How To Ensure the Safety Of Antiques During a House Move
two removalists removing antique painting from the wall

How To Ensure the Safety Of Antiques During a House Move

Dec 25, 2017 Looking at an antique piece or a furnishing item, one can wonder about the events and turbulence it has witnessed all its life. These precious and beautiful items are full of memories, emotions and secrets. Often inherited as a family heirloom, they always remain in trend irrespective of changes in fashion, style and taste. Rarely do they come out in open market for sale and thus enter the home of common man. These antiques, which have been through many hands have to be prepared for another challenge now, by way of your house move. If not handled carefully, you can ruin it and also affect its market value. But the main problem arises when you don’t know how to prepare for moving your antiques. If you are facing the same situation, and wish to move your prized possession safely and efficiently, you can hire the services of experienced Canberra Removalists, who are well-trained for the job. But if you wish to pack and move your antiques all by yourself, here a few tips for you:

Create a list of your antique pieces

Prepare a complete list of every item in your antique collection. Starting with bulkiest items like dining table and wardrobes, move to smallest ones like silver, jewellery and collectables. Take photographs of every piece, from all the angles to prepare a record. Also note down the imperfections or flaws in your articles along with other details such as material, first owner, approximate value, year and place of manufacturing etc. In case of furniture, measure every part of all the vintage pieces to be shifted. This will help you to not only to get customised packing boxes but also to make sure that these fit through the doorways of your new home.

Get an estimate of your treasured belongings

Get your antique pieces appraised by an authorised antique appraiser in Canberra, which will help you assess the actual value of your cherished belongings and help you claim from an insurance company, in case of any damage or loss.

Get an adequate insurance policy

It is imperative to choose an adequate insurance policy for your valuables in transit. Find all the available options and discuss it with the insurance agent and your Canberra removalists. Choose the one which gives you the maximum coverage for your belongings.

Plan ahead for a safe route

Be fully prepared by planning the most reliable route from your old home to the new location. Also, check the dimensions of the doorway of your new place and compare with the measurements already taken, in case of furniture. Check the weather conditions of the place as excess humidity can affect your antiques. Also, make a floor plan and decide in advance where to place your prized possessions as shuffling them around the house can cause damage. You can always seek the help of experienced removalists like Better Removalists Canberra for the job. They will do the needful, and you can just relax.

Get your furniture ready for moving

To get your furniture prepared for moving, follow this procedure

(a) Arrange for the packing material

Packing material for the antiques is available in selected stores in Canberra. You can also procure unique packing material from your removalist, who have small and compact boxes for smaller pieces and big boxes sculpted especially for larger pieces like dining table etc. You can also find all type of bubble wraps that can give extra protection to your valuables.

(b) Start Packing

If you want your antiques to reach your new home undamaged, you have to wrap them properly as advised by the experts. Here are the three steps to be followed while packing according to Better Removalists Canberra First Layer The first layer is a protective coating to keep your item clean and safe. Use archival tissue paper to give a protective layer to porous items such as books, fabrics and artworks. For wood or glass, use foam wrap and cover the memorabilia thoroughly, especially around the corners and edges. You can also use old rugs and cloth as a wrap. Second Layer Give a second layer of bubble wrap, foam and blankets specially designed for the purpose and available with your removalists. The main aim of this layer is to save your antique item from shocks during the transit. Final Layer The final layer is given to protect your valuables against getting hit or pressed against a hard surface. You can use wooden crates for the purpose.

(c) Label all boxes properly

Label all the boxes appropriately as your removalist should know which box contains material to be handled carefully. Mention “this side up”, and fragile along with “this box contains antique”. It is better if you hire an experienced removal company for packing also.

Load antiques in the moving van

The first and most fundamental rule for loading fragile items like antiques is “put them last, on the top and take them off first while unloading”. The main reason for this is to avoid the chances of them being pushed around during loading and unloading.

Check all your treasured belongings while unpacking

Although your move might leave you all exhausted, take out some time to unpack all your antiques as soon as possible. Take photographs while unpacking also. Inspect all the items carefully and match the current position with the one in the report prepared and the photographs, taken before moving. Inspect every corner of your furniture and try to find any chip or scratch, if any. If there is any damage, you need to file a claim with the insurance company. Read the rules and regulations of insurance policy accurately and determine the time of filing the application and type of documents required, which may include photographs taken before and after the move.

Wrapping Up

As we all know that antiques are unique and beyond replacement or repair, they must be handled with extra care. It is better to hire a professional moving company like Better Removalists Canberra for the job and ensure the safety of your valuable possessions.