How To Start Unpacking After Your Move?

How To Start Unpacking After Your Move?

Feb 19, 2021 During a move, most people get advice for packing and handling their belongings prior to relocation. Information or advice regarding unpacking and settling in the new dwelling is scarce. However, knowing how to open the boxes and organise your property contents after arriving at your new house is essential for starting your life after experiencing the stress of moving. One of the best ways to manage the process of moving in is to take the assistance of professional removalists in Canberra for unpacking and placement of heavy items such as furniture, flat-screen television, refrigerator etc. Alternately, you can follow the tips outlined below to start unpacking after your move like pros.

Refer to the Inventory List

While packing your belongings, if you created an inventory list, it would be easier to unpack boxes. During handling and transportation of property contents, it is not unusual to misplace things. Therefore, referring to the inventory list would help determine if everything you packed safely reached your new house. If you had hired professional removalists in Canberra to pack your belongings, it would be easier to have a list of items and get more details.

Go Room by Room

Follow this golden rule of unpacking to make the process easier and faster. Start opening boxes in order of importance like the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom to make the house more liveable and comfortable. If you have a baby or toddler, then unpack the nursery contents in addition to items of your bedroom. Rooms of less importance or utility, such as guest bedroom, basements or garages, should be paid attention to afterwards. Ideally, your goal should be to have a functional bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room a day or two after moving in. Tip: Let everyone unpack their bedroom stuff themselves as it saves time and energy. It allows every household member to set their bedroom according to preference. Also, if you have small children, this practice allows them to feel involved in the unpacking process.

Unpack Daily-Use Items First

Again, it is important that you not only unpack items according to the importance of rooms but usage as well. Make sure things you and other household members use daily and regularly are unpacked first. Boxes of property contents should be opened in order of usage frequency because it helps make the process of settling comfortable. For example, get your hired removalists in Canberra to place furniture such as bed, sofa, wardrobes etc., at the right spots by sharing a floor plan beforehand. Additionally, unpack clothes, toiletries, appliances, gadgets, cookware, footwear, bedsheets, comforters, and other everyday household items.

Place Things Parallel and Perpendicular

To keep things organised and your new home clutter-free, start placing things parallel and perpendicular to each other or the walls. Don’t let items stay in the middle of pathways or lined across the walls. Place them correctly the moment you take them out of the box and packing materials. This activity will help you save time and energy, which you would have to invest later in organising the property contents.

Sort Packing Supplies

Be responsible while unpacking by disposing of non-reusable packing supplies correctly and storing reusable supplies for future use. In case you don’t need packing boxes, tapes, and other supplies in good condition, you can donate them or resell them online. Make sure the supplies are sorted while you are unpacking, and look for local recycling and waste centres for items that are non-biodegradable or made with recyclable materials. Disassemble and flatten boxes immediately after they are empty to stack them without using excessive space.

Take Your Time

Please don’t make the mistake of rushing the unpacking process, whether you are doing it yourself or taking the assistance of professional removalists in Canberra. Although unpacking of manageable items can be done swiftly, rushing the process for heavy things like big furniture, appliances, fixtures, and electronics can cause injuries or irreversible damage to the items. Rushing can also make you place things haphazardly, making you spend time rearranging or replacing them later, which is usually time-consuming and tiring. Once you have unpacked items that would allow you to sleep, eat, and wash comfortably, the rest of your property contents can be unpacked gradually.

The Bottom Line

Packing all your belongings and moving to a new home is challenging and consumes a lot of physical and mental energy. However, your responsibilities aren’t over after the relocation journey and arrival of your belongings at the new home. You have to unpack and organise the property contents, for which you can seek the assistance of your hired removalists in Canberra. But, even with help from professionals, you will need to do many things yourself. Therefore, follow this guide to manage the unpacking process smoothly and comfortably.