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27 May, 2019

5 of the Biggest Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Moving a house or office can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Lack of proper planning and preparation can create obstacles for you during the entire relocation process. Most of the people in Canberra commit mistakes while moving their precious belongings from one place to another.

It is obvious to get anxious during the first move but make sure you organise things ahead of time to avoid unnecessary mistakes. The first thing you can do is to search for the best removalists in Canberra.

Make sure they offer a comprehensive range of packing and moving solutions. Professional companies can reduce the stress out of your complicated relocation and give you peace of mind.

But if you have never relocated before, there is a good chance that you can make some serious bloopers which could damage your valuables during the transition process. To ensure safe and hassle-free removal, have a look at this article which includes a list of five biggest moving mistakes and the best tricks to avoid them.

You will get an opportunity to learn the process of planning before the final moving day. Let’s get started!

1. Not Giving Enough Time for Preparation

Whether you are moving next to your street in Canberra or making a far-distance move, make sure you understand the value of time and preparation. Most of the people who are relocating overlook the importance of time and forget to plan their entire packing and moving process. This creates chaos and makes things worse when the stress of moving gets overwhelmed.

To avoid last-minute panic, prepare a weekly moving checklist and take some spare time two to three weeks before the move to organise things in a better way. Since house relocation is a big event, make sure you create a moving budget and checklist to find out an estimated budget.

Also, don’t forget to shortlist the best and affordable moving company in Canberra that can relocate your valuable and heavy belongings with extreme care. Thorough planning is one of the best ways to utilise the time in a better way before the final move out date.

2. Choosing an Unprofessional Moving Company

Research is very important when it comes to choosing an experienced moving company for a damage-free relocation. Most of us overlook this aspect and end up hiring unprofessional removalists. Moving valuables from one place to another is a tricky job. Things can get damaged or go missing if you opt for an inexperienced mover.

If you seriously want to ensure the safe removal of your expensive household belongings, then do some background checks and ask the questions related to their services, customer care support, in-house team, existing strategies and pricing policy before making the final decision.

3. Lack of Packing Skills

Of course, moving a house is a tedious task, especially the packing process. Whether it is a delicate item or a big pool table, you need the best quality of packing supplies and tricks to get it done quickly and safely. However, most of us make a mistake by packing everything, which, in turn, add unnecessary costs to the move.

Instead of packing everything, it is better to purge out all the items that you don’t need. If the stuff is in good condition, but you don’t want to take it to the new house, then you can either sell it or donate it to the local charity in Canberra.

These things could be your old clothes that don’t fit anymore, furniture or other items that won’t fit in your new house. Make a list of things and categorise them into different boxes to organise the process conveniently.

4. Buying Cheap Quality of Packing Materials

It is one of the common mistakes people commit to saving a few dollars. If you are packing your stuff for the first time, then make sure you invest in high-quality packing supplies.

For example, fragile items need bubble wrap, packing tape and heavy-duty plastic. So, instead of buying the cheap quality of materials, you can look for the materials that can help you save your belongings from damages.

Most of the professional moving companies in Canberra offer high-quality packing supplies, including cardboard boxes for safe and secure packing of household belongings. You can contact them. If you are running out of budget, then ask for the used boxes from grocery stores and wine stores. Make sure they are in good condition.

5. Overlooking the Insurance Coverage Aspect

Everyone thinks that hiring a professional mover means your valuables will reach the destination without any damage. Of course, professionals take extreme care of belongings, but it is your responsibility to get the coverage so that you can claim against the lost of your valuables.

Most of the moving services come with valuation protection, but insurance is a better option when you are moving from one place to another. The moving company will pay a certain amount as valuation protection when any of your items get damaged or lost in the move.

But if you have theinsurance cover, you will get the actual value of the goods. So, it is good to ask everything related to insurance coverage. This will clear your mind and help you take a better choice.


These are the five most common blunders people commit during their relocation process. If you don’t want to get into the panic situation, try to avoid these mistakes by understanding the value of planning and organising. Always keep your doubts clear when it comes to hiring Canberra Removalists because professionals have the potential to give you a stress-free moving experience.