Is Removals Insurance Worth Taking?

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Is Removals Insurance Worth Taking?

Jul 12, 2018

The complications involved in moving precious belongings from one location to another encourages people to take reliable moving insurance. It provides coverage against the loss or damages of your valuable treasures during the transit. Of course, when you are shifting your expensive piano or pool table, you need assurance that it will reach safely to the new residence. It’s because you can’t take a chance to lose your belongings, and that’s the reason why buying removal insurance has become a vital part of a relocation process.

However, many experienced Canberra removalists give a zero damage guarantee on their moving service, but you need to arrange your own insurance for the safety of your belongings during the transition process.  According to the Australian law, removalists are not required to provide coverage for your household or office belongings during the move. Though, many reputed companies have public liability insurance, motor vehicle insurance, third-party insurance and fire, collision and overturning insurance to protect their own vehicles.

These insurance doesn’t cover your possessions against damage during the moving process. They take care of your belongings while they are being packed and relocated by removalists. But for complete coverage against the accidental damage of your possessions during the transit, make sure you take out independent removal insurance.
Below are some useful tips that will help you take the right decision when it comes to taking out moving insurance for the safety of your valuable treasures.

Re-check your Existing Home Insurance Policy

Before buying moving insurance, be sure to check your existing home insurance policy. Many insurance policies may cover your belongings while sitting at home or give content insurance but not against damages in the transition process. Make sure you thoroughly check your policy documents. Even, it is better to re-confirm it from your insurance company- this will give you better clarity.
On the other side, you can also ask your Canberra Removalists about their moving insurance policy and whether this can be raised or not.

Know Everything about their Insurance Policy

At the time of hiring a removal company in Canberra, make sure you ask everything related to their insurance policy. Apart from the fact that they are fully-insured, you should ask them to show you the copies of their insurance policy details.

As mentioned above, removal companies don’t carry insurance coverage against the damage of your goods during the transition process, so make sure you clear all your doubts and read their policies carefully before moving your house or office. They are usually insured for transit and public liability and provide a zero damage guarantee while packing and loading your belongings.

If you want to protect your household or commercial possessions against accidents and other damages during the transportation process, call your insurance company. They can give you peace of mind to a great extent.

Review the Limit on Claims

In case your company promises to provide you with transit insurance, then don’t forget to check the limit on claims – as this could be low. The transit insurance provided by your removal company may provide limited coverage against the damage of your moving belongings and in return they can charge you a massive cost.

Therefore, it is good to get your household possessions valued, especially expensive and precious stuff to find out whether you need to take out any extra moving insurance or not. You can hire a professional appraiser through your insurance company to get an appraisal of your valuable belongings such as jewellery, antiques and other collectibles.

Apart from this, also cross-check the different insurance options available with your removalists as they may be able to raise the amount of cover if something goes wrong during the move. It is good to check what exactly covered in your transit insurance:

    • Dents and scrapes
    • Weather conditions or long delays
    • Accidents or collision

Tip: Whether you are relocating within the Canberra or to the new city, it is imperative to get the complete details of the insurance coverage and discover what the moving insurance encourages you to do – whether it is a repair, replacement or financial compensations.

Have you Packed Yourself? Then Be Careful

Unfortunately, most of the insurance companies won’t cover you for the damage if you packed your belongings and boxes yourself. It is essential to pack your belongings professionally otherwise, they will become more vulnerable to damages while transporting from one place to another.

If you are concerned about the safety of your belongings, then it is a good idea to hire a removal company that specialises in packing service. The in-house team of packing experts will assist you in wrapping your items – from a pool table to furniture, wardrobe to kitchen utensils, valuable art pieces to jewellery and a lot more using high-quality packing supplies.

Tip: Mention your packing requirement before hiring any removalist company for your next relocation.


Before you relocate, make sure you check the transit insurance options with your Canberra Removalists and take the right decision in order to protect your belongings from damages.
However, it is advised to take out removal insurance from your insurance company and experience a safe and hassle-free move – both local and interstate across the Canberra, Australia.