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20 Oct, 2021

Different Types Of Boxes You Need For Moving

You have to focus on several tasks simultaneously during the relocation process. One such crucial task is to ensure you have the right moving supplies. And, out of all the moving supplies that you need to move your valuables, the most important one is the boxes. Many people get the same types of boxes from recycle centre in Canberra to pack their belongings, but it is a mistake. Different types of boxes are available in the market that makes your packing a lot easier.

From corrugated and cardboard boxes to wooden crates and large size boxes, you need all types of boxes to fit all items of your home. If you use these boxes, then you will also be able to pack and protect your belongings in a much better manner. If you are opting for professional removalists in Canberra and their packing service, then they will bring all the boxes and other packing supplies. If you want to arrange the boxes, then you should know about the boxes you need.

Read on to know more about the different types of boxes you need for moving.

Basic Moving Boxes

It is the most common type of box that you need in maximum quantity. The following boxes come under this category.

Large cardboard boxes

The measurement of these boxes is around 18 – 24 inches. As these boxes are large, make sure they are easy to lift and load into the moving truck. So, pack only lightweight items in this box such as pillows, bedding, clothing, toilet paper, paper towels, blankets, etc.

Medium cardboard boxes

The measurement of these boxes is around 14 – 18 inches, and you will need these boxes in maximum quantity. From pots, vases and pans to picture frames, stuffed toys, clothing and bed linens, you can pack several types of things in these boxes. Seasoned removalists in Canberra also use these boxes in bulk.

Small cardboard boxes

The measurement of these boxes is around 12 – 14 inches. As they are small in size, it becomes much easier to carry them. So you can use these boxes to pack heavier items such as books, pantry items, kitchenware, small appliances, etc.

Files and Documents Boxes

From your vital documents, binders and folders to pictures to pens and papers, all such things should be packed and moved in these boxes. As these boxes are stackable, it becomes easier for you to pack your items systematically.

Wardrobe boxes

Using these boxes is an excellent way to move all of your garments without crumpling them. As these boxes come with robust metal hanging bars, you can hang your clothes inside the box. Although the size of the wardrobe boxes varies, most of them are around 2 feet broad and 3 feet long.

Mattress boxes

A mattress is undoubtedly the most crucial bed item, but it is frequently overlooked while packing for a move. If you’re relocating to a nearby location, you can pack the way you want, but if it is a long-distance move, it is advisable to use a mattress box. It will keep the mattress safe during loading, transporting, as well as bad weather. The boxes are available in different sizes – Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King.

Boxes for Delicate Items

There are different types of boxes that you can use to protect your expensive and delicate items. If you want to relocate the belongings safely, then contact a reputed removals company in Canberra.

Boxes for Mirror and Artwork

Telescope boxes are perfect for moving costly artwork, flat-screen TVs, mirrors, etc. Make sure you have a bunch of these boxes to pack the valuable items. The boxes are best to avoid cracks and damages to household goods that are flat and fragile. Do not compromise on these boxes just to save some money. It is one of the huge mistakes people make when moving.

Flat Panel TV Boxes

To pack and move your flat-screen TVs safely, you need a flat-panel TV box. The boxes are readily available in the Canberra market in various sizes as per the screen size. These cardboard boxes are long or rectangular-shaped and come with the sign “this side up”. It helps the certified Canberra removalists to handle and load the TV in a much better way.

Dish and Glass Boxes

The double-wall design of the corrugated carton for the kitchen makes it fairly durable. As a result, it is ideal for all of your fragile things, including china, crystal, dishes, glassware, and a variety of other items. The cellular dividers inside the carton not only provide extra security for your valuables but also maximise the amount of space available inside the box.

Lamp boxes

The Lamp boxes were created specifically for tall floor lamps, which are difficult to pack and relocate. If you don’t have these boxes, your pricey lamp could be damaged during loading and transportation. Because of their peculiar size and shape, the lamps are not only prone to shattering but also difficult to store.

Take Away

When you are moving out of home, the packing of your belongings can cause a lot of stress and also consumes a lot of time. However, you can make the task easier if you have the correct type of moving boxes. If you want to stay away from the hassle and stress of moving boxes and packing tasks, hire the best removalists in Canberra and also allow professionals to pack your belongings.