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19 Aug, 2020

Top 7 Most Affordable Suburbs to Rent in Canberra

Are you moving to Canberra along with your family? The capital city of Australia is renowned for its high-class amenities, well-structured commercial and residential properties, top-notch restaurants, cafes, theme parks, schools, hospitals and much more. The city is home to the Australian seat of government- this means many public servants live in and around this part of the country.

Canberra has a lot to offer when it comes to improving the living standard. Still, it is not the most preferred hotspots for property buyers. However, there is a ton of potential for growth in this beautiful city. If you are planning to buy a house, you should know the median house price in Canberra to find the best option within your estimated budget.

According to statistics, the average house price in Canberra is $738,864 while the average unit price is $432,252 – which is making it the country’s thirst most expensive cities after Sydney and Melbourne while buying a house. However, the houses prices fallen by 0.7 per cent more than the quarter but rose 0.6 per cent over the year. This means there is a sign of combined results in and around the city.

If you are looking for affordable yet classy accommodation in the capital city of Australia, you should explore the residential tenancy market for suitable options. There are many surrounding suburbs in Canberra to rent at an affordable price.

All you need to do is thorough market research and a complete guide. After finding the best rental property, you can shift your household belongings with the assistance of best removalists in Canberra. They will take extreme care of your possessions, so that complete the other formalities with ease.

In case, you are still hunting for accommodation, have a look at the top 7 most affordable suburbs to rent in Canberra:

1. Philip

Situated in the south of Canberra, Philip is one of the best suburbs where you can find world-class infrastructure facilities, beautiful apartments, spacious green parks, schools, and great public transport. The median price to rent a house in Philip is $365/ a week- which is one of the most affordable suburbs to rent in Canberra.

The suburb is close to the Woden Hospital, various fine-dining restaurants, new-age cafes, local market and much more. It is one of the most affordable suburbs where you can explore the diversity of different cultures. The local government has also introduced various residential and commercial projects to attract potential property buyers and the young generation to the area.

If you are looking to buy affordable rental premises, then look no further than Philip. You can hire professionally trained removalists in Canberra if you are moving locally.

2. Belconnen

Best known for large business complexes, Westfield Shopping Centre and free-standing apartments, Belconnen is one of the most affordable suburbs to rent. The median rent for houses is around $440 per week – which is quite affordable.

The suburb is located 7 kilometres to the north-west of the Canberra’s CBD and surrounds an artificially build, ornamental lake, Lake Ginninderra. Belconnen has various parks, restaurants, cafe and retail stores, but it is the major hub for the commercial sector – thanks to a large transportation hub, repairers, trades and car dealings.

If you are planning to start your own business in and around Canberra, then buy a rental apartment in Belconnen. You can easily pay the monthly rent while running your business without a huge investment.

The suburb allows you to explore local commerce activity such as clothes retailers, homeware, specialist grocery outlets, large and smaller department stores.

It is good to research the residential tenancy market and find out the most suitable rental premises with easy accessibility to local schools, medical facilities and parks.

3. Charnwood

Charnwood is one of the most developed suburbs of Canberra. It is the third cheapest areas when it comes to buying a rental property. The median rent of a house in Charnwood is $420 per week. The best part about this suburb is that it is the fastest-growing area and is facilitated with the best schools, hospitals, cafes, restaurants, shopping centre and much more.

If you want a leased property within 15 kilometres of Canberra’s CBD, this could be an ideal option for you. It is good to do complete research about tenancy rights before getting into the lease agreement.

4. Page

Renowned for being quiet, green, affordable and safe suburb in Canberra, Page allows you to rent a property at a median price of 422.50 per week. The suburb borders Belconnen and is close to Belconnen Mall and super-affordable public transport.

Page itself has various amenities such as spacious residential properties, local parks, schools, medical facilities, shops, restaurants and much more. The suburb is best known for friendly, recreational and intriguing community events- which would be great if you are planning to live with your family.

5. Banks

It is a beautiful suburb situated 21 kms from Canberra’s Central Business District. The suburb is ideal for families because it has well-structured residential properties, spacious green parks, local schools, a renowned hospital, yoga centre, gym, and a lot more. Banks is beyond the Rob Roy Nature park – which makes it perfect for families with kids.

You can explore various rental properties in Banks that are available at a median price of $422.50/ a week. The suburb is small compare to other suburbs in and around Canberra, but it is the preferred choice among families with kids, working professionals and retired couples.

6. Theodore

Theodore is Canberra’s one of the best suburbs where residential rental properties are having a median price of $432.50 per week. The suburb is surrounded by mesmerising views of the Brindabellas and has various attractions- which make it ideal for families with kids. You can explore local schools in the close vicinity of Theodore. There is also a few local shopping options and entertainment hub for you.

If you are looking for a renowned shopping centre, then visit Greenway, which is 7 km from Theodore. Apart from this, the suburb has plenty of open parks, affordable housing options with attractive local facilities and much more.

It is good to move to Theodore with your family. After finding the right property, make sure you plan your moving process ahead of time. For a safe and sound move, contact the best removalists in Canberra. They will assist you in packing and lifting precious possessions with extreme care.

7. Ngunnawal

The suburb is situated 12 km north-west of Canberra, ACT. It has a rental house price of $430 per week. Ngunnawal is best known for its modern-age shopping centre with all the community needs to match your day-to-day needs. You can also visit a renowned shopping centre in Belconnen which is close to this suburb.

Apart from this, it has plenty of best schools, parklands, medical facilities, restaurants, high-rise buildings, cafes and other entertainment hubs. If your budget is not allowing to buy a new home in Canberra, you can opt for a rental property in this beautiful suburb which is a great place to live with a family.


These are the 7 most affordable suburbs to rent in Canberra. If you are planning to move to a rental property, have a look at these options. Make sure you plan your move ahead of time and hire the most trained removalists in Canberra for the utmost safety of your household belongings.