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22 Apr, 2020

Useful Safety Tips for a Last Minute Move During COVID 19

A last minute move is always very confusing and stressful, but when you have to do it during COVID 19 outbreak, things get way more challenging. The pressure of finishing all the tasks on time combines with the anxiety of keeping your family safe from the deadly virus.

In this scenario, a few useful safety tips can be a great help. People usually hire removalists in Canberra to ensure a hassle-free move, but there are also some who prefer to execute the entire moving process on their own. Whether you follow DIY methods or take professional help, here are some useful safety tips for the last minute move during COVID 19. Let’s have a look!

Safety Tips for DIY Moving

If you are not hiring professional removalists in Canberra, then you need to follow DIY methods to carry out the entire moving process. Follow the safety tips as mentioned below.

1. Purchase new packing supplies

You might think that by using old packing supplies you can reduce your overall moving expense, but this is a bad idea when you are moving during coronavirus. This is because you never know whether the last person who touched the boxes was infected or not. Moreover, if you are moving at the last minutes, you will not get enough time to arrange the boxes. So the best way is to purchase new packing supplies.

2. Ask for help

Moving without removalists is extremely difficult because there are numerous tasks that require someone’s assistance. For instance, to load your furniture or heavy appliance into the truck, you need help from your family member or a close friend. You might also need someone to take care of your children on your moving day. So, contact all or closed ones and see if anyone is available to help you in your move during COVID 19.

3. Hire a rental truck

One of the most useful safety tips for the last minute move during COVID 19 is to hire a rental moving truck. If you rent a moving truck for the relocation, you will feel safe knowing that no outsider will handle your items during the packing, loading and unloading process. Do your research correctly and hire a rental truck from a reliable company. This will ensure that your last minute move is not only safe but also hassle-free.

4. Sanitise all your belongings and boxes

Even if you are moving at the last minute during COVID 19, you must sanitise all your belongings and boxes before loading. This will minimise the chances of virus spread in your new home. Purchase disinfectant wipes from any nearby shop in Canberra and wipe down all your belongings and moving boxes. When you are sanitising your belongings, focus on those spots where people usually touch it.

5. Sanitising products should be easily accessible

Whether your family is helping you in your packing or your close friends are loading the belongings, make sure that the essential sanitising products like soap, water, paper towel, hand sanitiser are easily accessible. This will help them to clean their hands, which will ultimately prevent the spread of the virus.

It is vital that packing and loading are done at the right time and in an organised manner. However, it is also necessary that every person involved in the moving process stay safe and healthy.

Safety Tips for Hiring Professional Removalists

Hiring professionals is not as risky as you think it is. They take all the essential precautions to stay healthy and prevent the spread of the virus. Still, here are a few safety tips that you can follow.

1. Contact a reputed removals company

If you want to accomplish your last minute move during COVID 19 safely, then you must hire professional removalists in Canberra. They have experience, knowledge and right moving tools to pack, load and transport your belongings safely.

However, you need to make sure that you don’t contact any random company. Only reputed removals company trained its professionals properly. So, look for the right company and book their service. This will allow you to focus on other important responsibilities of moving.

2. Ask important questions

To ensure the safety of your relocation, you should ask all the essential questions to your removals company and check what precautions they take to accomplish a safe and hassle-free relocation during COVID-19 outbreak. Contact the customer care department of the company and ask what safety measures they are taking to ensure that the professionals are not infected with the virus.

Also, know about the methods they are following to ensure a safe move during coronavirus. Gathering all the important information will help you to prepare yourself.

3. Maintain social distancing

No matter how reliable the company is or how much experienced the professionals are, maintain 6 feet distance with the professional removalists in Canberra and also avoid any handshakes. This way, both movers and your family will remain safe from getting infected.

4. Ask for virtual estimates

Pre-move inspection is crucial to determine the budget and right amount of packing supplies. However, allowing people inside the house is risky at the moment. So, you can call their support team and check if the company is offering virtual estimates. Considering the safety of the clients during coronavirus, many reputed removals companies have started providing virtual estimates to get the job done in a hassle-free manner.


A last minute moving during COVID 19 can be very stressful and risky. However, if you follow the safety tips as mentioned above, you can prevent the spread of the virus. Whether you are moving on your own or hiring professional removalists, you need to take every possible precaution before, during and after the relocation process.