Moving Day Countdown: A Weekly Checklist

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Moving Day Countdown: A Weekly Checklist

Apr 17, 2019

Are you relocating the house for the first time? Moving a house is one of those grindstones that could make you feel anxious and stressed. From preparing household belongings for a move to managing an entire packing process, you have to take care of everything until you reach your new destination.

Many people lose their composure due to the overwhelming process of packing, moving and unpacking. You could also become a victim if you don’t have a plan. With a bit of planning, you can easily manage your entire move without any stress.

All you need to do is to keep the list of do’s and don’ts in mind and prepare your moving checklist eight weeks prior to the final date. Also, make sure you hire reliable Canberra Removalists at least a month before your move. Do a part of your research and find the best company which can relocate your belongings to the new address without any damage.

In simple words, the secret of a hassle-free move is proper planning. Create a plan ahead of time and conveniently manage your packing and moving chores. Also, don’t forget to consider the following weekly checklist. This will help you enjoy your moving day without a hint of stress.

8 Weeks before your Moving Day

This is the right time to execute a moving plan. No matter where are you moving, make sure you have clarity about your planning. You can create and follow the given checklist 8 weeks before your final moving day:

The very first thing you need to do is to look for a trusted and affordable Removals Company in Canberra. Make sure you do thorough research and also compare prices to find the best option.

Don’t forget to ask questions related to their policy and insurance coverage in Canberra.

Declutter your house: Make a list of your belongings according to their usage. Determine which items to recycle, to donate or which items to take along to the new house.

Measuring all the rooms in a new home is something that will keep your belongings intact during the transportation process. Measure the size of the rooms, layouts of doors, closets and windows.

Don’t forget to measure all the heavy furniture you will be taking along with you.

Get each room’s design to save precious time during the unpacking process.

Stay calm and composed while executing your moving checklist 8 weeks prior to the relocation.

Four Weeks before your Move

This is an ideal time to notify the bank, post office, insurance companies, credit card companies, social security, etc. about your new address. Whether you are shifting next to the street or relocating to the new city, make sure you update the new address or provide information about the relocation to:

Social security


Post office


Friends and relatives

Credit card companies

Insurance companies, etc.

Collect credential records and reports (such as medical, etc)

Arrange schools records for your children’s admission in a new school

Thoroughly clean the property, including the furniture, blinds, and other items that will be carried along with you.

Begin packing less necessary items.

3 Weeks before the Final Relocation

Don’t forget to make arrangements to stop current utilities and schedule the start-up of new ones, including:

Cable TV


Internet connection


Phone line

House cleaners




Pool Service, etc.

This is the best time to have all electronic appliances including air conditioner, refrigerator and microwave completely cleaned by professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra, before the shipment.

2 Weeks to Go

Since you are just two weeks away from your moving day, make sure you do all the essential work in this week including:

Transfer your local bank accounts.

Arrange medical records from your doctors, veterinarians and dentists.

Discontinue newspaper service

Make your children and pets ready for the relocation. Make them feel excited and enthusiastic.

Make arrangements for your plants and other items that can’t be moved. Also, know about the storage facility from your selected Canberra removalists.

Now begin disassembling your furniture, shelves and closet to save time during the packing process.

Arrange packing materials such as packing paper, bubble wraps, cardboard boxes, tape, mattress cover, plastic bags, etc.

You can also hire a professional packing service from your removal company. They can pack your belongings carefully using the best quality of materials.

A Week before your Move

Start packing your items and separate the boxes according to their uses. Keep the emergency box or the box of necessary items separate.

Label all your packed boxes

Keep first aid box handy.

Carefully wrap your precious items

Arrange all the extension cords, light bulbs and tool kit.

Keep all the cleaning supplies including broom, dust pan and vacuum cleaner

Start packing your suitcase with all the clothes you need for a few days while you are settling down into the new place.

One day to Go

Defrost and dry your freezers and prepare it for a move. Take assistance from professional movers.

Wrap everything left inside your house and make sure all are safely and securely packed.

Collect valuables and credential documents from a safe deposit box and keep them in your pocket or handbag. Never pack important documents with other items.

The Moving Day

Finally, the day has come, and you can feel that all the work has already been completed. All you need to do is to:

Give directions to your hired removalist team along with the list of items and packed boxes.

Stay with your family and kids.

Have payments for removalists on-hand.

Check each room, drawer, cupboards and closet before leaving the house.

Track the moving truck.

When you reach the final destination, your new house, supervise the movers about the right placement of boxes and furniture.

Check for damages, count all boxes and run through your checklist twice.

Check the truck to ensure nothing was left behind.


House relocation can be an overwhelming process. But the help of the weekly checklist mentioned-above in this post will help you manage your work quickly and easily. Keep things clear and execute your plans on time. When it comes to the safety of belongings, always hire experienced and trained Canberra removalists. They will pack and relocate everything with care and precision.