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A couple is scammed by a moving company
15 Nov, 2019

Common Moving Company Scams and How to Avoid Them

Are you planning for a move and want to take professional assistance? If yes, then be aware of moving scams that are becoming common these days. Most moving scammers use the internet to create a website and lure customers with low prices, exciting deals, and fake promises. It is easy for anyone to buy or rent a couple of trucks and consider themselves as a reliable moving company.

These companies usually ask for a large cash deposit or even full payment before the final moving day and disappear like a ghost. If you don’t want to trap in their scams, you should do thorough research and avoid all the possible scams.

Of course, an excellent moving checklist can help you choose the most experienced Canberra removalists. However, still, you need to be extra careful and evaluate everything before handing over your precious household belongings to the hired company.

To make your work easier, we have compiled common moving company scams along with brilliant ticks that can help you avoid them.

1. Asking for Large Security Deposit

Many moving companies ask for large security deposits, especially during peak season or in areas where there are high rates of home relocation. This could be a trap for customers. You should always take some time out of your busy schedule and do your research before giving the cash in advance as a security deposit because this is one of the common moving scams these days. They can just take your money and disappear.

Tips to avoid this Scam:

If you don’t want to get trapped like this, then consider the following tips:

• It is good to have a conversation with your real estate agent.
• They can help you find a reliable moving company in Canberra.
• Search for the company that don’t charge security deposits
• Do your thorough research and find a company that you feel safe and secure while paying deposits.

2. Holding your Household Items in a Truck

Sometimes, moving companies increase the rates in the middle of the process. And when you deny from paying extra dollars, they may threaten you by holding your belongings in the truck. They won’t return until you pay them the demanded money. They won’t give you a specific reason, and you could end up paying an unnecessary amount.

These companies can seem like a reliable company, but at the last minute, they can threaten you until you pay an additional sum.

How to avoid this scam:

Don’t forget to check the authenticity of the company. Check their previous track record and see whether there are any complaints filed against them or not. You can also check the customer reviews on the internet before making the final decision.

3. Charging Additional Costs

Increasing the price in the middle of the moving journey is one of the most common scams. In such cases, the removalists will offer you a cheap or low moving estimate because people can easily attract cheaper moving services.

After arriving at your new home, the moving company will suddenly ask you to pay additional money in the form of tariffs, extra charges or hidden fees. Most people can easily fall for this scam and end up paying more than the estimated price.

How to avoid this:

You should always get an estimated quote from any experience moving company. They can provide you with an accurate quote for the cost of your move. Instead of falling for lower prices, you can choose a company that can offer you a transparent pricing policy.

4. Insurance Scam

Some fraud moving company may encourage you to use their solutions by offering a complete removal insurance policy. In fact, the most trusted company only provide minimal coverage; an illegal company make you fool by giving you the maximum coverage against the damage of your belongings.

If they promise you to give complete coverage, then this could be a real scam. If something happens to the moving truck during the transportation process and your goods get damaged, they won’t compensate for your belongings.

How to avoid it:

Check all the documents before hiring the company. Professional Removalists in Canberra will provide you with all the copies of documents, especially the insurance cover. If a company denies providing these details, then they are working according to the industry standards.

5. Illegal Working

Many companies will try to call themselves a legitimate moving company when they are actually illegal and unregistered. While these removalists may not scam you directly, they may work illegally and charge you extra or could damage your belongings. They can easily shut down their business in the middle of your relocation and leave your belongings on the road. There won’t be any guarantee that your items would even reach to your new home safely.

How to Avoid It:

Do your research and look for the fully-insured, licensed and police-verified Canberra Removalists. They can give you safe and secure house relocation service without giving you a hint of stress.

Avoid these Common Scams by Taking the Following Precautions:

If you want to hand over your belongings to the reliable moving company, then keep the following tips in mind:

• Make sure you go through the free quotes available on the site carefully. A moving company usually charge
rates by weight for long-distance relocations and hourly for local moves.
• Don’t forget to check their existing reputation and brand image. Cross-check their customer reviews.
• Thoroughly check all documents and see whether there is any hidden fee in the form of shuttle service or
stair carries.
• Find out everything about the claims process if something gets misplaced or damaged during the moving
process. Know about the insurance policy in advance so that you can get the most reliable service without
any fraud.


Remember these common scams in mind and the methods to prevent them for your next home relocation. Take the precautions carefully while hiring the most reliable and experienced Canberra Removalists.