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People are shopping in a garage sale
05 Feb, 2020

Setting Prices for Your Garage Sale: 7 Tips To Do It Right And Make Money

Are you ready to get rid of unwanted items from your house before the final move to make some extra money? Garage sales are one of the best ways to convert unnecessary household items into cash. The process allows you to de-clutter your house and sell them to earn extra money by organising a successful garage sale. You could earn enough by selling your old furniture, clothes, books and other items before moving to the new house.

You can plan things and clear some clutter out of your home at least 3-4 weeks before your final move out. Make sure you hire a reliable removalists in Canberra who can assist you in moving household belongings from one place to another without any damage. If you are running out of your moving budget, and finding it difficult to hire a removals company, you can organise a garage sale and earn some extra dollars.

Here are some great tips that will help you set the right prices for your garage sale so that you can make more money. Consider the following tips to increase your profits.

1. Gather all the Items

To make the most money out of your garage sale, you need to start sorting out and gather all the items you no longer need. It can be anything- electronic appliances, housewares, clothing, old furniture, garden tools, gym equipment, etc.

If they are in good condition, you can store them in your garage or basement and prepare for the sale. Pick the right day for the garage sale and don’t forget to check with your local government to know whether you need a permit.

Tip: Ask whether there are any restrictions on posting signs to advertise your sale or not.

2. Be Organised

Planning plays a crucial role in determining the success of your garage sale. Whether it is about displaying the items or engaging potential buyers, it is always good to organise everything in the right way.

Treat your yard sale like a supermarket to encourage more people to visit and explore the items you are selling. Make sure you leave plenty of space for walking and put yourself in a visible place so that you can run the sale smoothly and efficiently.

Don’t forget to clean all the items, especially large ones such as a dining table to give it a new loo. Remove the dust and stains to attract serious shoppers.

Apart from that, you can use engaging supermarket promotion tricks and advertisement methods. You can promote your garage sale on the local communities on Facebook page and your Facebook account. Post signs around your area in Canberra will also help you get a chance to earn more money.

Tip: It is good to organise similar items together to attract potential buyers.

3. Do Some Research

If you are organising a garage sale for the first time, then do thorough research. You should check out garage sales in your local area to see what other people charge. Before finalising the price, it is good to get an idea for the thrift stores. Instead of setting high prices, you can offer them at discounted rates to attract more people.

Tip: If you want to make extra money, then display the products in their best versions and encourage people to buy it at the best price.

4. Add a Pricing Tag on Everything

Setting the price and putting tags on items is one of the most important tasks if you want to make extra money. The biggest mistake people make is not adding price tags on garage-sale items. Since no one wants to ask “How much?” for a side table or a coffee mug, make sure you put a price tag to make things easier for the people who come to buy something from your yard-sale.

To make more money, you can decide which items are common and which are rare and set prices. It is important for you to know that small toys of your kids and paperback books will pull no more than 40-50 cents, so set price accordingly.

For large items, determine the minimum amount you will take after that set the prices for those items a bit higher so that you have room to negotiate.

Tip: Put larger stickers on large items for better visibility. You can either buy price tags from a local retail store or create your own labels.

5. Offer Exciting Deals

Selling items in bulk can help you generate more profits in a short time. For that, you can offer deals for buying items in bulk. This is the best way to sell books or DVDs. You can sell seven hardcover books for $7. Do the same with small accessories like earphones, DVDs, etc.

6. Start you Sale Early

Be serious about the garage sale and try to start it as early as possible. It is good to begin at 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. to make sure that you will get plenty of time to set the items and attract some serious shoppers.

Tip: Make sure you organise your sale on weekends to attract potential buyers.

7. Be Friendly

No one will buy anything from you if you are talking on a phone or reading a book. You need to be friendly to achieve a successful sale. Greet them when they enter your yard and answer their questions.

If someone visits with their children, then find something to give them for no charge. You can also offer free juices and cookies and bring customers closer to your items. Be serious about the garage sale and try to start it as early as possible. It is good to begin at 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. to make sure that you will get plenty of time to set the items and attract some serious shoppers.

Tip: Make sure you organise your sale on weekends to attract potential buyers.


A garage sale is one of the best ways to clear unnecessary items out of the house and make extra money during relocation. You can follow these tips and set the right price to ensure a successful yard sale. Make sure you arrange it at least 2-3 weeks before the final move out. This will also reduce the load of your belongings and help you save a lot of money. But make sure you do thorough research and look for cheap removalists in Canberra who can offer you safe and sound relocation within your estimated budget.