How To Plan A Stress Free Christmas Move

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How To Plan A Stress Free Christmas Move

Dec 22, 2020

As a tenant, for reasons out of your control, you may be required to move at inconvenient times such as before Christmas or during the holidays. Understandably, it is overwhelming, and it doesn’t help that summer season is the peak time for people to move.

However, planning a Christmas move doesn’t have to be hectic or challenging, and it can be managed with ease. You can declutter, pack, and transport your belongings in an organised and timely manner while honouring your lease agreement and commitments. Here is your complete guide by professional removalists in Canberra to help you plan a stress-free Christmas move.

Utilise Time Wisely

Whether you have moved before or are relocating for the first time, when you have to get to the new house during Christmas holidays, you need to utilise time wisely. Start by analysing how many weeks you have before the moving day using a calendar.

Get a large calendar to write tasks on it or outline what needs to be done in which week. This calendar will serve as a reminder for every household member and keep everyone in the loop. On this calendar mention the moving-related work you need to do along with your holiday commitments/events. Make sure you don’t rush the process of moving because when you are in a hurry, the chances of errors and mistakes increase.

Reconsider Inviting People to Your Home

Your house is not in a presentable condition when you are moving because property contents are scattered, there are boxes everywhere, you have to get the property cleaned etc. Therefore, when planning a move, try to reconsider inviting people over. Instead, book brunches, lunches, dinners, and other gatherings someplace else. It can be a restaurant, an Airbnb, your parent’s house or a friend’s place.

Let near and dear ones know you are moving and invite them for Christmas next year at your new home. This way, you can manage your move without any hassle, and your hired removalists in Canberra will not be inconvenienced by guests or gathering as well.

Pack Gradually

Often people try to pack all their belongings in a few days, which is not only exhausting but impractical. When the process of packing is rushed, the chances of losing items or not packing things securely increase substantially. Thus, if you haven’t hired professional removalists in Canberra for packing your belongings, then complete the process gradually.

Before you pack, declutter your house and get rid of things you don’t want or need by discarding/donating/reselling them. After decluttering, pack the content of each room one-by-one and use the right supplies to ensure things are not misplaced or broken during handling and transportation.

Additionally, pack things according to usage and requirement, meaning pack the things you regularly use last and the things you occasionally use first. For example, pack special-occasion clothes first rather than daily-wear clothes.

Make Bookings Early

Unavailability of professionals during the holidays and peak moving season is common if you don’t book them in advance. Therefore, for your Christmas move, book your trusted removalists in Canberra and end of lease cleaning experts a few weeks before the moving day. Don’t wait until the last moment to make bookings because you may not get experienced professionals to help. Companies charge you more than usual when you make bookings late, and you don’t get the early bird discounts as well.

What’s more, it is inconvenient for you too because you cannot enjoy Christmas or other festivals knowing professionals aren’t hired to manage important tasks. Hiring professionals early will help you enjoy with your near and dear ones without stress or hassle.

Avoid Moving on a Holiday or Weekends

When you move during Christmas, many factors make it difficult to move on a holiday or the weekends. Some of them are mentioned as follows.

• Increased traffic, celebrations, and crowds on roads
• People are shopping and partying
• Hard to find good removalists in Canberra to manage your move on these days
• You may have holiday commitments and preparations

Follow a Moving Checklist

Streamlining your work is crucial to avoid inconveniences and delays when moving during Christmas or the holidays. Create a moving checklist to outline all the tasks you need to complete and prioritise them according to importance and urgency. What’s more, you can share the checklist with other household members to divide work and get things done within a stipulated time. Your moving checklist should include tasks like decluttering, packing, changing/updating address, managing utilities, etc.

The Bottom Line

Understandably, executing a Christmas move is daunting and overwhelming. Relocating during the holidays is exhausting, but sometimes it is unavoidable and has to be done. With the tips mentioned above and assistance of professional removalists in Canberra, you can manage the move without a hitch. Use this guide to ensure you can still have fun and spend quality time with loved ones.