Change Of Address Checklist: Who To Notify When You Move

Change Of Address Checklist: Who To Notify When You Move

Jul 15, 2022

Creating a proper checklist is one of the best ways to streamline the home relocation process. From sorting out household items to arranging all the necessary packing supplies, you need to mention everything along with the deadline.

Make sure you bring eco-friendly packing materials to keep your environment protected. If you are concerned about your delicate or breakable household items, call the best removalists Canberra. They can pack and relocate your items without causing any damage. With their professional assistance, you can transport large and heavy furniture and fragile stuff to your new abode.

This way, you can focus on other important tasks related to your relocation. One of them is changing or updating the address. It is one of the neglected tasks when people are busy packing their belongings or organising a garage sale.

Here is a complete change of address checklist to help you know who to notify when relocating home.

1. The Post Office

Start by notifying the post office about your new address. This will help them send the mail to your new place after relocation.

The process of updating the new address is pretty simple. Visit the official website, and set it for a specific start date.

Let the post office know who is relocating, your old address, your new address in detail, and whether you are moving temporarily or permanently.

Completing this task at least 7-8 days before your final moving day is good.

2. Electricity and Gas

These are the most important utility services you need in your new home. So, update the new address and the date you will be relocating so they can transfer the services on time.

Make sure you prepare for shut-off at your current place when transferring your power services. That’s why it is good to follow the proper schedule and complete the task without any delay.

Hire the budget-friendly removalists Canberra for the safety of your precious possessions. They will relocate your items to a new place within a given timeframe.

Do the same with your gas service provider in the ACT and transfer it on the day of your move.

3. Cable, Internet and Phone

Decide whether you want to terminate these services with your current provider or transfer all of them to your new place. If the internet service provider is available in your new locality, you can directly transfer their services and stay relaxed.

However, you need to initiate services, terminate and change your address with them. You can do it online or over the phone.

4. Tax Companies

Do not forget to inform your state tax agency and federal revenue agency about the new address. You can update the new address in several ways.

You can simply provide them with your full name, social security number, date of birth, and old and new address over the call. There is also another method. Send a signed written statement to a tax company that contains detailed information.

Do this after packing up your fragile items because they need time and special skills. Do not make huge mistakes while relocating household items if you want them intact in your new house.

5. Insurance Service Providers

Notify your renters or home insurance company and update the new address. They should know where they need to transfer your policies after home relocation. Landlords or management companies may ask you to present proof of transfer before your move-in date when transferring your renter’s insurance.

So, do this as early as possible, especially before transporting household items.

6. Bank and Credit Card Companies

Do not forget to provide your bank and credit card companies with your new address. This will allow them to send documents and other information about your cards and account to the right address.

Most of the banks let you update your address via their applications. You can update your profile information on their official website and change it online. So, choose your way wisely and do it before your final moving day.

Make sure you create a proper budget and arrange funds for your home relocation. It is also important to know the cost of living in Canberra so that you can make the right decision.

7. Driving License

Make sure you change the address on your driving license. Visit the official website online and update the new address. You can also call them and notify them about your new address.

8. Other Utilities

Inform the water department, garbage/recycling company, sewer utility company, etc. You can contact the property manager or landlord to know what other utility services need to be transferred before your final move.

9. Loan Companies/ Lenders

Whether you have taken a home loan or a personal loan, make sure they know about your new address. This will help them in sending important documents and other information to the right place.

10. Doctors and Veterinarian

Allow your healthcare experts in Canberra know about your new address. If you are moving to the same locality, they will need to know for billing and mailing purposes. If you are relocating to a new state, they can help you with referrals.


These are some important places where you have to notify and update the new address before relocating home. Also, inform your friends and relatives so they can come to your place without stress. If you are planning a home moving day, hire the most trusted removalists in Canberra and enjoy the entire process.