6 Huge Mistakes People Make When Moving

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6 Huge Mistakes People Make When Moving

Jul 29, 2021

Moving from one place to another takes time, energy and a lot of money. The process can be quite perplexing and emotionally draining. The number of tasks involved in home relocation can increase your anxiety level, and you may end up making big mistakes.

Careful packing of precious items, choosing the right Canberra Removalists and planning everything ahead of time are some of the key factors that can ensure a safe and sound moving experience.

However, most people make silly blunders and lose their much-loved household belongings. If you are relocating your house for the first time, then dodge the following 6 moving mistakes.

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1. Procrastinating the Moving Tasks

Most people wait too long when it comes to packing and moving household belongings. They end up packing the items a day before the final moving day. This can lead to las- minute chaos and mess when removalists come to your place. You may end up losing your valuable belongings.

It is good to prepare and plan your home relocation at least 6-8 weeks prior to your final moving day. Streamline everything and work according to the standard moving checklist. According to experts,  organise your belongings at least a week before you move out. Start packing those things that you use the least, such as seasonal clothes, etc.

Tip: Book a reliable moving company in Canberra in advance if you are relocating during a busy time of the year, especially, summers and spring.

2. Packing all Your Belongings

Do you love collecting piles of books, clothing, kitchen tools, gym equipment? If yes, then you will face difficulty when moving your house.

Most people pack everything for the home relocation. It not only increases your overall budget but also make it challenging for you set up the new house.

The best thing you can do is to get rid of items that you no longer need. Yes, you need to say goodbye to unwanted belongings before you start packing.

You can donate the items that are good in condition or sell some of them anything online to earn extra dollars.

Tip: Make sure you inspect and de-clutter your house at least 4 weeks before your move. This will give you enough time to get things done without a hint of stress.

3. Overstuffing Moving Boxes

Back injury is one of the most common things when people move without any professional assistance. They pack all their books in a big box and make it heavier. This is the wrong technique.

You should use smaller boxes to pack heavy items and larger boxes for light things, such as pillows, blankets, bedsheets, etc. Plus, do not overstuff your boxes if you want your back as well as belongings safe and sound.

Tip: Hire a removals company that can offer you high-quality packing service at the best price. They will pack all your stuff, from furniture to books, without causing any damage.

4. Doing Everything Without Any Help

You might think that asking a friend to carry packed boxes and renting a moving truck will save you money. DIY moves can be a great option if you don’t have a budget to hire professionals. It also works for those who have at least 2-3 moving experiences in their lifetime.

The chance of damages and injury automatically increases when you do it on your own or with the help of your friends. It is good to search for a company that can give you quality service at a reasonable rate. Also, get the valuation protection, insurance or liability coverage so that you will be covered if your belongings get lost or damaged in the process.

In case you are moving on your own, then focus on tasks that should be completed on the moving day.

5. Not Changing the Address

People who are moving for the first time forget to change the address. This is one of the biggest mistakes while relocating a house. If you want the emails to receive at the right address, then keep this step in mind.

Australian Postal Service gives you an opportunity to fill the online form and change your address to forward or hold your mail. Also, update the information on bank details and credit cards.

6. Not Packing An essential Kit

Are you moving into a new house with your kids and pets? If yes, then do not forget to pack essentials, such as food, water bottles, toys, toiletries, soaps, tissues, first-aid box and other important items that you or your family member may need during the transit.

So, pack up your essential bag and include everything which you may need during the transit as well as when you reach your new house. Keep this bag along with you, especially if you have kids.


Planning is one of the best ways to avoid common pitfalls while moving to a new house. You can keep these huge mistakes in mind and ensure a safe and damage-free home relocation. If you are concerned about the safety of your valuable possessions, then hire trained Canberra Removalists at the best price.