How To Pack & Transport A Fridge The Right Way

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How To Pack & Transport A Fridge The Right Way

Oct 05, 2020

When you are preparing to relocate, the packing and transporting of heavy appliances like a fridge is one of the biggest concerns. A refrigerator is not only a bulky appliance but also very costly, so you need to be very careful when loading it into the truck. Even a little bit of negligence can cause serious damage and you can also get injured. To get the job done perfectly, you should only rely on professional removalists in Canberra.

Many people try to accomplish the task without proper planning and end up damaging their fridge. However, you can make the task much easier by opting for the best packaging services in Canberra. The experts know the right packing techniques and use essential tools to ensure that all valuable belongings reach your new place safely.

If you want to move your refrigerator on your own, you will need some quality guidance. Read on to know more about how to pack & transport a fridge the right way.

Empty and Defrost the Fridge

The relocation can take more than a day and the fridge is not going to be operational for that particular time. So make sure that it is completely empty. Plan in advance so that you can finish all your perishable items right on time.

Turn off your refrigerator so that it can melt any remaining ice in its freezer. When there is not more ice in the fridge, clean the water. This step is essential because it will prevent any accidental water leaks during the loading and transition. The defrost procedure may take around 5 to 6 hours, to start it accordingly.

Remove the Shelves and Other Parts

You should remove all detachable components from the fridge. Such parts may include trays, shelves, organizers, dividers and any other movable or loose items. Wrap the shelves in a blanket or towels to provide them with adequate protection. Pack them separately in a box.

However, you may feel that packing all the detachable parts separately can create more mess. In that case, instead of removing, you can secure all the parts at their respective place with the help of tape. You should also protect the chord by rolling it up and taping it on the backside of the fridge.

Perform a Deep Clean

Once the defrost procedure is complete, you must deep clean your refrigerator from inside. It is because when the temperature inside the appliance increases, it will become a perfect breeding ground for bacterial infections as well as mould.

So, take your time to clean your fridge properly. You can use an all-purpose cleaner or a combination of baking soda and water. After cleaning, wipe down every corner with a dry cloth to make sure there is no moisture. The cleaning of the fridge will make sure that there is no bad odour and it is immediately available to use in your new place.

Secure the Doors and Pack it Properly

After cleaning the appliance, it is time to secure the doors and pack it appropriately. So use strong rope or cord to fasten the refrigerator and freezer doors tightly. If your appliance has a double-door, make sure that you tie both the door handles with each other. If you do not tie the refrigerator too tightly, the doors may get open during the loading or transit. It can cause a lot of damage.

After securing the door, pack your refrigerator with stretch wrap. Then use the protective blanket to cover the exterior of the appliance properly. The protective layer will prevent any scratches and dent during the move. To save your time and get a better result, you can also opt for professional packaging services in Canberra.

Ask for Help

Depending on its type and size of your refrigerator, it can be more than 100kg. So, loading it on your own can be difficult as well as risky. The last thing you want is to get shoulder and severe back injury during the moving process.

So, you ask your friends and family to help you or contact a reputed removals company in Canberra. The professionals will make sure that you do not get injured and the appliance reaches its new place safely.

Use Right Equipment to Load Safely

A refrigerator dolly is perhaps the most useful equipment you can use to load the appliance into the truck in a smooth and safe manner. It can easily handle the weight of your heavy appliance and particularly useful when you need to move the refrigerator downstairs.

Experienced removalists in Canberra bring along such equipment to execute the loading with perfection. However, if you are moving on your own, rent this equipment from a hardware store. When you are renting it, make sure that the base is large enough to place the fridge securely, and the straps are appropriate to fasten the refrigerator safely.

Transport of the appliance

You can make sure that your refrigerator is completely safe during the transport by placing it smartly. Keep it at the corner of the truck and use the mattress for the protection. This way, you can prevent the moving of the appliance in both the direction.

To make it further secure, use other furniture around the fridge to create a shield for it. During the transit, make sure you drive as carefully as possible and avoid sudden acceleration or brake, roundabouts, sharp turns, and speed bumps.


Packing and transporting your fridge doesn’t have to be a stressful and challenging task. All you need to do is to make your plans properly, take all the important precautions, and follow the right ways. So, the next time you plan to relocate, follow the ways mentioned above to move your fridge in a safe and hassle-free manner.