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12 Jul, 2019

8 Reasons Moving Always Costs More Than You Think

Whether you are relocating to the neighbourhoods within Canberra or across the city, moving is always an expensive event. It is challenging too. No matter how well you prepare your budget, moving always costs more than your expectations. It includes packing prices, transportation fees, third-party insurance, closing costs etc. that adds up during the process.

You have to make tough decisions and ensure a smooth and budget-friendly move. From choosing trusted Canberra Removalists to invest in quality packing supplies, you have to be very careful while creating your moving budget. It is always good to keep extra funds for hidden costs/expenses.

Luckily, there are useful ways to help you plan those additional moving expenses that will save you from the last-minute chaos. But before this, you should know why moving costs more than you think.
Here are 8 reasons that will give you more clarity in terms of hidden moving costs:

1. Costs of Hiring a Moving Company

Moving precious and delicate belongings from place to another is a stressful job. You need to hire professionally-trained Canberra Removalists who can pack and transit your valuable items with extreme care. But, you should plan ahead of time to save those extra bucks.

Hiring a professional moving company may cost you higher than your expectations, especially if you are moving across the state. The worst part is that many companies charge additional or hidden costs in the middle of the process.

And that’s where you find yourself cheated. If you’ve planned to avail professional removal services, make sure you ask for the estimated quotes and also make yourself clear about their pricing policy. This will help you in making the right decision within your estimated budget.

Tip: Do thorough research and shortlist at least five to six companies and compare their quotes and pricing policies to make the well-informed decision.

2. Expenses on Packing Supplies

The expenses on packing supplies come when you do your packing chore yourself. If your moving budget is low and wants to engage in DIY packing, make sure you buy the best quality of materials such as corrugated boxes, packing paper, tapes, bubble wraps, mattress covers, etc.

Since you have to invest in a better quality of packing materials, this will automatically exceed your moving costs expectations. Instead of packing yourself, you should ask your moving company to provide you with the high-quality packing service. They carry the packing materials and wrap your belongings safely and securely.

3. Hiring Professional Packing Team

If you don’t have enough time for packing, consider hiring affordable removalists in Canberra who can assist you in packing your belongings into secure boxes with care. This means you will likely to spend more on professional packing service.

So, prepare your budget accordingly and don’t forget to ask your moving company about the additional packing service. Know how much they charge for the packing solutions if you want to protect your belongings from being damaged.

4. Unexpected Transportation Costs

Many people forget to add transportation cost while preparing their moving budget. This is one of the biggest mistakes, especially if you are moving to Canberra from some other city or country. If you are on a DIY long-distance move, you will have to pay for petrol/gas which is not at all cheap.

Those who are buying a moving truck on rent should know the fact that the gas mileage for a truck rental could cost higher. In case you are hiring professional removalists in Canberra, your transportation cost will be added in your final bill. It will include the prices of tariffs, gas, and the driver’s wages.

5. Expenses on Storage

You need to hire a space to store your belongings when you are moving across the city. Many people forget about adding the storage cost into their moving budget. Whether you need temporary storage or a long-term one, it is an expense that nobody wants to bear.

If you are moving yourself, then look for self-storage options such as Public storage that charge customers on a monthly basis. You can also ask your hired moving company to provide you with the price quote for the storage facility (if they are providing) or else you can rent a storage unit for a specific period of time.

6. Third-Party Insurance Costs

Protection of belongings during the transportation process is essential. If you want to cover your expensive items against any damage, then you have to pay extra for third-party insurance. Apart from the free Released Value Protection option, long-distance moving companies are also required to offer Full Value Protection.

Unluckily, this type of protection is expensive, and you need to pay extra bucks. The worst part is that it doesn’t cover everything. It only covers the current value of your belongings. If the belongings get damaged or lost during the transit process, you will get the current value of the item.

There is no doubt that many moving company purchase third-party insurance to assist their existing liability coverage. But this will cost you more.

7. Overnight Fees if your removalists have to hold onto your stuff

Believe it or not! Some buildings in Canberra have certain hours during which removalists have to complete the job, If the time exceeds and your moving team spend the entire day in packing, it might be too late, and they will hold on to your items throughout the night.

Since they won’t do it for free, so be ready to pay an additional fee for the service. It is good to hire trained and experienced Canberra Removalists who can complete their job within the given time span.

8. Parking Tickets

These are one of those expenses people forget to add up in their moving budget. If you are relocating to a city, you might end up paying for the parking ticket.

In case your moving team parks the truck in an illegal spot, it is your responsibility to pay for the ticket. So, be ready for this. Make sure you reserve the parking space before your moving day in both the locations to paying those extra costs.


There is no denying the fact that moving is life’s biggest event. It involves a lot of efforts, time and money. With so many things to do, people usually end up paying more. If you are also concerned about why moving always costs more than you think, read the points mentioned above in this post. It will help you a lot, and you will have a safe, affordable and reliable removal service in Canberra.