassemble them properly. You can do this in the following steps:

  • Read the user manual if you still have it, or go online and check how to disassemble those particular items.
  • Take pictures of the furniture before you dismantle it so you know which piece goes where and what the final product should look like.
  • You should then dismantle the furniture into as many pieces as possible and carefully wrap all the parts with plastic or bubble wrap.
  • You should also label each part and keep them all in a cardboard box to know which parts belong to which appliance.

4. Label Your Packaging

Whether using cardboard boxes, plastic boxes or furniture wrap, you must label everything. If an item is fragile, you should write it on the packaging to exercise extra caution when carrying it.

If it is a fridge or bed, you should also write the direction of which way is up and down on the packaging. If you are using a removalist in Canberra, this will help them also understand how to load and unload these items carefully.

5. Use Tape On All The Doors And Openings

When packing and transporting a fridge, doors and cupboards, it is better to tape all the openings as they can open easily. It can hit someone in the face and injure them severely. So it is always safer to have everything taped up to keep you and your items secure. You should keep some extra packing tape at hand while moving these bulky items, so if anything comes undone, you can tape it back up.

6. Use The Right Moving Equipment

If you are hiring a professional furniture removalist in Canberra, you won’t have to worry about loading and unloading bulky items. These experts are well-equipped with all the necessary moving tools and are well-trained in using them to move any item without any kind of injury and accident. But if you plan on moving these items on your own, you need to buy the proper moving tools to load and unload your items. Some of these moving tools include:

  • Sliders:

    It is a good idea to slide your furniture across the room to move it faster. You should buy some plastic and soft-padded sliders and use them to move your bulky items. You can spread some cardboard and sheets across your floor to protect it when you are sliding your furniture.

  • Dollies:

    Dollies help move heavy boxes and large furniture items. You can either get the two-wheeler dolly to load several boxes or the four-wheeler to load heavy, bulky items.

  • Moving blankets:

    Wrap moving blankets around the corners of heavy, bulky items to carry and transport them easily.

7. Hire Furniture Removalists

The best way to move all your bulky items is by hiring furniture removalists in Canberra, as these experts know how to disassemble and move all your items properly.

These professionals also undergo intense training and know-how to handle and move all your bulky items and will quickly load and unload them so that you can design your house the way you want. They are well-equipped with all the latest packing materials and moving equipment.


If you use the above tips, you will be able to move your bulky items with ease and will be able to use them in your new home.