How to Cut Moving Costs and Expenses?

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How to Cut Moving Costs and Expenses?

Aug 27, 2018

Moving from one location to another can be annoying, stressful and expensive. It doesn’t matter how well you planned your relocation, to ensure the safety of your belongings you have to hire professional Canberra removalists. However, this also means you need to pay extra to leverage the professional packing and moving solution. This could take a toll on your budget, especially if you are moving across the state or city.

Apart from this, you may have to spend money on high-quality packing materials, cleaning service, insurance coverage, and other expenses included in the moving process. Thankfully, there are some super-fantastic tips to help you reduce your moving costs and expenses efficiently. If you are running on a tight budget and want to save your money, then have a look at the following tricks:

1. Create your Moving Budget

Jotting down the estimated budget in the planning phase is one of the best ways to get insights about the money that will be required during the entire moving process. You should create a moving budget for your own satisfaction – this will help you know how much funds you need in different phases of the move.

In case, you are moving from Canberra to Sydney, which is an interstate move, you have to mention everything -from buying packing materials including custom moving boxes to insurance policies, and other expenses involved in moving heavy furniture and fragile items.

If you are running low on budget, then creating a rough draft of moving budget can be an ideal way to keep your finances on track from the start to end of the relocation.

2. Hire an Affordable but Reliable Moving Company

Yes, hiring a moving company can reduce your moving costs. How? Well, reliable and experienced removalists in Canberra aims at offering safe, secure and fast removal services at reasonable prices. Unlike cheap removal companies, they won’t ask for any hidden cost in the middle of the process because they tend to provide transparent pricing policy.

So, instead of opting for cheap removalists, it is good to look for the options that are reliable and affordable. Make sure you compare at least three to four companies based on their price quotes to choose the most suitable options within your estimated budget.

Tip: Not all experienced moving company offers affordable services. You need to check their pricing policy individually before making the final decision.

3. Avoid Peak Hours or Seasons for your Move

One of the best ways to minimise moving cost is to avoid the peak hours and seasons for your move. Schedule your move in the off-season or opt for a mid-week or mid-month moving date if you want to enjoy professional moving at lower prices.

However, many people don’t have options to move during the ideal time of the year. For those people, it is good to emphasise more on other factors that can reduce your moving costs and expenses effectively and effectively.

4. Gather Free Boxes for Packing

Moving boxes are quite expensive! Before you begin the packing process, look up for free moving supplies, especially boxes from online stores and marketplaces. You can ask your friends or relatives who have recently moved their houses or offices for extra moving boxes. This is one of the best ways that can help you reduce the cost of your entire move.

If you are hunting for high-quality corrugated boxes, then contact Better Removalists Canberra. They offer the best quality of custom moving boxes at affordable prices to ensure the safety of your belongings during the transit.

Tip: Check out big-box chains, grocery stores, recycling drop-off points and local liquor stores in the Canberra market to find out free moving boxes.

5. Eliminate Bigger Items First (Unused Ones)

Get rid of bigger goods first to cut down your moving cost. This will not only reduce the load during the transition process but also save your entire cost – the less you take, the more you save. So, start by eliminating unused stuff that takes up a lot of space. You can sell them online or donate to the charity.

6. Engage in DIY Packing

Outsourcing professional packing service may take a huge toll on your pocket. If you know the right tricks of packing household belongings, then you can do it yourself. This is where you can reduce your relocation cost if you are running low on budget.

In case, you want to hire professionals; you can search for the best Removalists Company in Canberra that can offer you comprehensive relocation services, including high-quality packing and an affordable range of packing supplies.

Tip: Packing prices may vary from moving company to company. So make sure you ask how much they charge an hour per packing specialist.


Having a good plan is essential if you want to reduce the moving cost and expenses. The tips mentioned above in this blog post are fantastic and can help you save both your money and efforts to a great extent. For professional assistance, hire experienced and highly-trained Canberra Removalists that can offer you safe and sound removal at the reasonable price.