8 Biggest Mistakes that you should avoid while making a move
A couple packing their belongings in cardboard boxes and carrying one of the boxes out of the property

8 Biggest Mistakes that you should avoid while making a move

Aug 18, 2017 You can’t underestimate your moving days, especially if you are making a long-distance move. In order to save time and money, we usually make some common relocating that could leave everything in a very depressing situation. From arranging necessary packing supplies to hiring trained Canberra Removalists, you need to manage everything on your own. Many people make common mistakes while packing and moving their household belongings and then end up with a chaos. If you are relocating for the first time, then you should understand the importance of a well-planning moving process. It doesn’t matter how you relocate your items, you can’t achieve your targets if you don’t know anything about it. You need to be extra careful while packing your delicate items or lifting heavy items from one place to another. To make your move effective and easier, here is a list of 8 common mistakes that you should avoid:

1. Starting without a robust plan

Moving out can be a challenge for those who are doing it for the first. To execute the moving process quickly, they forget to plan out the packing and relocating strategies. This is the very first mistake that can leave your entire moving process in halt. To avoid such scenarios, make sure you create a robust plan by scheduling your moving day. Make a list of things you want to take along with you to your new house. Also, ensure that you have enough tools that can give you a sense of relief throughout the journey. Your removalist in Canberra can help you make a proper plan for the move.

2. Packing Blunders

Most of the people make some extremely common yet destroying packing mistakes. One of them is packing heavy items in large boxes. This not only damages it but also increases the chances of shoulder injury. Instead, you can pack heavy objects in the small boxes. Try to use best quality of boxes that can save your shoulders, back and legs.

3. Avoiding hiring professional movers

Shifting a house is not a child’s play. You need to manage everything- from cleaning the house to sorting all the things, packing the boxes to loading them to the truck, travelling to the unloading process. This is something that needs professional packing and moving assistance. If you are living in Belconnen, Jerrabomberra, Weston Creek, and other local suburbs of Canberra, you can hire Better Removalists Canberra. They have a great expertise in offering professional moving solutions. Whether it is about taking care of antiques or transiting heavy furniture, you can rely on them and get the most out of their professional assistance.

4. Fail to label the moving boxes

In order to get the things done quickly, we overlook to label the moving boxes with the respective names. Although it won’t affect your moving process, the issue will persist later when you unpack those boxes in your new house. Since you don’t know which box has which item, you get confused and lose your patience. If you don’t want to take the things out of your control, make sure you label all your containers with the respective names. Tip: Make sure you label every box clearly using back permanent marker.

5. Not taking measurements

Have you measured the clearance area in your new house? If not then you can find hurdles on your shifting day. Before moving to your new residence, make sure you measure the entrance space of it to know whether all your furniture gets inside via the front door or not. This will give you an idea and make your work easier.

6. Using expensive packing supplies

Instead of buying expensive boxes, bubble wraps and other packing supplies, stick to the used boxes and newspapers that are easily available in the markets of Canberra at free of cost. You just need to spend some more time in finding the money-saving packing solutions. Apart from this, you can also make a use of unused materials available in your house. Use ropes, wires, tapes, ribbons, towels etc to wrap the household items. It is vital to arrange all the packing tools if you are planning to manage it yourself.

7. Leaving things on a moving day

No, you can’t take such a huge risk. Once creating your packing and moving strategies, start executing your plan prior to a moving day. Rather than waiting for the things to perform on a moving day, you should accomplish it ahead of time. This will automatically reduce the chances of mistakes and make your relocation process a bit easier.

8. Overlooking taxes

Never overlook your taxes while making a move to a new house. You need to ensure that which packed items are tax-deductible and which are not. You can do a thorough research related to the taxes before relocating to the new place.
These are some mistakes that need to be avoided while relocating your household items to your new residence. You can also consider hiring trained and experienced Canberra Removalists who can make the complicated tasks easy for you. They will take care of your belongings from the start to the end of your relocation journey without making common mistakes.