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Beautiful Canberra City
13 Nov, 2019

Moving to Canberra? 10 Things you Need to Know About the City

Moving to the capital city of Australia brings a ton of benefits such as high-rise buildings, a thriving commercial market, high-class schools, universities, hospitals, culinary delights, art scenes, and a lot more. The modern-age shopping centres and waterfront dining options are designed to give residents the best lifestyle. The city takes pride in maintaining the heritage buildings, museums, natural reserves and parklands.

If you are relocating to Canberra, then you should know everything about the city. Do your thorough research and pack your belongings accordingly because shifting to a new city can be overwhelming. You can look for the best interstate removalists in Canberra, who can transit your belongings from one place to another without giving you a hint of stress. They can make your moving easier so that you can explore the capital city after unpacking your household belongings.

Here is a complete list of 10 things you should know before moving to the capital city of Australia.

1. Housing & Accommodation

Canberra is one of the largest inland cities in Australia with over a population of 390,000 people which accounts for 1.64 % of Country’s population. Being the capital city of Australia Capital Territory, Canberra boasts of an establishment that resembles small communities together with a ton of green space in between, to form suburbs around the central business district. This means you can easily find housing option within commuting distance.

The city offers affordable housing options as compared to other major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. There is a variety of residential developments from luxury houses to high-rise buildings, apartments to cottages. You can easily find affordable homes in the top suburbs of Canberra, such as Barton, Hughes, Deakin, Red Hills, Yarralumla, and a lot more.

Buying Options

There is no surprise that Canberra is a beautiful place to call home, and that’s why many potential property investors and homebuyers have been heading towards this capital city. There is an ample range of housing options with a median price of $670,000. The median townhouse/unit/apartment price is around $450,000.

Student Accommodation

If you are a student and moving to Canberra, then finding accommodation options is quite easy. From the University of Canberra to the Australian National University to the Canberra Institute Technology, all provide a complete range of on-campus student accommodation options to meet your estimated budget and preferences.

2. Transport Facilities

Canberra offers various reliable public transport facilities via buses, trains, and taxis. Well-connected public transports not only improve access but also increases other opportunities. It makes travelling easy, especially for women and other working professionals. With buses and trains, you can easily access to your office, school or neighbouring areas within Canberra.


Operated by ACTION, busses in Canberra have a vast network in and around the suburbs. A single trip will only cost you $4.90, and a daily ticket is around $9.40. If you are going to travel on public transport daily, it is good to invest in a MyWay Smartcard. It will make travelling cheaper and easier.

Light Rails

The light rail network or Canberra Metro is covering the entire city to make travelling easy and faster.

3. Education Options

Australia’s Capital City is home to various world-class primary, secondary and high-schools, research & development, technology and education institutions. You can easily find the best universities, colleges, training institutions and schools that aim at delivering high-quality education and create influential and potential graduates. Some of the leading universities in Canberra are:

• The Australian National University
• The University of Canberra
• Canberra Institute of Technology
• Campuses of the Australian Catholic University and a lot more to suit the needs of all students.

4. Thriving Job Opportunities

There is no doubt that Canberra is one of the best places to build a successful career in the public sector. The city is home to the headquarters of various federal government departments- which means finding future-driven jobs in the public sector is quite easy.

You can look for thriving jobs in other industries as well such as manufacturing, IT, retail, restaurants, hospitality, education, R&D, transportation, cafe, etc. The city has a lot to offer you when it comes to establishing a successful career in private as well as public service sector.

5. Close to Everything

Relocating to Canberra means you will be close to everything – from Melbourne to Sydney, Kosciuszko National Park to Canberra Airport. It will take you approx 7 hours to drive to Melbourne and 4 hours to reach Sydney.

6. Eclectic Nightlife Scene

The capital city of Australia is best known for its lively and vibrant nightlife scene. Despite being a smaller city, it boasts of many renowned pubs, bars, beer gardens and clubs. With all these options, you will never get bored when you move to this beautiful city.

7. Enjoy Recreational Activities

Unlike Brisbane, Perth and Gold Coast, Canberra is quite a compact city. It doesn’t offer surfing or other water-based activities as it is not near the Coast. However, the city has many beautiful parks, picnic spots, lakes and green spaces that will take you closer to nature. It is home to Lake Burley Griffin, National Gallery of Australia, Australian War Memorial, and a much more.

If you want to explore recreational activities, you can try mountain biking and hiking. The city also has many art and craft galleries, museums, and restaurants where you can spend quality time with your family and loved ones.

8. People & Culture

Canberra is ranked as one of the most liveable cities across the World. It offers fantastic work and life balance with access to new-age facilities, infrastructure developments, breath-taking natural surrounds and thriving career opportunities.

Local residents here in Canberra are socially active and close to each other. You will get to know more about everyone living around you. So, be prepared to have a social life ahead with your neighbours and the local community.

9. Cost of Living

There is no denying the fact that rent is quite high in Canberra, but living is affordable as compared to Melbourne and Sydney. The housing prices are 15 per cent cheaper than Sydney and approx 5 per cent cheaper than Melbourne. This simply means that you will save more money while enjoying advanced features and options.

10. Food Culture

Canberra has the highest number of food options per capita of any of the cities in Australia – thanks to the rising number of public service employees, students and ex-pats. From stylish cafe shops to fine dining options, takeaway food to festivals and events, the city offers one of the best food cultures in Australia.


Canberra is one of the most vibrant, liveable and beautiful cities in Australia. Moving to this highly-developed city can help you improve your living standard and enjoy a quality life with your family and loved ones. If you need professional assistance for the removal of your belongings, consider hiring a reputed removal company in Canberra. They will take care of your belongings throughout the process.