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17 Jul, 2020

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Removal Companies

Taking the assistance of professional removalists is usually necessary for managing a move to a new home. Today, more and more people book experts via removal companies in Canberra to help pack and transport their belongings without any loss or damage.

Also, it helps save a lot of time and energy of the person moving, which can be dedicated to completing other moving-related tasks.  However, when booking removalists in Canberra, it is essential to know the answers to important questions to make an informed decision.

By knowing the answers, you can learn a lot about removal companies and then choose one which is the most suitable and reliable. Here is a complete guide by professionals outlining answers to frequently asked questions about removal companies.

How to know if a Removals Company is Good?

Over the years, the removals industry has witnessed mushrooming of many small and medium-scale companies. All of the companies advertise and claim to provide the best removals services in Canberra, which can lead to confusion when choosing. However, you can narrow down options by checking the following things and find a good removals company.

• How long has the company been in business?
• What is their yearly turnover?
• What is their employee strength?
• What is the company’s market reputation?
• Does the company provide client details for feedback?

What are the Company’s Insurance Policies?

This question is an important one to ask and know the answer to because while moving the chance of loss of property or damage is significantly higher. Most reputed removal companies offer moving insurance via third party insurance agencies, and coverage can be partial, medium, or full. There are usually three types of insurances removalists in Canberra offer, which are mentioned below.

• Basic carrier liability that provides the minimum coverage and usually included along with the removals services for free
• Declared Value protection that helps cover items that are declared by the customer for insurance and reimburse its current market value in case lost or damaged
• Full replacement liability that provided maximum coverage and will help you get the complete cash value of items that are misplaced or broken

Depending on your moving budget and requirement for insurance, you can choose to have any of the three moving insurance.

What Services are offered by the Removal Company?

Knowing what services are offered by a company is essential to know if they can provide the solutions you require. Usually reputed moving company can provide the following services

• Packing Services
• Local and domestic moving services
• International shipping and freight services
• Moving trucks for renting
• Furniture removals solutions
• Special items moving solutions
• Small move solutions

It is wise to contact the removalists in Canberra you are interested in booking to ask about their services and personalised solutions.

How Does the Company Set Rates, and Does it Provide Free Quotes?

Good removal companies set their rates according to industry standards, the commission of removalists, discounts, competitiveness, and the economy. Also, the rates are influenced by the quality of services, workforce required, moving trucks hired, the moving load, and other factors.

Therefore, it is essential to acquire a free no-obligation quote from the company if they provide it. Usually, good removals companies in Canberra give free quotes via online enquiry forms or telephonic conversations with their sales representatives.

When Should You Book the Removalists?

This question is commonly asked by people planning a move to get an idea of when the removalists should be hired. Ideally, removalists in Canberra should be hired at least one month from the moving day, but sometimes the movement has to be managed urgently and for such scenarios reputed removalists in Canberra should be contacted. They generally have the resources and flexibility to assist even at short notice.

However, when you have time, it is better to book removalists early, which will help you plan the relocation process comfortably and even get you an early bird discount.

Should you Schedule a Pre-Move Survey?

While booking removalists in Canberra via an established removals company, you are usually presented with the option for a pre-move survey free of cost without obligations. The professionals conduct this type of survey for assessment of property contents to move, make an inventory, and provide a list of things that can or cannot be moved.

During the survey, the removalists may ask you questions regarding your move, and you can clear any doubts you may have. After the survey, expect the removalists to send you a detailed quotation and you can then choose to negotiate the quotes and decide if you want to hire them.

Wrapping Up

Relocation is among the most stressful processes one can experience, which is why taking the assistance of professionals is wise. However, while booking removalists in Canberra, ensuring the professionals are reliable, experienced, and skilled is essential.

Hence knowing the answers to the questions mentioned above is crucial. If you are clueless about what questions to ask removals companies and what are the answers to common questions posed by people, this guide is what all you need!