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13 Jul, 2020

5 Best Moving Apps to Ensure a Smooth Move

Moving in today’s modern times is a lot smoother than olden days because most people have access to the internet along with professional assistance of removalists in Canberra. Now organising, planning, and completion of moving-related tasks are much easier due to the availability of useful and fast applications.

They are accessible via phones, laptops, and tablets, among other portable and handy gadgets. Having these apps before and during the move is a privilege because they reduce the certain challenges associated with moving like sorting, coordination, prioritising, and much more.

But as with other technologies, the digital stores are saturated with a host of apps for moving making it difficult to know which ones are worth downloading and using. If you are moving, here is a guide by experts outlining the best moving apps to ensure a smoother move and eliminate any confusion.

Moving Checklist Pro

Organising your move is difficult without a checklist for which having this application is necessary. It is among the best apps where you can create a thorough house moving to-do-list according to month, weeks, and days. The app is built to have over 210 tasks that are necessary for moving to a new house without any hassle.

Thus it saves you the time and effort to remember, write down, and prioritise all the moving-related duties you and members of your household have to perform. There is an option for customisation, giving you the freedom to create a personalised list. In addition, all the tasks can be categorised colour coded, shared, and modified according to requirements.


It is common for household belongings and personal items to get lost during the hustle and bustle of moving. However, with this app, such a situation can be averted because it is an ultimate tool for keeping an inventory and tracking everything.

This modern application helps you keep a record of each of your belongings by scanning its QR code or barcode and manage the inventory from any gadget. The app is handy, especially when packing items and sharing the list of things with your hired removalists in Canberra and household members.

It also helps you to group and categorise your property contents, look for items, and have a searchable inventory. What’s more, the app has a moving checklist with tasks that are required to be completed at least eight weeks before the moving date.

Packing Pro

Often packing is an activity that is usually performed in a hurry increasing the chances of loss and misplacement of property contents. To avoid this scenario having this app is essential whether you are moving for the first time or have moved before. The features of this application allow the user to organise the packing process.

You can insert details of items that are packed, from which room they were placed in, and where are they kept after packing. Thus you have a detailed mental map of where the item was and where it is eliminating the need to open all boxes when looking for something.


Decluttering your property contents is a wise practise any individual who is moving should perform. It helps you know which items are required and which need to be discarded, donated, or resold. After decluttering if you have things to sell or buy then this app comes in handy because it helps users find buyers and sellers online quickly.

Therefore, for people who are moving and want to get rid of stuff and earn a few dollars, letgo is a suitable application. Most users describe it as easy to use, safe and reliable, which is why the app is becoming a favourite among the masses of Canberra.

Move Me Out

Besides decluttering, organising, and packing, there are many other significantly important tasks to complete when moving. These tasks include hiring professional removalists in Canberra, booking cleaning services, and discontinuation/transfer of utilities, among others. Via this application, you can look for reputed companies, get in touch with expert cleaners and removalists in Canberra, and inform authorities about the change of address and more.

Managing the move will become a lot easier with this app because it serves as a one-stop destination from where you can take of crucial tasks. In addition, the app can be used for keeping note of important dates and responsibilities such as details regarding receiving of the security deposit, having discussions with the landlord, etc.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a new home is a stressful and challenging process. However, it can be made smooth and manageable by taking the assistance of the applications mentioned above along with family members, friends, expert end of lease cleaners, and professional removalists in Canberra. Tasks and responsibilities can be streamlined by having these applications, and everything can be completed in time.