Moving In The New Year – How To Organise A Smooth Move

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Moving In The New Year – How To Organise A Smooth Move

Jan 13, 2021

Nothing can be more exciting than relocating to a new place in the New Year 2021. However, you should not forget how challenging and stressful the procedure can be. When you move from one place to another, you have to deal with several tasks simultaneously, and it can be confusing. Therefore, it is essential to make a proper plan and stick to it.

Without a plan, you are most likely to face chaos on your moving day and a lot of problem after the relocation. Many people prefer to hire reliable removalists in Canberra to experience a stress-free move. The professionals take care of your belongings throughout the process and ensure their safety. However, there are many more ways to accomplish your move without facing any obstacles, and you should know about that.

Read on to know more about how to organise a smooth move in the New Year.

Prepare a Budget

Once you have decided your moving date, the first thing you need to do is to prepare a detailed moving budget. Relocation is an expensive project, so you should spend money very carefully. To keep track of all the expenses, you need to prepare a budget. When you prepare a budget, make sure that you include every possible cost like packing material, boxes, professionals, toll tax, parking tickets, etc. Also, consider a small amount for any unexpected expenses. Without a budget, you are most likely to spend way more money than what you should.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Things

Over time, you accumulate a lot of stuff that turn into clutter with time. So, before you move to your new house, make sure that you get rid of all the unwanted stuff. Make a list of things that you don’t need any more. Such items include your old clothes, shoes, gym equipment, books, old furniture, appliance, electronics and so on. You can either sell these items by organising a garage sale or donate to some NGO near you. The decluttering process will help you to pack your things in an easier and more organised way. It will also reduce your overall moving cost.

Make sure You Have the packing Supplies

Before you start your packing, make sure that you have all the moving boxes that you will need as well as packing supplies. You will need supplies such as tapes, packing paper, bubble wrap, stretch wraps, cutter, packing blankets and so on. If you visit the store in between the packing process, it can waste a lot of time and create confusion for you. That is why people prefer to hire a reputed removals company in Canberra as they bring everything with them.

Start Packing Early

Packing is the most complicated part of the moving process. From kitchen appliances, crockery, and fragile items to heavy furniture, piles of clothes, electronics and essential documents, there can be countless things to pack. So, if you want to carry out the task appropriately, you will need more time. That is why it is advisable to start the packing process as soon as possible and regularly spend only a few hours. If you find it very time-consuming and confusing, hire experts to get the best packaging services in Canberra. They will complete the task perfectly.

Book a Removals Company

The best way to organise a smooth move in the New Year is by hiring the best removalists in Canberra. The professionals have expertise in handling fragile items and loading costly and heavy furniture. They take care of your belongings throughout the process, and that gives you peace of mind.

Make Inventory List and Label the Boxes

You should always make an inventory list and label the moving boxes after packing. It will help you to keep track of all your belongings. Moreover, if you need a particular item, then the labels on the boxes will save you from the hassle of searching the item in the pile of boxes.

Transfer Utilities and Change Address

When your mind is occupied with so many tasks, you may overlook a few responsibilities like utility transfer and address change. But these mistakes can create a lot of problems after you complete your move. You will have to spend the first few days in your new home without electricity, gas, internet and other essential things. So, make sure you forward your request at least a month before you move to organise a smooth relocation.

Prepare a Moving Day Bag

When you are relocating, you should pack a moving day bag. This bag should have all the essential items such as paper towels, toothbrush, toiletries, chargers, cutter, medicines and other similar things. The bag is essential because after you complete the move, it won’t be possible for you to unpack all the items immediately.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are moving across the street or another city, you want to ensure that you relocate smoothly. The ways mentioned above will help you to make your plans in an organised manner. You should always pay more attention to the factors that can make all the difference in your relocation. Follow the ways to achieve a hassle-free move.