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01 Jul, 2019

7 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Canberra

Are you moving to Australia’s capital city? Canberra is best renowned for its manicured garden, high-rise apartments, waterfront dining centre, new-age infrastructure, well-connected roads and bridges and a lot more. The city is home to many leading industries, manufacturing firms, financial institutions and museums.

People all across Australia come to this beautiful city to live a quality life with their family.When it comes to the education facility, Canberra is home to many universities and boasts hundreds of educational institutes and coaching centres.

So, whether you are a student or a young entrepreneur looking for a new and successful life ahead, Canberra is an ideal place to live. Being the second most affordable cities for students in Australia, Canberra boasts of various accommodation options, hangout places, top-class restaurants, cafes and much more. If you are planning to move to this beautiful city, then do your part of research so that you can settle down without much hassle.

However, home relocation is not an easy task.

It involves a lot of physical activities that could make you feel tired. Many things need to be accomplished for a safe move. The first thing is hiring courteous Canberra Removalists. Professionally trained people can pack and transport your precious belongings to the new location without any mess or damage.

They can give you a smooth moving experience while letting you focus on the other important things. But, apart from hiring a removal company, it is also important to focus on the following seven things before moving to Canberra.
Let’s get started!

1. Prepare your Customised Moving Checklist

Whenever you think of relocation, the first step you need to take is to create a customised moving checklist. It is important to know all your packing and moving chores before getting into the process.

Proper planning can help you have a successful interstate move and also protect your valuable possessions from sudden damages during the loading, transportation and unloading process. The best part about moving checklist is that you can work accordingly, which in turn, save you time as well as reduce your overall moving budget.

Make sure you prepare your checklist at least four weeks ahead of your final moving day. This will make things more organised for you throughout the journey.

2. Sort out all the items

Don’t forget to get rid of all those items that are no longer needed. This is an imperative step because it can help you reduce the burden of your move as well as the overall expenses.

You can take some time out of your busy schedule and sort out all the belongings so that you can remove the unnecessary ones from your home. You can either throw them out or donate to the charity.

Tip: Arrange a garage sale to earn extra dollars by selling unused items that you are not taking to your new home.

3. Pack As Early As Possible

While arranging quality packing materials is crucial for the safety of valuable items, giving enough time to packing chores is equally important. Instead of making last-minute packing arrangements, it is vital to start the packing at least a month before the move.

Since you are moving to the new city, make sure you pack your clothing according to the weather. If you are relocating in summer, first pack all your sweaters and bulky fabric and then pack summer clothes because you need them after you reach your new home.

According to the experts, it is recommended to pack fragile items using bubble wraps and heavy plastic bags.

Tip: It is good to hire a moving company which can offer you high-quality packing service at the best price.

4. Label all your moving boxes

Management is the most crucial aspect that can save you time and energy. After packing all your belongings, it is vital to label all the boxes. Label each side of the box to simplify your unpacking chore.

You can write the name of the contents on the box to let your removalists know which box is going where without wasting much time.

You can also go fancy with bright colours of packing tape that can be used to for labelling moving boxes. This is called colour-coding your boxes which make it super easy for you to categorise each box.

Tip: Whatever you opt for, make sure that the label is clean because it can help you in organising your entire unpacking process as well.

5. Update your Address

Don’t forget to change your address before moving into your new home. You need to inform about the new address to your bank, insurance company, utility service providers and post office.

Also, update your address with your subscription accounts and credit cards. You can also do this online and ensure that you don’t miss any credential document before making a move.

6. Clear all the legal formalities

Understanding and completing all the legal formalities of Canberra is essential before you make the final move. Make sure you keep your details up to date and don’t forget to register because voting is compulsory for all the eligible people living in Canberra, ACT.

If you are relocating with your pet to Canberra, there are some legal formalities that you need to complete. Any dog more than 8 weeks must be registered. You can do this online through www.act.gov.au.

After completing six months, your dog will need to be microchipped. So, take your four-legged best friend for regular check-up before moving to the new place.

7. Take Professional Assistance

Believe it or not! You need highly-trained and experienced Interstate Removalists Canberra to make your move as stress-free as possible. Of course, you can do packing, but for heavy and fragile items, you need someone who can take the stress out of your packing and moving chores and keep your belongings safe throughout the journey.

So, do your research and look for the best options on the internet or ask your friends or co-workers. Make sure they can give you ultimate customer service with a smooth relocation experience.


Moving to Canberra is one of those decisions that can make your life. Whether you are going for a study or want to establish your career as a successful entrepreneur, the city boasts of economic and infrastructure facilities that can enhance the overall quality of life. If you want a safe and stress-free relocation, then call for the Canberra Removalists who can provide you with quality service at the best price.