A Step To Step Guide To Moving For Seniors

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A Step To Step Guide To Moving For Seniors

Oct 29, 2020

At times, moving into a new home becomes inevitable for older adults for several reasons. These reasons include moving to have a smaller and manageable home, have a place near healthcare facilities, or be close to family. Whatever the reason, moving is a challenging, physically taxing, and stressful activity for senior citizens.

As per Healthdirect Australia, two out of three elderly fall in and around their homes. While managing a move, the chances of seniors falling and sustaining severe injuries increase substantially. Thus, proper care and attention are required to ensure the process can be managed comfortably and safely.

Here is a step to step guide for moving seniors with insights by professional removalists in Canberra. Have a look at it if you are a senior citizen planning a move or you need to help an elderly relocate to a new home.

Mentally Prepare For The Move

Moving to a new home is a significant change, and it is more problematic and overwhelming after a certain age. Relocation as an elderly is mentally taxing since many are living in the same property, neighbourhood and locality for years.

Moving from a familiar environment is difficult and stressful. Therefore, it is essential to be mentally prepared for the move and bear in mind the advantages of moving. Maintaining a positive attitude is key to a successful and anxiety-free relocation for anyone.

For people helping an elderly move, it is vital to learn about relocation stress syndrome (RSS), also known as transfer trauma. It is common in seniors who are moved or need to be moved to new surroundings. The symptoms of the trauma include tiredness, mental depression, anxiety, disorientation and more.

Elderlies experiencing RSS are at a higher risk of falling, weight loss, and self-care negligence. Keep your parents, family member, or any other elderly you are helping move informed about the upcoming changes and provide complete support.

Create a Moving Checklist

One of the best ways to streamline the process of moving is to create a checklist. It helps outline all the tasks you have to perform before, during, and after the move. Professional removalists in Canberra utilise them to streamline the process.

The list aids in timely completion of tasks and ensures nothing is forgotten due to the stress and chaos associated with moving. While creating the moving checklist, make sure you prioritise the tasks according to importance and urgency. Additionally, assign ownership and deadlines for these tasks to get them done and avoid delays in your schedule.

Hire Professional Removalists

Whether you are an elderly planning a move or you are helping seniors relocate, hiring professional removalists in Canberra is wise. Moving is a time consuming, tiresome, and complex activity that is overwhelming for older people. They are at a higher risk of tripping or getting injured during packing, handling and moving of boxes.

To reduce inconvenience and to eliminate risks of injury, the most practical solution is hiring professional removalists in Canberra. The professionals have the expertise and the right moving supplies to complete tasks efficiently and without disturbing the residents of the house.

When professional removalists in Canberra are booked via a reputed company, the clients can rest assured the professionals take care of the following.

• Complete tasks according to an approved-moving checklist
• make an inventory of belongings to move
• Safely and securely pack your belongings (if packing service is availed)
• Transport your property contents without damage or losing items

Declutter and Downsize

Often when seniors move or are moved, it is to a smaller real estate or a facility. Many elderly are empty-nesters who move out of family homes too big for them to maintain. Thus, decluttering and in many cases, downsizing is required to get rid of things that are broken or will not be of use in the new property. Items that are in good condition can be donated or resold via a garage sale to generate fund for the move or healthcare of the elderlies.

Pack and Label Things

If professional removalists in Canberra are only hired for their moving service, then it is essential to use the right packing supplies and label all the boxes correctly. Make sure to find original boxes of items and arrange them (used or new) a few weeks before the moving day to start packing early. Don’t forget to make an inventory list to know what items need to be packed for the move and where they are placed for tracking after packing.

Pack an Essential Kit

Packing an essential kit while moving is crucial, especially when you are a senior or assisting an elderly move. The kit should include first aid, medication, toiletries, snacks, and other items which are required during the move. This kit should be kept on-hand and will not be packed with other belongings.


Moving from a familiar environment to a new place is always challenging, overwhelming, and daunting for elders. Relocation is necessary and unavoidable in most cases. If you are a senior citizen or helping an elder move, following the steps mentioned above are crucial for making the process smoother and comfortable.