House Relocation Guide: A List of Essential Packing Tools
young woman packing her belongings in cardboard boxes

House Relocation Guide: A List of Essential Packing Tools

Sep 22, 2017 Whether you are moving a house or an office, it is always imperative to have a right set of packing tools. Packing not only reduces the level of stress but also keeps your delicate and fragile household items in a protective shield. A good packing strategy by professional removalists in Canberra ensures the safe removal of your household belongings and can make your moving process a bit easier. Here is the list of must-have packing supplies that will work as a saviour during your house removal process. You can arrange the following packing supplies before getting into the process. To save time, you can prepare a checklist and buy them according to your specific needs. It is also good to include your family into this so that they can assist you in arranging these tools. Let’s started with the list of essential packing tools:

1. Moving Pads

You can’t miss out this tool if you have delicate antiques and fragile items. Moving pads or blankets can help you pack pieces of delicate furniture that need extra care during the move. These can be used to protect sofa, couch from dirt and spills. If you want to give extra coverage to your fabric furniture or fragile items, then moving pads can work wonder for you. You can order them online or buy on rent them from your moving company on your moving day.

2. Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are one of the most common packing materials that can simplify your moving process. You can use them for packaging of different sizes, shapes and weights of household items. Since the boxes are made up of corrugated fibreboard, they can provide extra protection to your items during the transportation. Plus, they are easy to lift. Just make sure you don’t overstuff them. You can put both fragile and loose items in a cardboard box and load it into the truck without the risk of getting damaged. Because of their recyclability and reusability benefits, they have emerged as one of the feasible packing supplies – that saves moving cost and energy. Instead of buying new boxes, you can search for the used boxes from a local liquor store or a grocery shop in Canberra. This is more affordable way to arrange boxes for moving household boxes.

3. Packing Tape

Most of the people forget about keeping a handy packing tape in their packing toolbox and then find difficulties in sealing the packed boxes. So, don’t forget to include a packing tape as it can be used to seal the blanket’s corners, edges of packed boxes, repacking the fragile items, etc. In fact, you can use it to tape the loose items such as screws, and other tools. So, make sure you keep a packing tape along with you.

4. Scissors

It is also a handy tool but it can help you cut the cloth, paper or other material while packing or moving your household belongings. So, ensure that you have a sharp and light-weight scissors in your toolbox.

5. Packing Paper

Packing paper is specifically designed for moving packing purposes. A good quality of packing paper can provide the extra layer of protection to your delicate items. You can wrap dishes, knick knacks, toys, and other items in a packing paper before putting them into a cardboard box. Tip: Buy a thick, durable and environmental-friendly packing paper to promote the green environment.

6. Ropes and Straps

Moving straps are one of the key packing supplies, especially if you are moving heavy furniture such as refrigerator, AC, dining table, etc. Usually, people forget about buying moving ropes and straps and then find themselves in an annoying situation. They are ideal for carrying all those heavy objects that require more than one helping hand. In fact, they can prevent injuries and back strains and also secure the items while loading on the trucks. If you are still finding the problem in moving heavy furniture, you can hire Better Removalists Canberra. They are one of the leading removals companies that deal in both local and interstate moves across Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Newcastle, Canberra and Adelaide. You can hire them if you want a damage-free moving experience.

7. Furniture Dolly

Though it is an expensive tool, make sure you rent it if you want to protect your heavy objects from any damage. A furniture dolly has two wheels that can help you stack and move your boxes and heavy objects from one place to another with ease. You can also take help of furniture removalists in Canberra for the purpose and concentrate on other important moving tasks. This not only saves your time and effort but also keep your floors away from scratches. You just need to ensure that all the heavy items are secured and have been loaded safely to the moving truck. These are some of the essential tools that you must include in your packing toolkit to ensure a safe and hassle-free move.
These are some of the essential tools that you must include in your packing toolkit to ensure a safe and hassle-free move. If you don’t have enough time for packing or unsure about it, consider taking assistance from professional Canberra Removalists. They will help you in packing and moving processes to give you a sense of satisfaction at the most reasonable price.