How To Announce Your Office Relocation: 7 Great Tips

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How To Announce Your Office Relocation: 7 Great Tips

Aug 03, 2022

Whether expanding your business or looking for a more approachable location, always remember that relocating an office is considered one of the most stressful events. As a successful entrepreneur, it is like a dream come true when you relocate from a small office to a spacious commercial building. You are excited about this big change.

However, you can’t overlook the potential challenges, such as lack of productivity, downtime of operations, cost, moving delays, loss of expensive items, etc.

You have to pre-plan everything and hire a professional removalists Canberra for a safe and sound experience. They can relocate your servers, computer systems, large furniture and important documents and files with extreme care and precision.

Apart from the stress of safe relocation, there is also one crucial factor to consider. It is announcing the news to your employees, clients and customers. It should be done properly for the smooth efficiency of your business.

Here are 7 great tips that will make this announcement easy and approachable to you:

1. Make an Announcement As Early As Possible

To avoid inconvenience to your employees, clients, and customers, make sure you announce the office relocation decision as early as possible. This will give enough time to prepare their mind, and you can also plan the process accordingly. This is one of the biggest decisions within your organisation, so consider your employee’s views and take them seriously.

It is good to plan everything in advance and get an accurate moving estimate so that you can complete the process without any obstacles.

2. Inform Your Employees/Staff

Your employees should be the first to know about the relocation plan. Make sure you discuss with your staff in a meeting and let them know why you are moving and, of course, the location.

Provide detailed information so that all employees can set the stage for discussion and reviews. You should give each employee a hard copy of the announcement with complete details, such as moving date, new address, timeline, contact person, key features of the new space and much more.

Quick Tip: It is good to arrange snacks to create a friendly and light atmosphere.

3. Be Interactive

This is a crucial step because you are not moving alone. It is the entire team so engage each and every employee in the process. Motivate and encourage them by telling them the perks of this new place. Some may not find it suitable to leave the current location. So, take their reviews and consider them.

Keep them involved in the packing and moving-related tasks because this will reduce the downtime, and you re-start your work quickly after the move.

Create a team within your company who can manage all the moving chores and give you time-to-time information. They can help you find the best removalists Canberra who know how to pack and load  a moving truck without causing any damage.

Quick Tip: This can be a stressful scenario for your employees. So, be sensitive and interact with the ones who have doubts or real problems.

4. Notify Your Business Clients and Contacts

The announcement of an office move allows you to connect again with your business contacts. You can plan a digital list of clients and other important contacts, such as creditors, vendors and customers who should know about this news.

  • Prepare an engaging relocation letter by keeping the following tips in mind:
  • Key reasons (majorly positive) about your office relocation to Canberra. This includes improved services, quick delivery, etc.
  • Write a statement that considers their value
  • Opening dates and hours in the current location
  • The date that the new office space will open
  • A complete address with a map
  • New phone numbers and contact details of an employee who knows everything about the new place.
  • Sign off the letter by explaining how you value the relationship with your clients and customers.

5. Use The Internet i.e Your Website and Social Media Platforms

Are you busy packing up the office items? If you want to make an office relocation announcement, use social media platforms and your official websites. You can also invest money in print advertisements.

  • Give the news of relocation information using a visually-appealing banner. Add the moving date and time.
  • Post the banner on your site, Facebook accounts, Instagram, and other social medial platforms. Do it in an engaging manner.

6. Post Blogs

Use the power of your words and post a few blogs to announce your office move. This is one of the best ways to promote your business and recharge your brand.

The blog should be a clear, crisp and engaging matter that will help readers to understand the benefits they will get after relocation.

7. Announce Personally

Every business has some valued or prestigious clients. Instead of directly sending them letters, you should talk to and notify them about the move personally. Call them to explain the reason for your relocation before emailing the letter.


Relocating office can be time-taking and stressful. You can relax by announcing the date and other important details on time. Make sure you do proper research and hire removalists Canberra that specialise in safe office removals.