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10 Sep, 2021

7 Household Items That Are Difficult To Move Without Professionals

One of the most common dilemmas people face during relocation is whether to opt for a DIY move or hire professionals. Many prefer to relocate on their own to save some money, but some relocation processes are better left to the experienced removalists in Canberra. If you have large appliances, costly statues, lots of fragile items or bulky furniture, it is advisable to hire professionals. They have expertise in packing, loading and transporting such items.

Trying to move such items by following DIY methods can be a very bad idea. You can not only damage your valuables but can also get seriously injured. Many people experience severe neck, shoulder and spinal cord injury during relocation. If you don’t want to face such a situation, contact a reliable company. They will ensure the safety of all your belongings so you can experience a stress-free relocation.

Here are seven household items that are difficult to move without professionals.

1. Pianos

It is not easy to move a piano by following the DIY method because the musical instrument is extremely heavy. Picking up and relocating a piano necessitates a great deal of planning and heavy lifting.

Furthermore, pianos can be highly costly, making them one of the most valuable possessions in a home. Any damage to the parts of the instrument during transport could be disastrous. Therefore, you need a removalists in Canberra to perform the task as they have the right tools, skills and knowledge.

2. Hot tubs

If you are planning to move a hot tub on your own, then you must know that the average weight of a hot tub varies from 400 to 450 kilograms without water. If you are not an expert in this or have enough helping hands, it is advisable to contact an experienced moving company in Canberra. They will not gather the right supplies and drain the water perfectly but also plan a route and load it onto the truck in a perfect manner.

3. Pool Table

Disassemble and packing a pool table is not only difficult, but it also demands the lifting of exceptionally heavy parts. Pool tables can weigh up to 450 kilograms, making them difficult to move, especially when you need to bring them down through stairs. By opting for the DIY method, you increase the risk of damaging it and also getting injured.

Thankfully, most removals companies have expertise in moving a pool table. They perfectly disassemble and assemble it to make the task look easy.

4. Appliance

Moving household appliances necessitates a lot of preparation, effort and extensive planning. Unless you have many friends who help you out, it is not a good idea to carry out the task on your own. Instead, hire specialists who can load and transport it for you.

The average weight of a refrigerator is roughly 140 kilograms, a washing machine around 90 kilograms, and a typical dishwasher around 70 kilograms. You might be able to move one of these appliances but need professionals to help to move all of them.

5. Art and Antiques

You need proper planning and careful execution to move artwork, antiques, statutes, and other valuables. As these things are irreplaceable, they must be handled with utmost care. That is why you should hire the best removalists in Canberra. They use packing materials particularly designed for transferring canvas prints and framed paintings.

If you are pack and move them like any other household item, they might get easily damaged. Antique items like furniture and family heirlooms also appropriate care during relocation, and only professionals can provide that. But make sure that Removals Company is experienced. It is an important thing to consider when choosing removalists.

6. Wine Collection

Wine bottles are very difficult to relocate because they are fragile, the contents are very volatile and often extremely valuable. So if you move the items without enough protection or in an inappropriate manner, you might end up with damaged bottles. However, you can make the task a lot easier by hiring professionals. They have expertise in handling, packing and loading wines collection. As a result, you can experience a hassle-free relocation.

7. Aquarium

Moving an Aquarium is not at all an easy task. As it is made of glass, a little bit of mistake during the loading or jerking during transportation can damage it. Therefore, you need the help of professionals to move such items in one piece. They pay extra attention during the packing and also load it appropriately. Moving an Aquarium can be very stressful, but the experts can reduce your stress level and help you to experience a perfect relocation.

The Bottom Line

The household items mentioned above are very difficult to move with professional help. If you don’t want to damage these items or suffer any injuries on the day of your relocation, hire a reliable removals company in Canberra. The professionals will handle, load and transport these items along with other things perfectly and ensure their safety. As a result, you will experience a smooth relocation.