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choosing a school in Canberra
14 May, 2020

Know The Education System and Schools in Canberra Before Moving

Are you moving to Canberra with your school-going kids? The Capital City of Australia is renowned for its diverse culinary delights, adventure places, beautiful vineyards, and much more. The city has everything for everyone- from spacious and affordable homes to top-class schools.

Canberra has the nation’s one of the strongest and advanced education systems. The Government of ACT has also made amendments in their existing education system because they believe every child deserves the finest education that can boost their confidence and prepare them for the future.

However, finding the best school in the new city is quite challenging, especially if you are moving with your family. It is important to pack everything and fix a moving date with your removalists in Canberra. Preparing things in advance can prevent you from last-minute chaos and help you get time to find the right school for your kids in the new locality.

Here is a complete guide about Canberra’s education system along with some best public and private schools that make your job a bit easier.

The Future of Education Strategy: Promoting Personalised Learning

The ACT Government has made some changes in its current education system to promote personalised learning programmes. The Future of Education Strategy shows a 10-year plan to ensure the focus, determination and investment achieves the shining future for all children and young people in Canberra, ACT.

In simple words, future schools may not have English or maths classes. They will focus more on creativity and critical thinking. The sole aim of this strategy is to prepare children for new-age technologies, competitive jobs and a wider world for the next decade. The education system will be designed in such a way that allows students to enhance their practical knowledge and get the desired job in the technology-driven world.

Creative Learning Will Take Over Traditional Subjects

According to research, students in Canberra wanted schools or classes that can promote tailored learning to each student by handing over control to them in what subjects they pursue. Experts are also focusing on improving their existing education system by replacing traditional maths and English classes with creative learning. Now, students will learn the ways of becoming a good communicator and also understand the optimum use of new-age technology.

First Stage: Implementation

The Future of Education Strategy will set the new framework for the students who will be making their career in this competitive world in the coming next 10 years. Action within the three phases of new-age learning will help students learn more about equity and key aspects.

From now, tests such as NAPLAN and the Secondary School Certificate will offer an autopsy of student learning.  The ACT Government is also planning to take benefits from big data to keep minute to minute update on how students are grasping education and leveraging other aspects.

In the first two years, the strategy will emphasise on rewriting legislation to set the groundwork for the next 10 years. Teachers will be given comprehensive training to bring enhancement in methods such as personalised learning. It will also trial data monitoring and high-end technologies learning.

The main objective is o providing equitable, quality and most exceptional education to each ACT child. This means if you want your child to get next-gen education in the best possible environment, then moving to Canberra can be your ideal decision.

All you need to do is to research more about the best schools in your new area and enrol the name of your children. It is good to do it before the final relocation. You can take some precious time out when you decide to move to a new city and do proper research.

To make your work a bit easier, we are sharing some of the best public and private schools in Canberra that can change the life of your children.

Top Schools in Canberra (Primary and High Schools)

Providing the best education should be a topmost priority of every parent. If you are relocating to Canberra, then you can explore local schools where your child can learn, boost and reach their potential.

The majority of schools in Canberra and ACT are government ones. Canberra Catholic schools come next after government schools, followed by Canberra Independent schools. These schools are non-denominational and are focusing on taking students towards personalised learning programmes. We are sharing a list of both primary and high schools so that you can decide according to your specific needs.

• O’Connor Corporative School
• Lyneham High School
• Ainslie School
• Mount Stromlo High School
• Lanyon High School
• Caroline Chisholm High School

These are some of the best schools in Canberra, ACT you can explore before moving to your new house. Make sure you take professional assistance from a reliable removal company in Canberra so that you can take some time out to research the right primary, a secondary or high school for your kids.


Canberra has one of the best education systems in Australia. With the introduction of future education strategy, you can prepare your children for personalised and develop their skills so that they can build their career in the technology-driven sector. If you are planning a move, then prepare everything ahead of time and also find the best removalists in Canberra for the safety of your valuable household belongings.