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Best suburb to live in Canberra
20 Feb, 2020

Planning A Move? These Are Canberra’s Best Lifestyle Suburbs!

Are you relocating to the capital city of Australia to explore promising career opportunities and high-class education facilities? Canberra is one of the well-developed cities that boasts of high-rise apartments, robust commercial market, manicured garden, beautiful landscapes, fine dining and shopping centre and a lot more.

The city takes pride in being the ’20 minute city’ because you can be at your favourite restaurant, work or the shopping mall within 20 minutes- thanks to an excellent public transport network. Canberra is also home to many universities, heritage buildings, sports grounds, nature reserves and parks. If you are planning for a move, then do your part of research before the final move out.

According to professional removalists in Canberra, it is always good to prepare your moving process ahead of time.  Start packing your belongings at least 8 weeks before the final relocation day. This will help you discover more about the city you are moving in.

If you are looking for a relaxed lifestyle away from the hustle-bustle of a metropolitan city, then have a look at the best suburbs in Canberra.

Here is a list of best lifestyle suburbs in Canberra where you can move with your family and enjoy a relaxed yet high-quality living.

1. Barton

Barton is a beautiful lakeside suburb of Canberra, ACT that boasts of greenery spaces, new-age shopping malls, the thriving entertainment scene and a lot more. The suburb is adjacent to Capital Hill and is home to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Commonwealth government departments and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The median price of a unit in Barton is $512,500, and every resident has parklands, hospital/health care centre, schools and public transport facilities within their close proximity.

You can also find various government or national institutions and has few commercial areas such as shopping malls, retail shops and corporate offices. If you want to live a peaceful lifestyle without compromising the quality of life, then move to Barton, Canberra.

2. Forrest

This is an affluent suburb which is named after one of the fathers of the Australian Constitution, Sir John Forrest. The close vicinity to hospitals, schools, educational institutions, entertainment hubs and commercial centres made Forrest one of the best suburbs where you can live with your family.  The suburb is five kilometres south of the CBD – 21 minutes using public transport such as buses and trams.

If you are planning to buy a house or unit in Forrest, then you should know that the median house price is around $2,790,00 while the unit price is $490,000. But the best part is that everything is within close proximity to residential areas.

It is a quiet place to live, especially if you love greenery. The trees, parklands, bushes and shrubs adorn the suburb and encouraged people to buy homes in the hotspots of Forrest, Canberra.

3. Yarralumla

Yarralumla is a beautiful inner suburb of Canberra, nestled on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin. Just 18 minutes away from the city centre, the suburb is best known for its spacious residential properties, green spaces, restaurants, modern-age cafes and shopping complexes.

Apart from being a great amalgamation of residential, industrial and commercial centres, Yarralumla is also known for its high-standard living- thanks to world-class local amenities such as schools, career options, hospitals, etc.

The median house price is $ 1,412,500, while the median unit price is $957,500. If you want a relaxed lifestyle without the hustle-bustle of a big city or noise pollution, then opt for this beautiful suburb.

4. Red Hill

Famous for its cafe culture, beautiful homes, spacious nature reserve, vast green spaces, thriving art scene and commercial shops, there is something special about Red Hill. The suburb is five kilometres south of Canberra’s CBD where the median price of a house is $ 1,380,000. It is quite an expensive suburbs to live in, but one of the best places if you want to boost your lifestyle.

Just a seven-minute drive from the CBD and half an hour by public transport, Red Hills is an ideal place for young couples, families with kids, young entrepreneurs and students.

The suburb has beautiful theme parks, restaurants, cafes, bars,  schools and hospitals in canberra.

5. Deakin

Deakin is a prominent suburb of Canberra, ACT, which is located five kilometres south-west of the city centre. It is Canberra’s one of the best lifestyle suburbs because it boasts of spacious homes with green parklands, top health care centres, world-class education facilities, restaurants, cafes and other entertainment hubs.

The suburb is renowned for its large residential area, including the official residence of the Prime Minister, and the Royal Australian Mint. The median unit price is $797,500 and the median house price is $ 1,285,000.

6. Lyons

Lyons is best known for high-quality lifestyle, top-class local amenities, playgrounds, art and culture exhibitions, delectable good and vibrant nightlife. The suburb is nestled just over 8 km south of the city centre- around the seven-minute drive.

From major commercial setups to retail shops, shopping malls to restaurants, Lyons offers everything to enhance the quality of your life. The median unit price is $255,000 while the median house price is $753,750- which is cheap as compared to other affluent suburbs in Canberra, ACT.

7. Hughes

If you want to escape from the hustle-bustle and busy lifestyle of a city, then move to Hughes. It is one of the beautiful suburbs in Canberra, offering a relaxing, convenient and affordable living experience.

The suburb is home to vast nature reserves, greens spaces as every resident have parklands within close proximity. Situated six and a half kilometres from the CBD, Hughes is just a seven-minute drive and 13- minute far using public transport to the city centre.

The median house price is $922,500, while the median price of a unit is $219,000. If you are planning for a move to Hughes, make sure you search for the best removalists in Canberra who can assist you in packing and moving household items from one place to another without any damage.

8. Braddon

Just a kilometre from Canberra’s City Centre, Braddon is best known for its multi-cultural scene, beautiful landscapes, high-end amenities, promising job opportunities and a lot more. It is a commercial as well as a residential hub that allows people to live a quality lifestyle.

The suburb is home to some of the city’s best restaurants, cafe shops, bars, art galleries and renowned designer fashion stores. It is one of the ideal places to live in because the median house price is just $450,000 – which is quite affordable as compared to other metropolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

Plus, it has a wonderful environment with easy reach to green open spaces and everything you would ever want from a big city living without any pollution and traffic jams.


These are the top eight suburbs of Canberra where you can move in to boost your living standard. Discover everything about these suburbs before making the final decision. If you are moving from a city to any of these suburbs, then consider hiring trained and dedicated removalists in Canberra. They can safely relocate your expensive and delicate household belongings using high-end equipment.