How To Select A Furniture Removalist In Canberra?

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How To Select A Furniture Removalist In Canberra?

Jan 28, 2021

No home décor is complete without furniture as it makes your house comfortable, appealing, and liveable. Usually, homes have beds, tables, chairs, desks, bookshelves, and many other furnishings, most of which are expensive investments. While planning a move, whether as a tenant or a homeowner, considering your options to move furniture safely and securely from one place to another is crucial.

Moving furniture is more demanding than moving most belongings in your house. Commonly, people trying to move their furnishings themselves sustain muscle strains, sprains, fractures, scrapes, and other injuries and accidents. According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, furniture stability is a significant issue as it is estimated that about 50 people are injured from toppling furniture every year.

Therefore, it is best to hire professional removalists in Canberra who have the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to move different forms of home furnishings. To hire the best and most-suitable furniture removalists in Canberra, you need to know a few things. Here is your complete guide outlining tips for selecting a removals company in the city to move heavy plus small furniture in your home.

Look for AFRA-Affiliated Removalists

The Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) is a well-known regulatory body with many reputed removals companies in Canberra as its members. When you book removalists affiliated with this body, the chances of getting reliable and good packing and moving services are high. This body only chooses affiliates registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, have modern moving equipment, and access to experienced personnel.

Don’t Fall for False Claims

If a removals company in Canberra boasts of providing packing and moving services at extremely cheap rates, beware these claims can be false. If you think the prices are too good to be true, then they probably are. Often, unregistered or unethical companies try false advertisement to lure clients and impose hidden charges on the day of the move.

Therefore, while selecting removalists in Canberra, make sure their rates are true, and they are upfront with their service charges.

Inquire About Moving Equipment

Moving furniture is not easy without proper equipment which is why the right tools should be used with skill. Most reputed removalists have modern tools and machines that help move heavy or small furniture effectively and efficiently. Thus, ensuring the removalists in Canberra you select have high-quality moving equipment is necessary.

While booking removalists, ask which items they will use to handle and transport your belongings without incurring any damage.

Research Market Reputation

Before booking removalists in the city, please do your research to know what their market reputation is. Learn about the year of establishment, the company’s overall rating, and its favourable reviews.

Gather information online by reading feedback on the company’s websites and other reliable sources. Additionally, you can ask reputed companies to arrange for client feedback via calls or emails.

Look for Removalists with Insurance Options

Removals companies in Canberra offer limited liability cover usually without charges for moving your furniture and other belongings. However, this insurance is not enough to cover damages (if any occur) during handling or movement. Therefore, look for companies who can arrange for better moving insurance for your furniture via a third-party agency. Bear in mind, the more cover a policy provides, the more money you need to submit for the premium.

Compare Quotes

Most reckoned removalists in Canberra give free and no-obligation quotes after you specify the services you need. Use these quotes to negotiate and find removalists who come under your budget. You can generate the quote online using your chosen removals companies’ websites or get in touch with their representatives via call.

See Which Suburbs Removalists Cover

It is imperative to know which areas a removals company covers before contacting it and getting a free quote. Most reputed companies in Canberra give packing and moving services across the city and its suburbs. You can view the list of suburbs a company covers by browsing its website, and it would be best if you hire local removalists. They will know the rules and regulations for handling and transporting property contents without any hassle or stress.

Inquire About Additional Moving Services and Costs

Often reputed removals companies not only offer local moving and packing service but also a variety of additional services. These can include interstate moving service, unpacking service, storage service, office relocation service and many others.

Additionally, make sure you ask whether the removalists charge extra for moving large and heavy furniture items that require dismantling and reassembly.

The Bottom Line

Moving furniture without professional assistance should be avoided for preventing injuries, fractures, or any other dangerous health problems. Using the tips mentioned above, select furniture removalists in Canberra who can handle and transport your property contents without any hassle. Ensure the removalists offer required insurance and can move your furniture without causing irreversible damage or loss of items.