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Self storage tips
18 Mar, 2020

Creative Storage Ideas for People Who Frequently Move

Are you one of those who relocate frequently and carry a lot of household items along with you? There is no denying that moving is life’s one the most stressful events. But, if you shift your home often, you need some creative and reliable storage ideas for your valuable possessions.

Instead of having moving experience, many people fail to protect their precious items due to lack of quality packing. No matter how near you are relocating, make sure you store them properly for smooth and damage-free transition.

Of course, taking assistance from trained removalists in Canberra can make things super easy for you. Still, you can explore some creative storage ideas for your belongings if you move frequently.

1. DIY Drawers

Whenever it comes to packing household items, moving boxes are the first thing that strikes the mind. Of course, you can use the, but you can always create your own storing drawers and shelves.

Unleash your creativity and build DIY shelves and drawers for storing and showing items in your living space. These DIY storage units work wonders in keeping your items safe in an organised manner. They are very versatile as you can create it according to your requirements using wood chips, softwood boards, plywood boards, etc.

2. Wall-Hanging Storage Item

To save your precious time and space in your home, you can build wall-hanging storage for your household belongings. This is one of the innovative ideas that need just a couple of nails and a hammer.

You can use wall-hanging options to store your shoes, bags with toiletries, etc. When you move out, carry the storage with you without any stress.

3. Wardrobe Rack

You can store household belongings in your wardrobe racks while moving to a new place in Canberra. This is one of the handy solutions for hanging towels, bed linens, bags, and other unbreakable items. It will save space in your bathroom and protect your household belongings from being lost during the transition process.

Tip: Don’t put any breakable item in wardrobe racks because they can damage easily if fell off the rack.

4. Invest in Drawers and Shelves

It doesn’t matter how often you move, make sure you have ready-made storage options such as drawers and shelves. You can store household belongings and make use of them as a storage box while relocating to the new house.

It can be used in the long-run. This means you don’t need to buy cardboard boxes all the time when you are planning to shift your house.

Tip: Do a thorough search and find the most affordable drawers and shelves from a local furniture store in Canberra.

5. Vacuum Bags

They can be handy to store a variety of stuff when it comes to relocating to a new house. Vacuum bags are flexible and come in different sizes. You can use such bags to store the nuts, bolts and spare parts or pieces of your large furniture.

6. Bed Drawers

Do you have drawers under the bed? Use them to store your household belongings. This will save you time from packing items when moving out. Since they are big in size, it can fit all sorts of items. You just need to be very careful while wrapping items using packing paper or bubble wrap.

Tip: If you are planning to buy a new bed, then look for the one which comes with drawers. Also, take the measurement and make the final buying decision as per your requirements.

Things You Require to Install DIY Storage Solutions

If you have experience in moving house from one location to another, then you already know exactly what you need to build storage boxes. In case, you are moving for the first time and want to create DIY Storage Boxes, have a look at the following items you will need:

Nails, Screws and a Hammer

If you are creating wall-hanging storage options, you need nails, screws and a hammer to secure them on a wall. Look for old-fashioned screws.

Door Hooks

Invest in little hooks that could help you save a lot of space on the floor.


You will need different sizes of bags to prepare your DIY storage options. Keeping small household items in a bag will help you keep track of these items.


Include boxes in your go-to option while storing household belongings. This will save you time when you prepare valuable items for a move. It is good to label your boxes to organise everything.


If you relocate frequently, then you should consider these creative storage ideas. It will make things easy for you, especially when it comes to packing household belongings in a hurry. You can also take professional assistance from Canberra Removalists who can help you pack and store valuable possessions without giving you a hint of stress.