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How Far in Advance to Plan Your Move
10 Jun, 2020

Moving Timeline: When to Start Planning For a House Move

There is no denying that moving is a difficult task but what is even more challenging and stressful is deciding when to start planning for a house move. People often find it confusing, so things get delay. It makes the process more complicated, and that leads to moving day chaos.

From hiring removalists in Canberra and declutter your house to arrange moving boxes and packing up your things, every task has their right time. If you want to plan your house move in a stress-free manner, you need to follow a moving timeline. Here are some useful guidelines that will help you to understand the right time to plan your house move. Let’s have a look.

2 months before moving

It is the ideal time to start planning for a house move. You should start making your plans at least two months before the moving day. It will allow you to concentrate on all significant aspects of moving. Do the following things.

• Decide which moving way you want: One of the most important things you need to decide is whether you want to follow the DIY method or hire removalists in Canberra.
• Prepare a budget: One of the first things you need to do is to prepare a budget for moving and consider everything keeping that budget in mind.
• Plan to declutter: You should start to segregate the household things that are important to you and things that are not.
• Start doing research about moving: If you want to hire professionals, then start doing research on the most reliable removalists in Canberra. Talked to your friends, family and read online reviews.

5 to 6 weeks before moving

It is the time when you have planned everything properly, and now it is time to execute as per the plans. During this time, you need to take some important decision.

• Book professionals: 6 weeks before the moving day is the right time to book the professional Canberra removalists. Delaying the booking of service can be costly.

• Organise a garage sale: This is the right time to organise a garage sale and sell items like an old cycle, electronics, appliances, furniture and so on.

• Make an inventory list: Once you get rid of the unnecessary items, you need to make a detailed inventory list. This list will help before and after the packing.

• Arrange boxes and packing supplies: If you are moving on your own, you need to arrange moving boxes and packing supplies yourself. And this is the right time to organise your packing materials.

1 month before moving

It is perhaps the most crucial time when you are planning for a house move. When you are only one month away from the moving day, you need to make sure that you are preparation are going as per the planning and at the right speed.

• Start packing: This is the right time to start your packing. If you have too many things to pack, you can even start early.
• Ask for someone’s help: If you are moving without experienced removalists in Canberra, you might need the help of your family or friends. So contact them at least a month before the moving day.
• Contact the official who will transfer utilities: Many people delay the utility transfer process, and it is a mistake. Forward you request at least a month as it takes time.
• Start searching for baby sitter and pet care centre: If you have a baby or pet then you need to make sure that they stay away from the house on moving day. So look for a baby sitter or pet care centre in Canberra.

2 to 3 weeks before moving

By this time, you should be towards the final stage of the preparations. At this point of time, you need to make sure that majority of the things are completed or about to complete within a week.

• Remind the professionals: Talk to your removalists and remind them about your moving day. It is essential to make sure that there is no confusion.
• Remind professionals about utility transfer: Contact the professionals and let them know on which date you want to disconnect the utilities at your place.
• Book a date for a babysitter and pet care centre: If you are done with your research, then book a babysitter and pet care centre in Canberra for the moving day.
• Meet your neighbour: This is also the right time to have a little talk with your neighbours, new tenants and ask them to forward you the mails until you change your address.

2 to 3 days before moving

At this point of time, all your packing should be completed. You need to focus on the finishing touch and make sure that you are leaving anything significant for the moving day.

• Turn off the refrigerator and pack it: You should keep your refrigerator on as long as possible. So, switch off two to three days before the moving, clean it properly and pack it.
• Put a label on the moving boxes: Do not forget to put labels on the moving boxes. Cross-check the inventory list and put labels on all the boxes.
• Pack your moving day kit: This kit should have all the items that you are most likely to need immediately after moving. Pack it and keep it with you.
• Properly check the entire house: Thoroughly check the entire home room by room and make sure that everything is properly packed. If anything is left, pack it immediately!

Moving Day

It is the most important day of the moving process. You need to make sure that everything is done in a quick, safe and hassle-free manner. To make sure that you don’t face any problem, do the following things.

• Coordinate with the professionals: If you have hired removalists in Canberra, you need to coordinate with them properly when they arrive. Make sure that everything is loaded into the truck in a hassle-free manner.
• Take care of the kids and pets: It is your responsibility to take care of your kids and pets on the moving day. If you are unable to find a babysitter or pet care centre, you need to keep them in a room during the loading process.
• Make sure the professionals know the exact address: Talk to the professionals and ensure that they are well-aware of the address where they need to go. Even a little bit of confusion can be a massive problem.

Final Thoughts

If you want to accomplish your relocation perfectly, you need to start planning for your house move at the right time. Consider all the essential factors that can make an impact on the moving process. The next time to plan for a house move, follow the moving timeline mentioned above. It will make your relocation a lot easier and quicker.