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27 May, 2020

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Removalists in Canberra during COVID-19

Counted among the most challenging life events, moving to a new home is always daunting and stressful, and with the COVID-19 outbreak, it has become ever more challenging.

In the wake of the current circumstances, many tenants have postponed their moves by asking landlords/realtors for an extension. But, many lessees are honouring their lease agreements and planning to move at the end of the tenancy.

For these people hiring professional removalists in Canberra, and knowing what to ask while booking them is essential. Want to know what questions to ask while hiring professionals to move during the COVID-19 pandemic? Some of the important ones are mentioned below.

Do They Offer Contactless Moving Solutions?

Consider the pandemic, more and more reputed removals companies in Canberra are offering contactless moving solutions. According to experts, such moving jobs are done when the client is absent from the property, and the removalists visit it to pack and load belongings. The client can remain in touch with the professionals via phone or video call.

The next step involves the removalists delivering the property contents to the new home and set up as per instructions. Contactless moves are practical solutions for packing and transporting belongings as they are excellent for limiting exposure.

What Are the Removalists Polices for Cancellation, Refund, and Rescheduling?

The moving during a pandemic can be in influenced by unforeseen circumstances which is why it is wise to know what are the policies of the removalists in Canberra you are considering hiring. Inquire about the refund policy in case of cancellation and time the company provides to make the cancellation and give a full refund.

The standard time is 24 hours, but with the outbreak, many companies are ready to extend this period. Also, ask about the removalists’ availability for rescheduling if something causes delay or postponement of the move.

What are the Safety Measures taken by the Removalists on the Moving Day?

If you don’t arrange for a contact-less move and opt to have the removalists provide their services through the standard process, then it is necessary to ask about their safety measures. These measures may include the following.

• Washing their hands regularly
• Maintaining a safe distance from any household member present on site
• Disinfecting packed boxes, the moving truck, and equipment used for handling
• Wearing the required personal protective equipment (PPE) such as goggles, face shields, masks, gloves, overalls etc.
• Disinfecting packed boxed and items that touched the surface of the moving truck such as furniture, mattresses, etc.

Are the Professionals Adequately Trained to Perform Moves During a Pandemic?

Asking this question is crucial when looking for professional removalists in Canberra to hire. When the situation is dire, it is required that only adequately trained and experienced professionals are booked to manage the move. It will help reduce the risk of getting the infection and limit exposure because the professionals will know what safety measures to take.

Removalists who are trained and knowledgeable about how to perform moving services can ensure personal hygiene is maintained, sanitation is done regularly, and the move is completed with less interaction with others.

Are the Packing Supplies being Used New?

For people who are availing packing services from their removalists, asking whether the supplies being used are new is essential. Under normal circumstances, it is usual and practical to reuse/recycle packing boxes and other supplies. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic using brand-new supplies is safer. Therefore, asking this question before hiring the removalists is essential.

Is there a price surge due to the pandemic or the removalists can provide a discount?

When moving during a pandemic, there are various scenarios which can make the removalists surge their service changes. It is understandable because providing moving services while the threat of an infectious disease looms over ever everyone is challenging and requires extra effort.

Another reason why the prices may increase is that more people will be hiring professionals for their assistance as performing a DIY move at this time is neither safe nor feasible.

Therefore, inquire what the charges of services are and if there is any surge or hike. Also, ask about the discounts available for first-time customers. Most reputed companies will be able to offer reasonable discounts during this time.

Another important question to ask while shortlisting removalists in Canberra is whether they provide their services at competitive rates and will be willing to beat the prices offered by a competitor?

Wrapping Up

Due to the outbreak of the infectious COVID-19 disease, hiring professional removalists in Canberra to manage moves safely has become a necessity rather than a choice. Therefore, more and more people are taking the assistance of removals companies, which is why knowing to ask the above-mentioned questions is crucial to choose the right experts.