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Best season for a house move
26 Nov, 2019

Pros and Cons of Moving During Different Seasons

Whether you are moving locally, interstate or internationally, weather is a huge factor. You have to ensure the weather conditions are favourable to avoid damaging your belongings or delay their arrival. If you are moving within or to Canberra, make sure you do your research. Contact reputed removalist companies in Canberra for assistance as moving is a physically and mentally taxing activity. Ask them about the best time for relocation.

In some cases people have the leverage to extend their lease and move in the desired season. However, many don’t have this privilege. In both instances learning about the pros and cons of moving during different seasons is vital. Read on to what they are.


Canberra summer season is hot and usually dry. The season lasts December to February with an average temperature of 28°C and hottest temperature being over 40°C.


Favourable weather is the biggest pro of summer season. The days are sunny, the skies are clear, and you have more daylight. You don’t have to worry about rain, fast winds, or other weather conditions disrupting your move, delaying the delivery of your packages, or incurring damage to belongings.

The real estate market is thriving during summers, so it will be easier for you to find a place and move if you are in a hurry. Also, kids have summer vacations and businesses usually slowdown during the summers, allowing for more bandwidth to move.


Since it is the busiest season for moving in Canberra, removalists and realtors charge more. Even though it is easier to find a place, it won’t be easy to book good removalists. During the peak of the season, the days can get extremely hot, which can add to the stress of moving and concern of you and your families’ well-being.

Furthermore, you might encounter more traffic and crowds during summer as more people go on vacations, and outings. Also, the holiday season is around the corner.


Autumn season is a popular time for tourists to visit Canberra. It lasts from March to May with minimum temperature dropping to 3°C (approx) and maximum temperature reaching 24°C (approx).


The weather is pleasant. It is neither too cold nor too hot. There is plenty of daylight as the days are still longer. The service charges of good removalist companies in Canberra starts to come down as less people move during fall.

Since, traffic lessen, the delivery of your belongings is completed faster and chances of damage incurrence decrease.  You can book removalists of your choice as there is less demand. Also, since the weather is pleasant, you can conduct a garage sale and the likelihood of more people attending is greater.


Fall season can have rainy days which can put a dampener on your moving day plans. The days of good wether are fewer than summer season. Schools are open, which can make moving hectic as you will be moving right after the new term or school year begins. If you are moving interstate, it will be harder to find a school open for new admissions as the classes will be full and syllabus decided.


From June to August, it is winter season in Canberra. During this season the city has some of the driest days. The temperature can drop to 0°C and reach a maximum of about 15°C.


The cost of moving is low in winter. You can readily find a good moving company and book them at affordable rates. Since it is an off season, removalists in Canberra are looking for business and provide excellent offers and deals. In addition, real estate is cheaper as well. You can find properties at cheaper rent as the demand is lower. You have more choices and there is no rush to book as there is less competition unlike the summer season.


The weather can be a huge deterrent. Although it doesn’t snow in Canberra generally, there can be occasional snowfall. The days are quite short, which means you have less daylight and your hired removalists have less time to pack, load, unload, and deliver. Delivery of belongings can be delayed due to bad weather. There can chilly winds, fog or rain.

Furthermore, the risks of getting ill are higher in winter season. Moving is a time-taking, strenuous, and stressful activity, you cannot afford to fall ill during the process.


Canberra witnesses spring season from September to November. The days are fresh and the nights are chilly. The usual temperatures are 6 – 19°C.


Like summer season in Canberra, the weather is favourable. Spring time means the gloom of winter is over. The sky is clear and there is no fog. It is safer to transport your belongings and delivery time reduces substantially due to the clear weather. The daylight availability increases. If you book your removalists early on, you can get affordable quotes. You can find new opportunities for real estate and find a suitable property.

In addition, you will be able to find new buyers easily, if you have to sell your old house and move out fast. Garage sales will be easier to conduct.


Rain is a plenty in the spring season of Canberra with October and November having the wettest days. The weather is unpredictable as well. It can rain anytime and you will have to be extra careful and consult the weather reports to choose a safe day to move. It can take away from your choice to move on a weekend, as you may have to move on a weekend due to rain predictions. Besides, the holiday month will be approaching.


Moving is a strenuous task and requires careful planning. It would be best to get started 6 months in advance. Prepare your budget and start finding a suitable property while the time and weather are right. Inform your landlord 1-2 months in advance when you plan to move and book a reliable removalist company in Canberra. You can choose removalists recommended by your friends or relatives, or find them via on-market and off-market research.