10 Reasons Why Moving To Canberra Is A Good Idea

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10 Reasons Why Moving To Canberra Is A Good Idea

Oct 17, 2020

The capital city of Australia, Canberra is one of the incredible cities when it comes to living. It is home to various renowned institutions of the federal government, including the Parliament House, the High Court, and a lot more. Of course, the city is not as famous as Melbourne and Sydney, but it proudly hosts plenty of foreign embassies and the headquarters of international organisations.

Apart from government departments and agencies, Canberra offers great diversity when it comes to key attractions, living culture and architectural structures. From skyscrapers to beautifully-preserved museums, busy shopping streets to culinary delights, there is a lot more to offer. It has become a hotspot among the home buyers and property investors across the country – thanks to its stable real estate market and affordable housing prices.

If you are planning to move to the capital city of Australia with your family, then have a look at this article and discover more about this developed city. Plan everything ahead and do not forget to hire the most reliable Canberra Removalists who can transit your precious possessions with the utmost care.

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If you want to know why you should move to Canberra, read on the following points and decide on your own.

1. Affordable Living

Canberra is relatively cheaper than other cosmopolitan cities of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Finding a dream home in big cities is quite a challenging task. However, Australia’s capital city offers you a range of residential properties at comparatively reasonable prices. The median price of a house in Canberra is $ 738,864, and the rental price is $550 per week.

Though it is not one of the affordable cities, it comes in at 15 per cent affordable than Sydney and 5 per cent cheaper than Melbourne. If you are on the hunt for a new abode, there are various affordable options in and around the suburbs.

Here are some of the key suburbs to look for:


Located 21 km away from Canberra, Banks is one of the affordable suburbs to buy a home. From the best schools to top-class healthcare centres, public transport to other aspects, it offers great local amenities to local residents and tourists. The median hour price in Banks is $520,000.


This suburb is situated just 12 km north-west of Canberra. It is home to the city’s best shopping centre with great shops. You can find the best schools, medical centres, gyms, restaurants and other amenities in the close vicinity. The median price of a house in Ngunnawal is $550,000- which is quite affordable as compared to the inner suburbs.


Do you want to live in a quiet and relaxed suburb? Look no further than Holt. It is a beautiful suburb where you can find spacious homes at the best price. The median house price is $562,500 with all the high-end facilities.

2. Enjoy Best Education Options

Canberra is a great education hub where you can find the world’s best universities, public schools, private schools and other institutions. The city is home to Australian National University, Canberra Institute of Technology, University of Canberra, Australian Catholic University, and UNSW Canberra.

It has some of the renowned schools offering high-quality education facilities, safety and future-driven learning capabilities. This means it is an excellent academic city or you can say the ideal place to live and study.

3. Great Commuting Facilities

However, the majority of local residents rely on bicycles and cars, but you can find various public transports in the form of buses and rails. They offer you a great option for getting around the city- from the CBD to other suburbs. The public bus system operates from 4 business interchanges, including Belconnen, Civic, Woden and Tuggeranong.

A light rail system is also a super-affordable option for you. It offers a time-saving and direct way to travel from one place to another within the geographical boundaries of a city.

4. Safest City to Live

Canberra is not only known for its friendly and supportive community, but it also considered as one of the safest places to live and study. It has one of the lowest crime rates of any cosmopolitan cities in Australia. This means you will feel much safer where you are going to the office alone or cycling around the beautiful parks and recreational spaces.

5. A Diverse and Multicultural City

Moving to a city where you can explore diversity in culture, festivals and food is one of the best things. And Canberra is one of the most diversified places in this country. Over 25 per cent of residents were born overseas. Plus, there is a huge number of international embassies, which makes this city perfect for a multicultural vibe. You can be a part of the National Multicultural Festival, which is a three-day celebration of different cultures across Australia.

If you are planning to relocate here with the assistance of the best Removalists in Canberra, make sure you plan things ahead of time to ensure a stress-free experience.

6. World-Class Healthcare Facilities

The capital city of Australia boasts one of the best healthcare systems across the world. It is a major factor that encourages ex-pats from all around the globe to move to this part of the country.

From public and private healthcare centres to various health programs and initiatives, you will get the best medical facility in and around the city. You can also find various modern-age hospitals such as Canberra Hospital, Calvary Hospital, National Capital Private Hospital, Calvary John James Hospital, and Calvary Bruce Private Hospital.

7. A Well-developed Place to Live

It is one of the most growing cities in Australia- thanks to the cutting-edge infrastructure developments, diverse economy, sustainable environment and progressive living.

It is a place where great employment opportunities and housing options are available to everyone. From well-connected roads to bridges, sky-high buildings to studio apartments, schools to hospitals, will witness everything in this city.

In short, it is a great place to live, study, work, commence a business and raise a family.

8. Great Food Scene

From Japanese to Thai, Korean to local street food, you can find a variety of options when it comes to culinary delights. There are a ton of fine dining restaurants, cafes, local eateries, takeaway options, multi-cuisine based restaurants, bars and a lot more in this beautiful city.

9. Enjoy Vibrant Nightlife

It boasts of various bars, clubs, beer gardens and much more which is quite sorted for a vibrant night out. The thriving nightlife makes this city perfect for youngsters and college-going students. If you are a party animal or who loves enjoying a night out, then this is an ideal place for you.

10. It is a Tourism Hub

You can discover some of the key attractions in this capital city including, Australian War Memorial, Museum of Australian Democracy, Lake Burley Griffin, The National Science and Technology Centre, Mount Ainslie Lookout and much more. If you love exploring new things along with your children, then Canberra has a lot for you.


These are some of the reasons that will help you make the right decision when it comes to moving to Canberra. This is a perfect place for those who are looking for affordable homes, great schools, high-end infrastructure facilities, the best education and other amenities. Make sure you visit the place before making the final decision and also consider hiring the best removalists in Canberra who can transit your belongings with extra care and responsibility.